Natural Affiliate Marketing VIP Day!

Promote Offers that FIT Naturally Into Your Business... It's Easier That Way 😉

You. Me. A day to focus on your most natural affiliate marketing.

Sound good? It does to me! 

If you're seeing this page, we know each other. I'm ONLY offering this special VIP Day to my clients and customers at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

Normally I'd charge $997 for a full five hours of my time but if you keep reading you'll see an incredible deal on a totally FUN day where we'll get a ton done to set you on the path to marketing ongoing, recurring and PASSIVE affiliate profits.

In July I earned $2300 from the Coach Glue affiliate program. That's ONE program. It took a push in July to make that happen but it would not have happened without pre-work, the kind of pre-work I'm going to set down with you and focus on during our completely one-on-one VIP Day. I can't WAIT to work with you on this! 

Three are only three VIP Days Available. Once they're gone, they're gone. So if this offer is speaking to you right now you need to act right now or risk missing out.

Here are the available dates. As they are taken I will update this space. When you sign up please email me IMMEDIATELY to ensure you get the date you prefer at :

  • Wednesday, September 13th from 11am to 4pm ET
  • Wednesday, September 20th from 11am to 4pm ET
  • Wednesday, September 27th from 11am to 4pm ET

Here's the kind of affiliate stuff you can expect us to focus on during your VIP Day, of course all customized to your specific needs:

  • Affiliate program inventory - We'll dig into what you've signed up to, what's working, what you could or should be promoting.
  • Setting Up & Checking Affiliate Redirects - We'll make sure you're all set up and ready to promote with pretty links and that you aren't missing important opportunities with any broken links. 
  • Affiliate Profits Check - You'll log into your affiliate areas and see what you're making, and then we'll talk about how to maximize that!
  • Autoresponders Review - We'll review your current autoresponders or, if you have none, we'll work on them so you have more passive income coming in from your one-time efforts. 
  • Your Business Resources Page DONE - Most business owners know they should have a business resources page setup with beautiful affiliate links all over the place, but few actually get it done. We will get this DONE so you have a profit page ready and ON your website.

In additional to one full day of one-on-one training you'll also get an entire month of email coaching. That way if you have ANY follow-up questions and concerns I'll be there to help. You can send me one email Monday through Friday with your questions!

OH and the special deal? Well, when and if I do a VIP Day offer to my full list it is going to be $997 Regular price. You won't pay anywhere near that if you sign up for this offer. I'm slashing the price down to $497 for you.

A coach with my years of experience and proven results might be called crazy to charge so little but let me tell you I'm feeling so pumped about working with you on this that I don't care. I think it's going to ROCK and that is more important to me than charging full price. Click to sign up and see you soon! 

This is going to be the fun, get-er-done kinda session you'll be excited to login to! 

I make regular, ongoing commissions from promoting affiliate programs month after month to the tune of thousands of dollars. Here is just a small sampling of some of the results I’ve received over the years:

Ok there's no massive pitch here. After reading through this page you should be pretty excited and looking for the sign up button or you're not interested. If you're looking for the sign up button it's just below but if you DO have any questions of course feel free to email me ( or connect with me on Facebook

Hope to see you soon!

Angela Wills