My clients took over my life because I didn’t do this…

So… did you see my little “craft project” I’m about to do? TODAY. It’s the LifeWheel Workshop and it starts at 2pm ET. It’s free for Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members. It’s for EVERY SERIOUS business owner and I’m about to explain why.

Doing this could literally mean the difference between business freedom and a business that runs you completely ragged and burns you out before you get to live your Laptop Lifestyle.

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It looks like this:

I know… this looks like something you could skip, unless you’re feeling crafty. I’m actually NOT a crafter, not anymore. I have to force myself to do crafts with my little one (who loves them and as you can tell is trying to steal my LifeWheel materials, lol).

Yes… this is for a LifeWheel.

And when I quit my job in 2007 I went from a stressed-out factory worker to an overworked, stressed-out, overwhelmed Virtual Assistant.

The thing I didn’t do:


Not a thought went into what I wanted my life to look like. I had blinders on… I wanted to QUIT my factory job. I was putting every ounce of energy I had into making that happen and I was so proud of myself when I did. But then… I didn’t plan for the important things, the essential things, the reason I wanted to quit in the first plan – to spend time with my son.

Things got so outta hand, so fast.

I had clients expecting me to return their calls and do their work immediately.
I had clients calling me on the weekend and thinking I’d call them back.
I had clients giving me “rush jobs” and “emergencies” constantly.
I had clients who basically didn’t sleep and expected me to do the same.
I had clients who were panicked to make money, nit-picky because they were scared and just plain not ideal clients for me.

And the kicker… I had two clients who had invoices due before Christmas. They were late and I was almost positive I wouldn’t have money to buy my son Christmas presents. They came through with DAYS to spare after my bugging them constantly but it was enough to make me say ENOUGH!

I knew I needed to DESIGN my life AND my business.
I knew I needed to take control of my time.
I knew I needed to set priorities, create boundaries and enforce those boundaries like a night guard who will not be messed with.

I mean at that point I really had nothing to lose, anyway… I was an overworked, stressed-out, broke single mom who didn’t get enough sleep. It definitely wasn’t getting much worse than that!

So I decided to basically start from scratch.
I got rid of almost all my clients (except kept a few of the really amazing ones).
I thought about getting a job again.
I vowed no phone calls with clients to avoid the call issues and over-talking when I could be working.
I insisted clients pay me UP FRONT and thought that was more than fair (if they couldn’t pay, why hire me anyway).

I happened upon a free LifeWheel workshop about that same time. It just seems like a silly little project but I can assure you, it’s REALLY NOT.

You might be working too hard for too little right now.
You might be overwhelmed with clients and telling the kids “not now honey, I gotta work”.
You might be waiting on clients to pay you for work you don’t feel excited about doing.
You might be busting your butt building a community and basically “donating” your time and hoping it will pay off. 

If you are doing any of those things, and there are plenty of others, you need to PLAN YOUR LIFESTYLE!

Creating that life wheel and assigning priorities to the things that are most important to YOU is a key, key, key piece to building a business you love. That first LifeWheel I made taught me that. It taught me I can’t put a business at 10 and everything else at 1 or 0.

No… there had to be more balance than that.
There had to be smarter work than that.
There had to be a business model or method or marketing that allowed me to create a lifestyle and a business that supported what I wanted.

And there was!
And there is!

I’m so happy to say I have a pretty awesome lifestyle. It didn’t fall into my lap. It didn’t happen without planning. It didn’t come without design.

So I encourage you to take STEP 1 in this three-step workshop series and join the Business Planning Workshops. AND I encourage you to join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, if you’re reading this in December, so you can get the workshops for FREE and then join the challenge to create your activating business plan for 2018 in just 10 days!

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Hurry! We start at 2pm ET TODAY.









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