If You Could Finally Break Free of the
"Income is Dependent on Time Invested"  Mentality & Generate Bigger Profits in Less Time... Would You?

Creating your online course could change everything... Let's Talk About That!

Hi there... Angela Wills here from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

I'm sure you're pretty aware of how much value your time has, if not keenly aware.

If you have kids, they want you to use it playing, putting together puzzles, doing stuff with them (and rightly so).

If you have a partner, they actually want to spend time with you be it watching a favorite show or going on an actual date night (people still do that). 

And if you're human you want some ME-TIME, some time for self-care, some time for fun and more.

How's that going for you? Are you overworked? Tired? Getting close to burn out? Never enough time?

I get it. I so, so get it. I've been there and what I discovered was eventually giving away your time is NOT the exciting prospect it once was. Instead the key is to LEVERAGE your time like there's no tomorrow because, honestly, the future is never promised and we should guard out time with all our being. Deep or what?

Let's get to it. I'm so excited to share this with you! 

Introducing... Natural Course Creator! 

You ARE a natural teacher. We ALL ARE...

There's something you do naturally, something people ask you for help with, something you're so good at you might not even realize how talented you are in. You've got the information and now it's time to become a Natural Course Creator!

I'm going to WALK YOU THROUGH the entire process of creating your online course. It could be your first or your fiftieth course but this time you're going to have a PLAN to follow, you're going to get personalized support, you're going to have all your questions answered and you're going to get to do this as a group so that you learn and grow together!

Here's What You'll Get: 

Six Video Training Modules

The main component of this program are the six video training modules. You will be given one new video training each week that, delivered to you via email. When you receive the email you'll login to watch your training, grab any additional resources and download and get to work! 

After you complete each video module you've be given an assignment download to work on. Return your work to me (Angela Wills) and I'll give you feedback and next steps suggestions! Also, if you are one of the first 20 people to register

Video 1: Outline Your Course

  • Pull your resources to figure out the most NATURAL content you could teach, the kind that will just flow.
  • Select a super sexy course name to pull your potential customers IN!
  • Outline your course and fill in your topics so you can move fast to the next stage of course creation. 

Video 2: Create Your Course Salespage

  • Creating a salespage that attracts the right people and converts! 
  • Writing module descriptions that excite people and make them want to work through your course. 
  • Creating graphics that support your message and lock down the sale. 

Video 3: Marketing & Affiliate Emails

  • Getting affiliates on board so that your course gets as much attention as possible. 
  • Providing the help your affiliates need to get the sales they should.
  • Motivating affiliates to join you in your course launch! 

Video 4: Create Your Marketing Plan

  • Emails to send your list and when to send them so that people get excited about what's coming up.
  • Ways to promote your course without saying the same thing over and over.
  • Methods for promoting that offer huge value to show your potential customers what you have to offer.  

Video 5: Setup Your Product & Download Area

  • Choosing a course platform - simple or advanced - so you can offer a course that delivers. 
  • Laying out your course in a way that makes it EASY for people to complete.
  • Learning how to present bite-sized course content so nobody gets overwhelmed.

Video 6: Create Your Course Content

  • Creating content that DRIVES people through and keeps them interested.
  • Methods of content delivery that engage your customers and get them coming back for more. 
  • Helping your clients complete your course with simple tactics that work.
    Successful customers = happy customers!

Private Members Group to Ask Questions & Work Together

You'll work through all of the course modules together, as a group. Ask questions, get feedback and make new friends as you work through the course as part of a community! 

Six Weekly Q&A Meetings

Every week I will host a LIVE Q&A meeting inside our private group. You can attend live and ask questions or even come along later and add your questions to the discussion. Total "never get stuck" support in this meeting means you'll never be held up because you don't know how to do something. 

Teacher Feedback Weekly

Complete the action tasks for the module of the week and send to me. I'll review, give you feedback and answer any questions you have on the course. This is for the first 20 people to sign up! 

When I think about offering you this program I think that I want to find a way to make it an absolutely, positively HELL YES from you. So I'm starting off with my bonuses and then I'm going to go on the HUNT to find you even more bonuses and value.

My goal is to make even the bonuses so valuable you just have no freakin choice but to say YES, ABSOLUTELY when I ask you if you're ready to sign up.

Here's What This Course Will Do For You:

Here's What Natural Course Creator Will Do For You:

I'm sure that you haven't read this far if you weren't interested in one of the most awesome ways to leverage your time. Let's talk about all the benefits of taking this program over going the DIY route, and what you'll get out of becoming a student of NCC: 

  • Remove Your "I don't have time" Problem, For Good!  - There is one thing I hear over and over again from people who REALLY WANT to create their own online course but just can not and do not ever find the time. It's the same problem I had until I figured it out. You will never again be able to say you don't have TIME to create your course if you follow my plan! 

  • Teach You to Blast Through Pesky "Tech Issues" That Hold You Back - Another serious and valid concern with creating your own course is the technology required to get this done. I will give you the simplest way you could launch a course FAST and have incredibly happy clients and customers. The secret is your customers care about the content NOT how fancy your tech is... once we walk through some simple steps and tips you'll feel your anxiety about tech issues lift and you'll be able to choose the absolute best solution for you for now, and grow from there. 

  • Holds You Accountable So You Can't Slip Back & Drop Out - If you're one of the first twenty people to sign up, you will receive personal accountability from me but no matter when you sign up you'll get assigned work AND accountability in the group. Let other members and myself hold you accountable, share with the group your questions and achievements and watch how effective that can be! 

What MY CLIENTS Are Saying

What do previous and current coaching clients think?

