Take Your Business From Stress-Maker to Dream-Creator & Discover Complete Business Lifestyle FREEDOM!

Work on YOUR Terms. Because Life Can't Wait.

When my son was just four months old I started my first business.

I had NO IDEA how to run a business. None.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted more than anything in the world to be able to be home with him, on my terms, and raise him.

I struggled.
I tried business after business.
I got into big time debt.

I got on track, then off again. I made money, then overspent. I worked HARD and saw no results at times.

But I never, ever, ever gave up. In those days the support of a mastermind group held me up, gave me hope, showed me the way and taught me so much!

I am SO INCREDIBLY grateful for that experience! So much so that I’ve created my own version of it, The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

This is a club for YOU if you dream of a Laptop Lifestyle. And what I mean by that is is you dream of a lifestyle where you choose your work, all of it.

You choose how you work.
You choose where you work.
You choose who you work with.
You choose what you work on.
You choose when you work on something else.

TOTAL Freedom. That’s the Laptop Lifestyle. That’s the lifestyle I am so very fortunate to have built for myself, through the help of others who supported me along the way. That’s the lifestyle I want to offer to you, and inspire you to do and give you the tools to create. That’s what the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is ALL ABOUT.

What does that mean to have total life and business freedom? It means you work when you want, where you want and on YOUR TERMS – no one else’s! It means you never have to report to a boss, ask for time off, do jobs you absolutely hate or have someone else determine the direction of your life.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well it is!

It’s a dream that’s absolutely possible!

In the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club (LLBC for short), you’ll get the training you need to build a solid foundation for your business, you’ll get the support you need to grow and thrive and you’ll get the community that is essential to making connections and building businesses.

Business IS Personal. It's Your Business. It's Your Life.

Over and over I talk to clients and customers who’ve had some life issue come up and stop them in their tracks. Life happens. Business is hard to work into life if you don’t PLAN to work it into your life. If you don’t expect those things to come up it’s hard to keep going.

That’s why I believe a business training program MUST include plans to work your business around your life. You don’t want your business to stop while your life goes on because that just compounds one problem over another and that’s not good.

I know how to do this. I’ve done it as I worked through my own life issues from breaking my ankle (BAD) to growing my business while parenting a toddler and a teen and more.

I’ve been working at home for myself since 2007 and have always been able to create an income to pay my bills, support my growing family and live my life from my laptop business.

Join The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club & You'll Receive the Tools, Community and Accountability that You Need to Succeed!

The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is a vehicle to create your dreams. We are focused on action and results. Not just ANY action or ANY results, though! We are focused on the results that create complete and total lifestyle freedom. 

Just so we're clear... that means you do anything you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want with anyone you want. TOTAL freedom. It's possible. It's very do-able. And we help you take the actions that get you there!

Here are the reasons why this is just awesome and you should join us today:

  • Never Work Alone – Working from home is isolating and it’s hard to find the time to find people who actually GET what you’re doing. We get it and we’re here.
  • Motivation Comes in Numbers – When you join a membership like this and hear what other people are doing to build their business, it’s motivating!
  • You’ll Learn New Things – Building a business in a bubble is not always a good thing. Learning new things and getting new input stimulates creativity in your own business.
  • Get Unstuck – If you ever feel stuck and have a specific issue in your business you can reach out through the facebook group or the live webinars. No more getting stuck, ok?

Here's What You Get When You Join the Club:

1. Challenge of the Month Each monthly challenge is designed to move your life to the Laptop Lifestyle or GROW your current lifestyle, or both! 

July Topic of the Month: Small Wins, Big Business!

Creating success online IS CHALLENGING! It can feel frustrating, infuriating, annoying and you can feel alone in your efforts. It can also seem like just too big of a hill to climb!

This is why a small wins challenge is the PERFECT way to get you motivated, inspired, taking action and feeling amazing!

Our state of mind 100% percent affects our actions and it is my goal with this challenge to show you that massive tasks do not have to be done in order to build BIG business. 

