Monthly Income Report, August 2018 – $5036.78

About The Monthly Income Report:

I fully intend to post an income report every single month and ideally, a week or less after the previous month. We are now into October and I’m posting August’s report. I’m obviously pretty late but it’s been my intention the entire time to always get to posting. September was a hectic month with the relaunch of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and then the Laptop Lifestyle Business Bundle.

So let’s get to it! Below you’ll find a detailed report of my August earnings.

My goals with this income report would be:

  • To show you the reality of income generating in my world.
  • To let you see and understand how I make money.
  • To give myself a monthly check-in with what worked and what didn’t!
  • To be accountable for my income goals AND motivated to work harder knowing your watching(?), maybe…
  • Show you what kind of expenses a business like mine can run on.
  • Identify some of my important statistics for business growth and what I need to learn from them.

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club August 2018 Monthly Report

Here is what I made and spent in August:

Income Generated & Sources:

$4051.08 – Laptop Lifestyle Business Club – I did a sale on yearly memberships to my members and a small group of customers.

$ 297 – One-on-One Coaching – One payment from a monthly coaching client. As I write this now in October I just took on one coaching client renewal and I have one yearly coaching client who’s with me until the end of this year. After these two clients are done I won’t be taking any clients for a while, if ever. I just like to have my calendar completely free.

$ 216 – Fast-Action Plan Sales – I sold the Giveaway or Bundle Event Action Plan.

Total Non-Affiliate Marketing Income: $4564.08


Affiliate Income & Sources:

$378.50Coach Glue
$27Piggy Makes Bank
$7.50Createful Journals
$27White Label Perks
$32.70Cindy Bidar

Total Affiliate Income: $472.70

Not a lot of affiliate marketing going on in August or any kind of marketing, actually. I was focused on moving over to Kartra and preparing for the bundle sale.

Total Income: $5036.78


$1.44 – as3 File Hosting
$4.99 – Boomerang for Gmail
$50 – MomWebs Hosting << THE BEST HOST 
$47 – Lifestyle Builders Membership — YES, I’m a member of a club, too 😉
$15 – Zoom
$25 – BeLive

$877.95 Affiliate Payments to LLBC Affiliates

Total Expenses: $1021.38

NET Income: $4015.40



Important Note: As I transition to Kartra I’m going to have to find new metrics to report here. I’ll need a few months to get this worked out and figure out what best to report on a monthly basis. Kartra has way more tracking than I had in WordPress for my pages, including conversions and clicks per page and even what emails caused the sales. I’ll have to play with that in these reports to see what matters to me!

Let’s dig into some metrics! I’m going to put in brackets the previous month’s stats for comparison

    • Laptop Lifestyle Business Club Members: 161  (same as July, club closed to new members )
  • NEW Club Members: 0 (July – 16)
  • Total Customers In Amember (includes free & paid members): 5,384 ( July – 5,381) < not taking sales through here anymore so last stat on this and moving stats to Kartra.
  • Email Subscribers: No Data because I’m looking in October so not sure where it was in Aug. (July – 3,773)
  • Monthly Unique Website Visitors: 1796 < not suprising as I’ve moved salespages to Kartra. (July – 4,206) (According to Jetpack)
  • Facebook Page Followers: 838 (July – 825) < not focused on growth here so I may remove this
  • Instagram Subscribers: 810 (July – 755) < have put focus here but it’s very slow growing
  • Twitter Followers: 3,787 (July – 3,485) >> Last time I Had lost a lot, this time gained 300. I basically ignore Twitter, no idea what’s going on over there lol.
  • YouTube Subscribers: 405 (July – 406)
  • Pinterest: 406 Monthly Views (July 423)


Summary of events and happenings…

Club Members – Closing up a membership really allowed me to get perspective on where I wanted to go with my membership. It also allowed me time to plan my bundle sale and get that ready to go. Overall I’m really happy with that decision to close up. I think it’s worth doing once a year, probably in the summer for a relaunch in September. 🙂

Email Subscribers – No list-building efforts or activity in August BUT I’m ON IT for September, October, November and December of this year. I fully expect that by January I will have a significantly larger list than I had when I started creating these reports.

Social Media – I was focusing on Instagram but that’s growing really slow. I ignore Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Facebook is the only social media site I’m actually regularly active on and that’s almost entirely for my membership group. I can say with great certainty that the large majority of my sales come from email marketing. I’m going to continue to focus my efforts there until I’ve maxed out on those results before I get serious about any social media platform.

August Lesson Take Aways:

Shut Down for Clarity – I got so clear when I got to take a step back and I love that I did that. I do believe I’d like to have that at least once a year and the summertime months (July-August) seem like the perfect time to do that. A summer membership shutdown and relaunch in September.


August 2018 Monthly Income Summary:

For having no products and no new members coming in for the month of August I’m very happy with this result. Also since I’m writing this in September I know what it created for me in the following month and with the ability to see that future I’m EXTREMELY happy with how I set myself up for success in September. I’ll be writing and releasing the September income report in just a week or two and fully intend to be more timely with the reports to follow.

Thanks for being curious about my income and open to the possibility that you, too, can do this for yourself.

I appreciate you and wish you the best with your business!

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