Me-time Not Wasteful… It’s Wonderful

I just spent a soul-filling time lakeside on the beach this morning.

I journaled.
I thought.
I felt gratitude.
I prepared for my day.

I wanted to connect today, with my people, with those I can serve and help. But before I did that, before I can fill anyone else up, I had to fill ME up.

And the beach does that for me.

Journaling does that for me.

I used to think that me-time was wasteful. OMG and I think back to the mental state I was in at the time I was thinking that:

Overwhelmed. Stressed. Exhausted. Determined. Never Giving Up.

I am one of the most determined people I know. I’m stubborn. I don’t stop on something until I get it. I don’t take no for an answer (I just find sneaky ways around it). Scratch that… there is a new me… my THREE YEAR OLD daughter is more determined than me… watch out world lol!

Back to me. I was sooo focused on creating that success, making it happen, doing the things and never giving up that I missed one of the most CRUCIAL parts of the entire process:

Love and care and serving of ME.

You’ve heard it all:

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
“Put on your mask first, before you try to help others.”
etc, etc.

Well I’ve been so much better at this.

Two years ago I got serious about my health and fitness.
One year ago I hired a business strategy coach.
About six months ago I also hired a mindset coach.

And I started journaling. I’ve watched the secret. I’ve started to be so aware of the fact that thoughts really do become things. I’ve been working on me and me-time.

And so today while I was at the beach I pulled out the Journaling Prompts I got from Sue Fleckenstein’s new program and I filled out two full pages. I loved having something to just pick up and write with.

Get the Journal Prompts Here – They’re a no-brainer $5 price!

Today I wrote about the first three prompts that Sue provides:

  1. My main goal this month.
  2. 10 things I’m grateful for.
  3. Who I’m grateful to.

And after I journaled I reflected, got motivated and went to do my work.

Before I did, though, I decided to go ahead and tell two of the people I’m grateful for just that, and why. It was an awesome, feel-good, inspiring way to start the day.

THAT is the power of journaling.
THAT is the power of the mind to improve your life.
THAT is the power of setting intention to live a good life.

I just love what journaling can do.

I highly recommend you grab these prompts as I am literally in love with this simple, effective idea.

Get the Journal Prompts Here – They’re a no-brainer $5 price!

Whatever you do, take time for you.

Don’t make the mistake I made in thinking that you can get the time for yourself when you’re making the money and then you can relax… that’s backwards. It starts with care for you… mind, body and soul.

Take care,

Love Angela

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