My Favorite Plugins

21 Free or Low-Cost Plugins (& Add-ons) to
Rock Your WordPress Right!

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Hey there,

Here is a list of my favorite plugins (and add-on scripts) for WordPress. I use just about all of these on my own sites and also here at Marketers Mojo.

Free Add-Ons (these are not actually plugins, you add them with code):

  1. Hello Bar – Really cool bar across the top of your website that you can customize with tweets, a special message, call to action or even a link to sign up to your email list.
  2. SpeakPipe – Let people leave voice messages right on your website! 

    Free Plugins:

  3. All in One SEO – This plugin allows you to customize your page titles, descriptions (these show up on Google) and keywords.
  4. Broken Link Checker – Will check all your content for broken links.
  5. Comment Luv – Make your readers love you by adding a link to their blog when they comment.
  6. Contact Form 7 – A good solid contact form. Easy to use and customizable.
  7. Digg Digg – Allows your readers to promote your pages or posts via various social media sites including facebook, twitter, linked in, pinterest and Google+. Button can be embedded into a post or allowed to ‘float’ on the side of a page.
  8. Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin (GASP) – Stopping and/or catching comment spam is a constant battle! Get this free plugin that uses a number of features to stop automated and non-automated comment spam. Uses a checkbox instead of Captcha so you won’t annoy your readers.
  9. Photodropper – Add images from flickr straight from your WordPress dashboard.
  10. Podpress – Easy way to play audio right on your blog.
  11. Search Meter – Keeps track of what people are searching for while on your blog or site.
  12. Shareaholic – This allows your readers to easily use social bookmarking or social media to promote your site.
  13. Tweetable – Tweets out your blog posts automatically.
  14. Ultimate TinyMCE – Expands the editing options on your visual editor dramatically to add features like smileys, different font types, font sizes, highlighting and more.
  15. WordPress Facebook Like – Lets your readers ‘Like’ your page or post so it gets posted on their Facebook Likes list.
  16. WordPress SEO by Yoast – A second SEO option that has become highly popular. More functions than the All in One SEO Plugin including RSS Integration, Breadcrumbs, Sitemaps and more.
  17. WordPress Editorial Calendar – Puts your posts in calendar format in your dashboard so you can plan out your writing. Love this one!
  18. Wp-Polls – Allows you to run polls on your website. User can view the results.

    Low-Cost Plugins:

  19. FooBar ($14) – This is what you see at the top of my site. It’s like HelloBar that I listed up top but better because you only have to pay one time. HelloBar is free to get started but then requires a monthly payment if you start getting clicks. FooBar lets you add a bar to the top or bottom of the site, change the height, add multiple links and more.

  20. Covert Messanger ($11.95) – Shows a popup message from you that looks like a facebook instant messanger.
  21. DisplayBuddy Slideshow ($25) – Create a slideshow on your website quickly and easily. Click on the ‘Slideshow’ link. (affiliate link)
  22. Subscribers Magnet ($37 to $97) – This is one of my absolute favorite plugins! I added this to my blog and increased my email list subscribers by over 200 people in just a few days. This plugin is feature packed. You can use it to have people subscribe to your list when they leave a blog comment, you can use it to have an opt-in form at the bottom of each blog post, you can use it to auto-fill any forms on your site after a visitor leaves a comment, also use it to add a footer opt-in or a popin. (affiliate link)

    More Pricy (but worth it!) Plugins:

  23. Backup Buddy ($80) – Backing up your site is NON-NEGOTIABLE and this plugin makes it EASY. (affiliate link)
  24. Comment Luv ($97) – This is a better version of the free plugin listed above. It allows you to protect your blog from comment spam, have automatic responses when people make comments and also allow your visitors to choose which post their blog comment links to.  The spam protection alone is worth the premium fee!