What I thought of the Beachpreneurs Mastermind Retreat

I’m working from the library today. I’m about to dig into my coach and friend Nicole Dean’s Blog World Tour training that I grabbed just last night and printed out. I’m about to turn that into a checklist to take action on and grow my following with. I can’t wait to start planning it!

As I sit here, thinking about how I’m going to use my focused work time, I’ve been trying to think about how I could possibly describe and relay to you what happened this past week at the Mastermind Retreat Beachpreneurs, a four-day beach retreat on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida hosted by Nicole Dean & Kelly McCausey.

I can’t.

It’s impossible to describe it in words.

The best one might be… magical.
Most certainly it feels…life changing.
And definitely… enlightening.

But no one description fits. No one classification would do.

All I know is that I trusted my hosts completely when they said to me about twelve months ago that I should be there. I said YES to the opportunity and I wanted to go so bad but even up until the last few weeks I wasn’t sure I could really make it happen.

I didn’t know what I was about to miss so I didn’t put the priority on it that it needed. But another push from my awesome coaches, Kelly McCausey & Nicole Dean, and I got there. And am I ever so glad I did!

It started, as it often does, with a soar over the clouds. Since my flight was so early I got to see the sunrise high above the earth. When I got there, before I knew anything of what was about to happen, I took this picture:

The picture really summarizes how this event went for me.

I said yes to a new adventure, followed through (with some pushing) and made it happen.

I was open to whatever came my way, with no expectations or pre-conceived ideas.

I allowed it to happen.

I absorbed what was given to me.

If you would ask me if I’d go again my answer is 1000% YES.

Matter of fact I am ready to sign up for the next one the MOMENT Kelly & Nicole open it up for next year.

It’s not even a matter of “I want to go back.”… it’s a matter of “I NEED to go back”


Why is it such a big deal? As I said you really gotta go to know what I mean but the value I got from this event is just the BEGINNING of what I truly believe is a new evolution of my business and my life.

To put it into practical terms, let me try to list some of the things I think I got from this that I would never have gotten from my laptop at home:

  1. Relationships – I was actually shocked and surprised about the environment of the retreat. I have NEVER in my life been with a group of people I’ve felt more accepted and comfortable with.
  2. Breakthroughs – The beach house was so inviting and everyone, as I said, so open. It allowed for some real and very, very raw conversations. I think it would be an understatement to say that I, personally, opened up more than I have ever and had a breakthrough that won’t leave me anytime soon.
  3. Focused Advice – We all had turns talking about our businesses in depth, while the others listened and offered advice. I got so much value from hearing varying opinions on my business from perspectives I had never heard before.
  4. Insights – One of the BIGGEST parts for me was hearing how others ran their businesses. I am coming home with an entire plan for big business growth because on of the very smart ladies there offered us a look and walk-through of what she’s doing that I had never seen the like of before. It just helped me understand what I needed to do in my business and spot the gaps I really have to fill to grow!

I am so glad I got a chance to get to connect with every single person at this event. Here’s who attended:

Me 🙂
Jessica Larew of TheSellingFamily.com – Who was also co-facilitator of the event!
Cindy Bidar of CindyBidar.com
Tracy Roberts & Suzanne Myers of PiggyMakesBank.com
Rayven Monique of ColorHappy.com
Staci Ann Lowry of TheOrnamentGirl.com
Amy Harrop of AmyHarrop.com
Karon Thackson of MarketingWords.com

Something I didn’t get from the event?

Sleep & Rest – hahahaha! I kinda thought I’d be working AND relaxing and while the beach was sooo very beautiful and calming, I couldn’t miss a moment of it so I was up super late and awake super early. But I’m so grateful for ever single moment I spent there.

My biggest takeaways:

I had a couple of very Bold Breakthroughs, both in my mindset AND in the strategy I know I need to now employ in my marketing. 

I left with a clear path of action for myself and I am setting to work on it, TODAY. 

The bottom line:

The bottom line is you can only do so much on your own.

Many of us who work online are introverts, we often choose this business because it fits that introverted nature while those who love to be around people can’t take the isolation. While the alone time is important to us, so is the connection!

Seek out people to learn from who are LIKE YOU. Find coaches, go to conferences and as soon as humanly possible get to something like the Beachpreneurs Beach House Retreat with YOUR PEEPS so that you can experience the one of a kind nature of this kind of event. Go with an open mind to experience what you experience and be ready to absorb what you need to make big changes in your business and your life.




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