How to Make Money Working from Home, Fast

Here’s my problem with goals.

You set your goal and make it for “in the future”.

You start working on the now stuff…

  • Setting up your website.
  • Getting your brand just right.
  • Creating emails to load into your automated system.
  • Posting randomly on social media to build your “audience”.

All in the name of that FUTURE goal.

Now do not get me wrong here. GOALS are awesome, necessary and done by far too little of the business population.

But you know what’s even rarer than goals in the online business market?

Pursued DAILY action towards income.

I’m talking about daily tasks that make you money. Not a once a week offer. Not a once a day offer. Setting a large portion of your day to doing things you know will DIRECTLY make you money.

These kinds of tasks include:

  • Emailing a potential client to say “hey I thought this would be perfect for YOU” (because you’ve been paying attention and it WOULD be perfect for them).
  • Sending an email to your list with an offer they’ll love and a call to action that clearly states in some form to “buy this now”.
  • Connecting with someone of influence and asking them to send a message to their people about YOU and what you have to offer (they may not do it that day, but if they do it you’ll earn income if picked correctly).

No you can’t just….

  • wow people with your blog content and wait for them to ask what you sell
  • write inspiring emails with no call to action and expect people to give you money
  • build a massive facebook group while never making a single offer and expecting the money will eventually show up

It just won’t work that way!

[thrive_highlight highlight=’#89a5bf’ text=’light’]GOALS + MONEY-FOCUSED ACTION = PROFIT[/thrive_highlight]

You know what stalls most people? They think they have to have EVERYTHING in this mystical, magical, elusive order before they can sell anything.

If they don’t have an email list, they think they need that FIRST.
If they don’t have a website, they think that needs to be DONE.
If they don’t have a shopping cart, they think they can’t possibly sell YET.
If they don’t have a massive following, they think they’re not READY.

All LIES. Lies you tell yourself!

Here is the absolute bare minimum you need to sell online, fast, TODAY:

An offer and a PayPal link.

Here’s the step by step to do it:

  1. Think of an offer.
  2. Set up a PayPal link.
  3. Bonus Step: Tell someone to buy it!

Seriously it can be THAT easy. Don’t make it overly complicated. Don’t confuse yourself. Add the bells and the whistles LATER… after you feel confident that you CAN sell.

Are we clear here?

No more doing “stuff” every day just because someone told you to!
No more waiting for people to realize how awesome you are, tell them!
No more expecting people will find your site, get excited about your blah salespage and give you money!

NO, NO, No, NO, No More of that!

It’s time for YOU to be your own superhero.

Step up and get creative.

Nobody is going to give you the roadmap but the how is right here:

Sell. Sell Today. Sell Now. Sell always…

And that doesn’t make you greedy. It doesn’t make you rude. It doesn’t make you selfish.

It makes you a business owner with value to give and an important message to spread!
It makes you someone who’s ready to SERVE, to HELP, to PROVIDE.

I think back to how this all started… to BEFORE there was MONEY to make people weird about it.

People TRADED.

I made a great pelt to keep you warm… you made a nice bow my hubby could hunt with… and so we both had something of value and we TRADED. No hard feelings. No one thinks you’re a scammer.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Point: You have value (a product or service). They have value (money). You make a fair trade and EVERYONE is happy!  [/thrive_text_block]

Hey… it’s your business. Do what you want for reals. BUT if you want profit… if you want to grow… if you want to serve… take my advice:

Sell and don’t feel one bit bad about it. 

Think about this:

A tiny fraction of people actually set goals. A smaller fraction actually WRITE THEM DOWN.

This is why people need help with goals.

It’s not because they can’t figure it out themselves… it’s because they don’t make the time.

That’s why my friends at Piggy Makes Bank created this Setting & Reaching Goals content you can use on your blog, in your emails, on social media and MORE to help your people reach their goals!

If you’ve been reading my emails for any amount of time you’ll know I’m all about helping people reach their goals. Matter of fact I want to help YOU reach yours while you help others do the same with this content. So I’m including a bonus of my Achieve Your Money Goals workshop training FREE when you snap up this deal now.

So here’s what you get:

To claim your bonus please forward your payment receipt to

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