Isn't It Time to Create an Amazing Business You LOVE & Complete Lifestyle Freedom?

This message is for you if working anytime, anywhere and on
YOUR terms sounds like a good way to live. If so, keep reading!

When my son was just four months old I started my first business.

I had NO IDEA how to run a business. None.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted more than anything in the world to be able to be home with him, on my terms, and raise him.

I struggled.
I tried business after business.
I got into big time debt.

I got on track, then off again. I made money, then overspent. I worked HARD and saw no results at times.

But I never, ever, ever gave up. In those days the support of a mastermind group held me up, gave me hope, showed me the way and taught me so much!

I am SO INCREDIBLY grateful for that experience! So much so that I’ve created my own version of it, The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

This is a club for YOU if you dream of a Laptop Lifestyle. And what I mean by that is is you dream of a lifestyle where you choose your work, all of it.

You choose how you work.
You choose where you work.
You choose who you work with.
You choose what you work on.
You choose when you work on something else.

TOTAL Freedom. That’s the Laptop Lifestyle. That’s the lifestyle I am so very fortunate to have built for myself, through the help of others who supported me along the way. That’s the lifestyle I want to offer to you, and inspire you to do and give you the tools to create. That’s what the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is ALL ABOUT.

What does that mean to have total life and business freedom? It means you work when you want, where you want and on YOUR TERMS – no one else’s! It means you never have to report to a boss, ask for time off, do jobs you absolutely hate or have someone else determine the direction of your life.

Sounds like a dream, right? Well it is!

It’s a dream that’s absolutely possible!

In the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club (LLBC for short), you’ll get the training you need to build a solid foundation for your business, you’ll get the support you need to grow and thrive and you’ll get the community that is essential to making connections and building businesses.

Here’s a look at the membership options.
There’s a level of membership for you no matter what stage you’re at in business!

Business IS Personal. It's Your Business. It's Your Life.

Over and over I talk to clients and customers who’ve had some life issue come up and stop them in their tracks. Life happens. Business is hard to work into life if you don’t PLAN to work it into your life. If you don’t expect those things to come up it’s hard to keep going.

That’s why I believe a business training program MUST include plans to work your business around your life. You don’t want your business to stop while your life goes on because that just compounds one problem over another and that’s not good.

I know how to do this. I’ve done it as I worked through my own life issues from breaking my ankle (BAD) to growing my business while parenting a toddler and a teen and more.

I’ve been working at home for myself since 2007 and have always been able to create an income to pay my bills, support my growing family and live my life from my laptop business.

Join The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club & You'll Receive the Training, Community and Accountability that You Need to Succeed!

The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is a monthly membership program with three levels of membership to choose from.

In the core membership (Insiders Report Club) and all others you’ll get my Insider’s Report, a sneak peek into my business each month with insightful training and a 7-Day Fast Action Plan to go with it!

In the second level (Community Member Club) you’ll have access to a growing and active facebook group, a monthly live webinar meeting and a topic of the month training resource.

In the third level, the VIP Club option, you’ll get an entire library of valuable coaching programs to use as you grow your business and come across the need for website sales skills, social media, email marketing and more. PLUS you get ALL NEW programs I come out with as long as you’re a member!

Here are the reasons why this is just awesome and you should join us today:

  • Never Work Alone – Working from home is isolating and it’s hard to find the time to find people who actually GET what you’re doing. We get it and we’re here.
  • Motivation Comes in Numbers – When you join a membership like this and hear what other people are doing to build their business, it’s motivating!
  • You’ll Learn New Things – Building a business in a bubble is not always a good thing. Learning new things and getting new input stimulates creativity in your own business.
  • Get Unstuck – If you ever feel stuck and have a specific issue in your business you can reach out through the facebook group or the live webinars. No more getting stuck, ok?

Every Month! Your Insider Report is Delivered. Look INSIDE My Successful Business & Learn What Really Happens.

March Topic of the Month: Memberships Made Easy

You could deliver ONE CHECKLIST a month that gets people results, and you'd have a membership.

You could have a single paid Facebook group where you show up with massive value, and you'd have a membership.

You could do one webinar per month where you teach and help and make a difference, and you'd have a membership.

I'm going to teach you what I know about running membership sites for the last six years. Sites that have stabilized that income roller coaster, created GREAT client relationships, given me great business insights to what people want and more.

Note: This report is included in ALL THREE LEVELS of membership: (1) Insider Club, (2) Community Member Club or (3) VIP Club

There Are Three Levels of Membership to Choose From:

  1. Insider’s Report Club – My INSIDE look at a profitable business (mine) and how I achieve big results in little time. Last month’s topic was Giveaway Events which you can still get if you sign up now. This month’s topic is Writing Emails Naturally, which you can get on MONDAY. So… signing up now gets you two for one on any of the levels. This level is ONLY $10/month! Sign up here.

  2. Community Member Club – This one is that community I spoke of. You get the Insider Report, you get INCREDIBLE accountability, you get weekly meetings for everything you need to hash out (including the accountability there), you get an active facebook group with lots of awesome people and inspiring businesses, fun challenges, motivating prompts, weekly homework and so much more. This level is an easy $37 per month. Sign up here.

  3. VIP Club – If you are the kind of person who wants it ALL and all at once this is for you. You will get the full library of coaching programs I offer at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club AND you will get all new coaching programs, free! Then of course all the benefits of the Community Club and of course you get the Insider Report! This is your one “home” for learning to build that complete freedom in your life and business and I would be honored to have you join us. This level is an investment of only $97 per month. Sign up here.

    I have to tell you I honestly believe I would not be even close to where I am today in my business if not for a powerful, supportive and encouraging business community like the one I’ve built in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

    It’s not just me, it’s the members that make this community so very special.

    Sure, I bring my valuable expertise and training but they bring vast and varied business ideas, input, accountability, friendship, motivation and so much more. I LOVE the members in this club and I know that you will do! I can’t wait to put your welcome post and give you a proper welcome to the group!

    Click the register button to sign up.


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