No massive launches, huge writing projects or major team efforts here. Those can come later. What you need right now are Small Wins that result in Big Business. That is exactly what we're focused on in this month's Small Wins, Big Business Challenge! 

2. Proven, Targeted PLR Monthly Private Label Rights to a previously proven challenge. Sell these as your own.  

July PLR of the Month: Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer

Use this challenge to get your people EXCITED about creating their opt-ins and growing their email list. 

Every PLR challenge package I offer to members will be one I've used myself in the club. You get rights AFTER I've run it, perfected it and gotten real feedback from real members.

This adds so much VALUE for you because you are getting a product to sell that you know people actually want!

Included in each PLR package is a challenge prep sheet, action guide, "rah rah" webinar recording (to use as-is or use for ideas to create your own), 10 video prompts and transcripts and pre-created challenge graphics to use on your social media posts and emails. 

Get all the details on the challenge PLR here. 

3. Training & Accountability in a fun and supportive way!

Action & Accountability

There is ZERO point in learning stuff if you are not taking action... it's just a waste. 

I am NOT ok with you wasting your money on stuff I create and so I'm meeting with you for training and support and accountability. We'll talk about what needs to happen for you to create your Laptop Lifestyle! 

We are dreamers AND do-ers. We are not afraid to go dream of that start, tie a lasso around it and pull it down to us, like in the image you see to the left. 

No more playing small. 
No more wasting time. 

No more wishing for the Laptop Lifestyle!

4. Never-Alone Support You'll get interaction,  guidance and answers in our active community.

Active Online Community

When you get to connect with a community all focused on the same goals on a regular basis, something incredible happens. 

You won't find this in free group.

You'll only find it when those participating are truly serious about what they're creating in their lives and in their business. 

There's no messing around, there's no complaining and silly bickering... only pure awesome goodness that comes from minds getting together and growing together. 

That's what the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club community is all about. 

You want to be part of this. :) 

If You're Ready to Go From Struggling to Find time for Life to Loving Life & Loving Your Business You NEED to Join Us!

The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is a vehicle to create your dreams. We are focused on action and results. Not just ANY action or ANY results, though! We are focused on the results that create complete and total lifestyle freedom. 

Here's What You Get:

  • NEW Laptop Lifestyle Challenge Each Month – Each month you'll receive access to a new fast-results challenge based on hot topics that will help you create your amazing Laptop Lifestyle. Each challenge has a PURPOSE and an end-goal so that you're not wasting any time on learning that you're never going to put to use or remember! The challenge is purposefully designed to be approximately 10-14 days so you can have time to complete it and get results for your business, prep beforehand and have breathing room in between challenges. 
  • Support, Encouragement & Training Every Week - Topic-based training, occassional guest speakers, hot seats and more. You'll never feel like you're building this thing alone when you join our friendly and motivating sessions. 
  • Laptop Lifestyle Business Club Community – We are dreamers who are doers. We are an active community who share our successes, challenges and action-plans! We have weekly accountability and a great group of action-takers waiting to connect with you. 

You can cancel anytime, however I'm positive that once you try our programs and our community you'll see the value far outweighs the price. No matter what you decide, the Natural Affiliate Marketing course is yours to keep ($297 Value).

I can't wait to welcome you on board!

Here's What Some of the Members of the Group Say About It:

It means so much to know that I have mentors like you and Tawnya, and Melissa and Nicole and now Tanya. Five of the most amazing women in their own business with families doing what yall do. Thank you for all you do. You are awesome!!!!

Heather Galliher
Consuelo Meux

It is so refreshing to work with an honest, open professional like you. There are so many offers where it seems people are trying to “get you” that your approach really stands out. I appreciate you.

I’ve been a fan and customer of Angela’s for a long time. She has helped me with planning for my business and finances, starting an affiliate program, and getting through many technical issues. I highly recommend Angela, without her guidance I would still be stuck and struggling trying to figure it all out.

Samantha Angel
Suzanna Mills

Angela, I love your ingenuity. your energy, your SUCCESS!!! I am forever grateful that i learned WordPress and GIMP from you and every time I use them I say “thank you Angela” out loud … that also makes me smile!

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