How to Create a Marketing Funnel, Fast

So today I decided to “whip up a sales funnel”… I know, I know… Shut up Angela!  << Right? lol

Keeping in mind I’ve been doing pages and opt-in forms and graphics for well over ten years and time may vary on this but I got a very large part of my funnel done in 2.5 hours.

Let me give you the run down of what I did, and why:

I’m creating an awesome Action Plan each and every month from now forward for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I know they’re going to be great and useful business builders for my customers and I know that they’re not going to get enough life if I ONLY let my members have them.

So I’ve decided to also sell the action plans as one-time downloads, also. The end goal here is to have people see how great the content is and then want to come DO THEM with us by joining the club. So each month I’ll have a new lead-builder and club-builder, ideally. At least, that’s the idea behind this plan.

How I Built a Funnel, Fast:

The first thing I did was load up the timer on my browser. I went here:
I’m using the Pomodoro Technique, my newly and truly discovered method of being so focused that I’m shocked at how UNfocused I have been all these years! How did I get anything done? I don’t know but I do know how I’m going to be getting a lot more done for years to come!

The next thing I did was plan out a really simple funnel in

This funnel consists only of an opt-in page and a thank you page. On the thank you page will be my offer. Simple!

Next I went ahead and started creating those two pages. I have just recently made a funnel, so instead of starting my work all over again I just went and copied, then edited the opt-in and the thank you pages from my previous funnel. There is a plugin called “Duplicate Page” (it’s free) that I use to just duplicate each page and then edit it, easy peasy!

Here are the two pages I ended up with:

The opt-in page. I’m using Elementor page builder and that is the form I created. I spent about 25 minutes trying to figure out how to get the form to redirect when I finally just figured it out. It was pretty simple. Hint: I found it under “Actions After Submit” option. Makes sense, right?

The Thank you page. I don’t put the download on the thank you page because I want people to opt-in and CONFIRM that opt-in before I give them the freebie. So when they do that they get taken right to the download upon click confirm AND I send them a link via email. On the thank you page, I make the offer.

In this case people are getting two possible options. This is a risk, because the more choices you give people the more chance they’ll get overwhelmed with making a choice and then not choose anything, but I’m going to give it a try. They can choose between a $7 first month for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club OR paying $17 to download the Action Plan. Ideally I’d love to drive more members to the club so I’m giving a pretty amazing deal at $30 off the first month!

UPDATE & Advice: Stick With One Offer

Two options is a BAD idea. I had only 30 people through, which isn’t really a good sample size I’ll admit, but I got no sales and I really expected one or two with that many people. So I took off the membership offer because it didn’t fit and instead just offered the action plan for $10. Within 10 minutes I got a sale! So, stick with one offer on the tripwire on the thank you page. 😉

Now once I had those two pages created I had to fill in the gaps with the page functions:

  1. I had to set up the form in ConvertKit, my email software, and also I decided to put in two follow-up emails. I will fill in the follow-ups later with 5-10 funnel related emails to help them decide if funnels are something they want to focus on at the moment.
  2. I had to set up a product in Amember, my shopping cart, create a link to the direct Action Plan download, create a sign up form (order form) and a coupon code for both the membership and the action plan download.

Next, I made the opt-in freebie.

It’s a checklist, pretty simple, but valuable! People love checklists. This one is nicely created and easily printed so that adds some extra value.

I loaded up a checklist I had created for my previous funnel in Canva and edited it:

No more than 30 minutes and that was DONE! I love when you can use things you had before as templates and move fast through stuff. By the way I will be repeating this process month after month and likely move through it even faster each time.

Then, I went into PicMonkey (I have the paid version), opened up the “Hub” where my Action Plan graphic was saved, changed the words “Action Plan” to “Checklist” and saved that graphic (took me all of five minutes):

Then, I think the final step I did was to go ahead and create a salespage for my Beginner Funnel Action Plan that I’m going to have to update later, but I did link to it in the opt-in checklist and wanted to have something there. This page shows the regular prices, the prices that anyone who hasn’t opted into the checklist would need to pay if they want to order. You can see that here:


This page I create by creating a template in Elementor from the thank you page and then loading that template into my new page. I did that because it allowed me to just save the piece of the page that I needed and load it into a new page. The I edited it to link to the order pages and not show the coupon codes for discount.

Here’s a neat trick if you use Amember. Did you know that in Amember you can have the coupon code show up right in the box for the coupon if you link to the page like this:

Everything from the ? forward allows your coupon code form to pre-populate with the code and then when your customers click to buy the coupon gets automatically applied without them having to add it themselves. I learned that from my smart friends at Beachpreneurs in March 😉

So… that’s my funnel created in less than 3 hours. It was fast and there’s still some tweaking to do plus I want to create a bunch more email follow-ups but for today I’m going to send that out to my list and offer them a nice, very usable Beginner Funnel Checklist (matter of fact, I used it today to create my funnel funnel)!

If you want to check out the deal and the funnel you can sign up here:

Beginner Funnel Checklist Free! 

Angela Wills

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