September Income Report 2018 – $22,901.68: Highest Income Month Ever

About The Monthly Income Report:

Ok so I’m LATE, very, very, very late writing this report. And it got to be so late I thought I probably should skip it. But you know what? I LOVE income reports. I love seeing what people are doing in their business, why they decided what to do, what mistakes they made etc. I have been happily sharing my income reports and they are just as much for ME as they are for YOU. They’re a great way for me to review each month and ideally I really should be doing that right at the end of the month so I can go into the next month with eyes wide open. You should do this, too, with your own monthly income and stats so you know where you’re at.

So in September I had my highest grossing month EVER. What happened after that was I FROZE a bit. I think I had some self-sabotage going on, some overwhelm with what had just happened and some “who do you think you are?” making that much happening. I was so amazed, inspired and impressed by how our community, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club came together to sell together and promote together. It was something I’ve NEVER experienced in all my years online, not like that.

I think I’ve been afraid to share this report and hence I came to a standstill with my reports. I’m ready now. I’m ready to stand in my growth of my own business and GROW. To inspire you further to do the same in your business and to stop putting the stops on my success. I can’t wait to keep bringing these reports to you through all that.

So let’s get to it! Below you’ll find a detailed report of my September earnings.

My goals with this income report would be:

  • To show you the reality of income generating in my world.
  • To let you see and understand how I make money.
  • To give myself a monthly check-in with what worked and what didn’t!
  • To be accountable for my income goals AND motivated to work harder knowing you are watching.
  • Show you what kind of expenses a business like mine can run on.
  • Identify some of my important statistics for business growth and what I need to learn from them.

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club September 2018 Monthly Report

Here is what I made and spent in September:

Income Generated & Sources:

$6756.18 – Laptop Lifestyle Business Club – Recurring memberships from my old system, Amember, made up about $2k of this. The other almost $5k came from a sale on the yearly membership I did to my members only ($197 per year until they cancel) and from new monthly memberships. This was my first full month using Kartra and to say it was a HUGE, awesome, smart and savvy decision to move to an all-in-one, get-it-done system would be an understatement. I am head over heels in LOVE with Kartra. Not because they have an awesome paying affiliate program (which they do) but because I can now get shit done that I could NOT in Amember. I have a lot of friends using Amember and I know they love it but for me it was holding me back and I’m so so so glad I moved!

$ 14,580 – Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle – Our first club collaboration and it was a HUGE success! With over 40 products included from members and 545 sales this event blew my mind. I really expected it to do well but it was something awesome being part of this. It bonded us together as a group in a way nothing else I’ve done in all the years I’ve been running membership sites has. And I am doing a NEW collaboration every three months. In December we are doing BLOGmas, which is a blogging gift offering from our members with great content and gifts that go with.

$ 729 – Fast Product Creation Action Plan – For most of my years online I’ve created products FAST. I see many people struggling with this. The easiest solution I have is to sell the product FIRST, deliver SECOND… you know like Amazon does but with digital products and live events. That’s what this report teaches.

$27 – Giveaway or Bundle Events Action Plan – Over the years I’ve added thousands of subscribers and hundreds of NEW CUSTOMERS to my business using this single list-building strategy. It has been and still is my go-to strategy. Matter of fact just this coming month I’m doing my own giveaway (or sorts) and participating in TWO. I expect to add hundreds of new people to my list like that.

Total Non-Affiliate Marketing Income: $22,092.18


Affiliate Income & Sources:

$72Coach Glue
$8.50Piggy Makes Bank
$5.00Createful Journals
$27White Label Perks
$697Cindy Bidar << woot woot! Cindy’s stuff rocks. I think she opened her membership this month. 

Total Affiliate Income: $809.50


Total Income: $22,901.68


$6.01 – as3 File Hosting
$4.99 – Boomerang for Gmail
$50 – MomWebs Hosting << THE BEST HOST 
$47 – Lifestyle Builders Membership — YES, I’m a member of a club, too 😉
$15 – Zoom
$25 – BeLive

$250 – Best Year Yet Giveaway Participant
$20 – 6-Figure Systems Membership
$79 – Chic Marie
$150 – Kartra

$1401.90 Affiliate Payments to LLBC Affiliates

Total Expenses: $2048.90

NET Income: $20,582.78   <<<< BUT I still need to pay affiliates in October! And I paid my affiliates about $10k for the Bundle Sale. 



I’m leaving this section mostly blank for this month and next. I’ll fill it in again for November because I don’t have the month by month stats as I missed doing this report on time.

  • NEW Club Members: 32 (This includes the 21 who moved from monthly to yearly, so really it was 11 new members)
  • Traffic:
  • Email Subscribers
  • Facebook Page Followers:
  • Instagram Subscribers:
  • Twitter Followers:
  • YouTube Subscribers:
  • Pinterest:


Summary of events and happenings…

Club Membership Sale – Great success with the yearly offer to my members which I will never offer at such a low rate. I earned over $4,000 in memberships which means as long as everyone is happy and they renew next year I’ll be getting another nice round of payments next year in September.

Email Subscribers – I did add some portion of the 545 sales from the bundle to my list and that was great but definitely not the main reason I did this sale.

Bundle Sale – Obviously this was a huge part of the month and the income generated. I offered my members 100% of the commissions and non-member affiliates 75% which I think also contributed to the success of this first-time sale. We’ll be doing this one next year.

September Lesson Take Aways:

Community Rocks – I saw firsthand the awesome power of a community working together in September. I won’t soon forget the energy and motivation we all gained from each other. It was SO MANY people all working towards one purpose but we did it so well. We had people from all levels of business, not just all at the same level, yet it worked. I was amazed and inspired by the members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club!


September 2018 Monthly Income Summary:

This was my first month hitting $20k in business and it happened because of the power of community. I call this monthly income all of ours, the clubs, because I did not do this one alone at all.

Thanks for being curious about my income and open to the possibility that you, too, can do this for yourself.

I appreciate you and wish you the best with your business!

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