A few suggestions were made and I ended up running with a very simple idea, that has seen tremendous feedback in less than a week. It was something I was all ready adding into my packs, and then decided to create it as a stand alone product, and to make it extremely affordable.

I launched my Journal Prompts Program and we are currently at 150 members and it has been extremely well received. I am now working on a bigger membership offer that will be launched in January.Angela is easy to talk with and helps you brainstorm ideas, which is just what I needed in my business, especially with wanting to go in a new direction with an entire new website.

Sue Fleckenstein, Createful Journals

I am also feeling a lot more organized and focused in my business
I am also really loving my business lately

And I want you to know that I really do credit this to YOU!!

I am now using WordPress thanks to you
I am now promo​​​​​ting or pushing more in my pages and groups thanks to you
I am now starting to blog thanks to you
I am using AMember thanks to you
I entered my first affiliate contest thanks to you
I am using so many other programs that I was never using thanks to you

I have grown so much in the past year and I am very thankful to you!


Tammy Lorette, My VA Connection

Why I'm Qualified to Be Your Course Instructor:

I Broke Free of "Hours For Dollars" &
 Created Profitable Courses

Hi, I'm Angela Wills! If you don't know me all that well yet, that's ok. Maybe you were referred here by a friend and told I know my stuff. Here's the point form version of what makes me qualified to teach you how to create awesome online courses that help people and make you money:

  • I created my first course in 2010 and have been successfully selling online courses ever since.
  • I quit my job in 2007 to work from home full-time and have been completely unemployable from that point on.
  • I've had hundreds of people in my high-end coaching programs and earned over $100,000 from my WordPress-related courses alone. 
  • I'm a TERRIBLE planner, yet I make courses and products happen on a regular basis. I'm trying to reform my bad planning ways but in the meantime I'm not sitting on the sidelines... I'm earning while I learn. 
  • I QUIT client work in 2012 to focus entirely on my membership site and creating online group coaching programs. 

When I quit my job in 2007 I was running a Virtual Assistance business but that wasn't the big plan, the end goal. I knew I wanted and need more leverage from my time. I launched my first online course with ZERO knowledge of how to create programs. I just knew I had to make a move and I jumped! I'm sharing everything I've learned over the last seven plus years with you in this course, nothing is held back! 

Ok Angela! I Want to Be a Natural Course Creator.
 How Do I Sign UP?!

To recap, here's what you'll get:

  • Six ACTION-PACKED natural course creator modules in my "easy-to-understand" style
  • Six weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions so you'll have ZERO reason to get or stay stuck during the program.
  • Secret Group where you'll get a community to complete the course alongside and help.
  • Six weekly teacher feedback sessions. You do the work, send it to me and I'll review PLUS give you feedback... completely personalized attention! 

Your cost is only $497!

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  You can pay in full OR choose a payment plan. 


BONUS #1: High Level Course Design with Michelle Schoen ($197 Value)

Michelle is the co-owner of LearnCamtasia.com, an excellent website to teach you how to create videos for your business with Camtasia. They also teach how to create videos with Powerpoint (very cool, too).

She's so kindly given me a detailed training session on how to create your own High Level Courses... she walks you through creating the outline for your course, the events on instruction, chunking the information, fast video training template and more! You'll love this bonus. 

BONUS #2: Product Launch Management Kit with Tanya Bryant ($167 Value)

Tanya is the owner of StarVA.com, a website for Virtual Assistants who want the tools to provider higher-level services to their clients and self-educate. 

When I went looking for a few partners to consider adding awesome bonuses to my program I knew Tanya's Product Launch Management Client Care Kit was perfect!

It is going to back up the learning you have here in the Natural Course Creator program WITH training specifically for Virtual Assistants who want to provide launch services to their clients. 

BONUS #3: Internet Marketing Reports with PLR ($97 Value)

I'm throwing in SEVEN internet marketing reports that you can use to create free offers to your own courses. If you're in the business to business niche then you could certainly use these for any business owner. 

Build your list with them, create webinars, write blog posts, expand them into a webinar or more! 

BONUS #4: Six Business Challenges ($282 Value)

I'm also including six market-tested and proven small business challenges. These are not just pre-written content you can use for your courses or in your business (and they are), they are also challenges I've run for my own members with great success and interaction! 

Build your list with them, create webinars, write blog posts, expand them into a webinar, have them as pre-training for your course or more! 

Challenges Included: Passive Income, Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer, Blogging It Out, Fast Content Creation, Boost Business Graphics and Small Wins Big Business 

TIME-LIMITED BONUS #5: Private, Daily Coaching with Angela Wills

This bonus is for the first 10 people to sign up and pay in full for the course.

You'll get unlimited (Monday to Friday), daily, private coaching with me, Angela Wills just for being an early adopter and snapping up your spot in the program. 

I LOVE working with Action Takers! If you're ready to get going, I'm ready to be there to answer your questions. You will have the option to do coaching via email OR we can create a secret group just for you and I and we'll do the coaching right in the group. The choice is yours!

Ok Angela! I Want to Be a Natural Course Creator.
 How Do I Sign UP?!

To recap, here's what you'll get:

  • Six ACTION-PACKED natural course creator modules in my "easy-to-understand" style
  • Six weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions so you'll have ZERO reason to get or stay stuck during the program.
  • Secret Group where you'll get a community to complete the course alongside and help.
  • FIRST 20 PEOPLE ONLY - Six weekly teacher feedback sessions. You do the work, send it to me and I'll review PLUS give you feedback... completely personalized attention! 

Your cost is only $497!

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  You can pay in full OR choose a payment plan. 

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