My coaching advice to you…

As we head into the new year I wanted to offer you my best coaching advice.


Advice Piece #1: STOP doing stuff for free

I remember years and years ago I heard a business owner say something I thought at the time sounded “selfish”. She said “I never do ANYTHING in my business if it doesn’t benefit me.” and there was definite emphasis on the “anything”.

At the time I thought she was all about the money. I was working mostly client work and earning a little bit of product income on the side. I think I had just started selling my Virtual Assistance 10 clients in 24 hours Case Study and also doing a little affiliate marketing.

I didn’t realize how SMART she was being. Your business is NOT a charity. If you keep saying “well I just want to help” or “I love doing it so much I don’t want money” I can assure you that you are not building a business… you’re filling a need in your own heart but not in a way that’s going to allow you to create the lifestyle freedom you really deserve.

Look… you can do a lot with your time and you can give a lot of it away for FREE.

  • You can build a great big time consuming facebook group, full of people passionate about the topic, for free. 
  • You can email your list all kinds of awesome, useful, amazing advice, for free.
  • You can answer private messages and emails from desperate people who NEED your help, for free.
  • You can create blog posts and reports and give them away, for free.
  • You can offer your services “to get experience”, for free.

STOP DOING EVERYTHING FOR FREE. Don’t even go there, not if you have any risk at all of getting stuck there.

I know people with great big email lists that are not making a dime from them, or Facebook groups in the thousands they can’t earn $100 from. This is a very bad business move and you need to stop, asap. 


Advice Piece #2: Understand that selling is a SERVICE, too, that helps people. 

If you really are in business for the right reasons, if you believe that in your heart and know yourself to not be a scammer, liar or a cheat then selling is a SERVICE.

Too many people avoid selling (hence the giving stuff for free as per advice #1).
Too many people think selling is wrong and they dislike it or don’t want to do it.

And even if you get past the “I don’t want to sell” issue and actually start selling you will do it very badly if you don’t BELIEVE that you are providing a service just by telling people how they can buy your stuff.

Tell me something… do you feel it’s fair to pay your hairdresser for her time? Your mechanic? Your house cleaner?

What if they find a faster way to do your hair? What if your hairdresser can save you time and no longer needs you to sit for three hours while she makes that awesome colour you love? What if she does it in 20mins instead? Should it cost you less for the convenience of less time on her part? Or is the fact that you are now saved 2.75 hours a BONUS?

Us online entrepreneurs… we found a faster way. Delivering information, training, services, etc, through the internet is MORE effective in many ways and for that we should be rewarded, not paid less.

Remember that!
Remember you provide a SERVICE.
Remember you help people.
Remember you can do it faster and better and more conveniently.

Any reasonable customer will be HAPPY to pay you more!


Advice Piece #3: Keep a Dedication & Determination that WILL NOT QUIT

I wish I could tell you that you can quit your job and in six months you’ll be living and loving the laptop lifestyle, now and forever.

Oh hell to the no I can’t tell you that.

I STILL get super stressed.
I STILL have shit to figure out.
I STILL have considered finding a job because that’s “easier”.

And I’m 10 YEARS IN.

Look, it’s hard. It won’t stop being hard. But really YOU get to pick your hard.

If you have a young family like I do, hard to me is dropping my kid off at daycare at 6am after dragging her out of bed at 5am so I could be at a job I hate by 7am. Hard to me is never getting to go on field trips or volunteer at the school and be part of my child’s school life. Hard to me is being so exhausted at the end of a work day I just don’t have the energy to give my kids the attention they deserve.

Nope, it’s not easy. And this isn’t a short-term plan. This is a long-term commitment and you can’t think “I’ll see if this works”… you need to SAY “Ok, let’s make this work!”.

Doubt is a dream killer. Don’t let it in.


Advice Piece #4: Do The Work. Do the Selling.

I know, I know. Simple advice. You know it. But just a reminder to do it.

Sit down and make yourself put in the time. You can not read emails and browse facebook and say you’re working.

Build your email list.
Make sure your website works.
Create content for blogs and social media.
Create products and programs and offers.
Sell. Then sell more. Then sell all the time.

Let’s talk about the selling part. Honestly I’d like to put it as TASK #1 on the top of every to-do list I ever give you as a coach. Because too, too, too many people put it at the bottom. And you and I both know what happens to the items at the bottom of your to-do list. They get pushed day after day and they NEVER get done. If you are never selling your business is dead and you will end up killing your dreams, just because you didn’t prioritize selling as the MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS ACTIVITY.

Do the work. Do the Selling.

So there you go… as TASTE of my coaching style, my ideals and my passion for selling as a SERVICE!

Before you go I do want to let you know I’ve added a really attractive payment option to my yearly coaching offer! Here’s how that works:

You, me and one full year of private coaching with me, Angela Wills.

Your coaching will include one live call per month and daily coaching privately through a secret Facebook group. My clients have found the group BETTER than email coaching because it’s much easier to search, keep track of posts, add files and even audio or video too. So it’s a full multi-media coaching experience where you get complete access to me, Monday to Friday, with one question per day.

Plus you get one year of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.
Plus you get free registration for all four of my upcoming limited group-coaching programs (worth $497 each). The programs are:

  • Natural Course Creator (coming in January)
  • Natural Blogger
  • Natural Email Marketer
  • Natural Affiliate Marketer

The payment plan is this: $1000 Now (before January 1st) and then $222 per month for nine months. This is a commitment to a yearly coaching offer, same as before, but if you sign up now before January 1st you will receive NO PENALTY for paying in payments. You’ll pay the same $2997 spread out in small payments so you’re all finished up before this time next year and it’s the same amount as if you gave one lump sum payment.

If this message speaks to you and you’re interested in coaching with me, let’s talk!

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Angela Wills

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