My Business Tools

Hey you fantabulous business owner you! Smart move scoping on the tools I use to run my business. You see, I’ve been ‘in the business’ for over 10 years now and I use some pretty awesome stuff to run my business. By checking them out you’ll save yourself time, and money because as you know time IS money 😉

Of course I’m a marketer so all of these links contain my special affiliate link so I get credit for telling you about this stuff. If you buy I’ll earn a commission and if you’re cool with that, so am I.

Here are some of the many tools and resources I use to run a business from home on the internet:

Daily Business Tools

(I use these multiple times a day):

aweberAweber – My business success relies greatly on the use of Aweber for my email autoresponders and broadcast messages.
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Amember – Thamemberis program is the one I use here at Marketers Mojo. I liked the price as it’s a one-time price of $179.95. It’s a shopping cart, an email program, an affiliate program and also a membership program. Go Straight to Website

basecampBasecamp – I use basecamp to organize my product launches and my business. When I work with my VAs, they get access to their to-do lists, messages and the entire project so it’s easy to see what’s being done, and when.
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bluehostBluehost – Every website needs a good host! I count on Bluehost to host multiple domains and websites for my business. It’s very affordable at less than $100 per year.
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roboformRoboform – If you’re running an online business it’s ESSENTIAL for you to be able to manage your passwords and account logins. You can download Roboform for free to try it out.
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Occasional Business Tools

(I use these weekly or monthly):

audio-acrobatAudio Acrobat – This program is my favorite for recording teleseminars, hosting my podcast, easily creating mp3s for information products and more.
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freshbooksFreshbooks – Need to simplify your time tracking and billing? I use Freshbooks to save myself hours and stress. It let’s you track time, invoice, add team members, create many reports and more.
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