Promote Offers that FIT Naturally Into Your Business... It's Easier That Way 😉

Hi there from Angela Wills, owner and founder of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

Affiliate marketers have it pretty good:
NO product creation.
NO writing the salespage.
NO shopping cart setup.
NO customer service.

You simply get your special tracking affiliate link, give it to the people you’re already connecting with and let them make their purchase. Then wait for this:

Affiliate marketing isn’t just for salespeople or internet marketers.

It’s an incredible addition to ANY business, even service based ones, for all the reasons listed above. You don’t need to create the product, make it pretty, provide support and customer service or get it delivered. After you tell your people about it, you’re done.

And it’s EASY to add to ANY business, once you know what to look for in an affiliate program (I can help you with that).

INTRODUCING: Natural Affiliate Marketing

Four weeks of dedicated attention to making affiliate sales and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start sooner!

There are dozens of ways you COULD get started but let’s get you started in a way that will feel so natural to you that you can incorporate it right into what you’re already doing.

All the training is ready and waiting for you regardless if you start today or next week. 

Here’s what you can expect from this program and the four weeks we’ll be spending together focused on your beginner to intermediate affiliate profits! …

Module 1: Set Up for Success

Not all affiliate programs are created equal.

You’ll learn how to find the best programs and how to avoid the worst (just as important).

You’ll learn the mindset you need to sell with ease. You’ll even hear some affiliate program horror stories (from me!) so you can recognize those great programs when you find them.

  • How to find the BEST programs to promote.
  • The mindset you need to get yourself in so SALES COME EASILY AND NATURALLY.
  • Creating your affiliate redirect links so you can promote FAST and EFFECTIVELY.
  • The very best kind of program to sign up for and how it can earn you truly PASSIVE INCOME.

Module 2: Profit Pulling Content

No more wondering what to write about or send to your people.

I will share with you my number one ninja secret for creating content without fail. I’ll teach you how I win affiliate contests!

I’ll also teach you how to NOT make sales, so you can avoid doing that 😉

  • My number one ninja secret to making affiliate sales WITHOUT FAIL.
  • The affiliate tools that CONVERT the most SALES and the ones people think work, but don’t.
  • The techniques you should use to show your market the value of the products you promote.
  • The NOT OBVIOUS reason many affiliates don’t make sales & what you should do instead.

Module 3: Affiliate Marketing

Look there’s marketing involved here and it’s NOT a dirty word! You’re going to LOVE my methods and how you can get the word out about affiliate products while running an amazing business that fits you like a glove.

You’ll find out about my most important affiliate marketing tool and how to spread the message so you get results.

  • The most important affiliate marketing tool you need to be using.
  • How to INCORPORATE affiliate marketing into what you’re already doing.
  • How to spread your affiliate marketing message FAR and WIDE.
  • How to LEVERAGE your business to make more affiliate sales.

Module 4: Review, Rinse, Repeat

Affiliate marketing is not just an ACTIVE source of income, it’s a PASSIVE one too.

Yes, passive profits, the holy grail of online business. I’ll teach you neat tricks like making money overnight and earning income month after month from just one promotion.

I’ll also teach you how to reuse what you’ve got to make it earn you more money without any more work.

  • How to use AFFILIATE STATISTICS to make more money.
  • Setting up your business to include ongoing affiliate promotions on autopilot.
  • How to make more money from already SUCCESSFUL promotions.
  • Creating products, services & programs to promote affiliate offers long-term.

Plus!.. Sign up now and I’ll throw in my Business Planning Bundle ($47 Value) totally FREE. That way you can plan out your affiliate promotions in advance, securing your chances of great results by pure force of immediate and ongoing action.

Bonus!.. You’ll be getting access to a private facebook group ($97 Value) where I will be present DAILY to offer you inspiration, advice, ideas and insight into the affiliate offers that work best for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS >> there is nothing cookie-cutter here and you will get the help and training YOU NEED. OH and I almost forgot you’ll be getting four weeks of daily affiliate tasks to complete, assigned right inside the facebook group!

And!.. Listen in as I answer questions about Natural Affiliate Marketing via a webinar recording, available for you to stream immediately after sign-up. 

Also… You’ll get my full list of affiliate programs that have made me money over the last few years. These are the programs I love, the ones I promote and they are GOOD ONES! I’ll also tell you what I did in each program to earn commissions.

Email Coaching Option.. If you feel you’d like a little more hand-holding and private interaction you can choose the private email coaching option which will get you four full weeks of daily unlimited email coaching (Value $297)!

When things come up in life as they ALWAYS do, I’m so comforted to know that my affiliate income is there. Be it the month after month recurring stuff or the things I can do a quick promo on for quick cash. It’s served me well over the years, especially in times like when I broke my ankle and needed time to heal, or when I had a baby and had very few hours in a week to work!

It’s time you built this security into your business and this opportunity for quick income when needed. It’s time you learned to be a GREAT affiliate marketer and I’ll be by your side for four weeks to teach it to you step by step!

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Angela Wills and I’ve been running my business online full-time as my sole source of income since 2007! I LOVE affiliate marketing. It’s responsible for thousands and thousands of dollars of income for me each year.

I’m not new to this. I have lots of PROVEN results. I place (or win) in some big time affiliate contests.

Here is just a small sampling of some of the results I’ve received over the years:

So you can see I make REAL money promoting REAL products. I naturally added these offers into my teachings and my business. I can show you how to do that, too.

Angela Wills

Let's Recap: Who This Course is For...

This course is for you if you:

  • Have your own business already, and want to add affiliate marketing as a NATURAL extension of what you do!
  • Buy products, programs and services you LOVE and feel you can add value to your community by sharing them.
  • Know affiliate marketing is an EXCELLENT way to test interest in products and offers, without having to commit to the work of launching your own first.
  • Are ready to add new active and PASSIVE sources of income to your business, so you don’t have to always rely on hours per dollars.
  • Want to boost what current affiliate income you have, increase your results and leverage your time in awesome ways!

Now comes decision time! You’ve heard what the course is about and it’s time to decide if you’ll jump on board or say no to the incredible opportunity that is affiliate marketing. I hope you’ll decide YES. I can’t wait to share my tips, advice and best secrets with you. I can only do that if you click the buy button and join us now (you’ll get immediate access to the facebook group so we can all get to know each other).

Hope to see you soon!

Angela Wills

Join Now & Learn Affiliate Marketing, Naturally!

  • Your investment to become a natural and profitable affiliate marketer is just $147. That includes your bonus business planning course ($47 value), your facebook group ($97 value) and your bonus streaming webinar recording ($97 value)… OH and your daily affiliate tasks, too!

If you’d like to go for the coaching option you can add Daily Unlimited Email Coaching ($297 value) for only $100 more and your total investment is $247, which is LESS than the cost of email coaching alone but you get all of the above as well.

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at or instant message me on Facebook.

Previous Clients Have Said...

Consuelo Meux

It is so refreshing to work with an honest, open professional like you. There are so many offers where it seems people are trying to “get you” that your approach really stands out. I appreciate you.

I’ve been a fan and customer of Angela’s for a long time. She has helped me with planning for my business and many technical issues. I highly recommend Angela, without her guidance I would still be stuck and struggling trying to figure it all out.

Samantha Angel