23 List Building & List Engagement Ideas

Yesterday I shared with you two list building ideas that involve using pre-written content, either your own or someone else’s.

I’m on a bit of a roll with this topic (and with the upcoming excitement for my Natural Email Marketer program) so I’m going to give you a few more ideas to build your list. I do this for selfish reasons, too. Next time someone asks me “how?” when I say “build your list!” I’m gonna direct them to this very post 😉

So here goes. 15 List Building & List Engagement Ideas:

List Building Ideas:

  1. Guest Blog – You’ve heard it before but it needs to be here. It works. Start approaching people you’ve bought from or are fans of and offer them valuable content. See what happens!
  2. Giveaway Events – Historically one of my absolute favorite ways to build my list. I have grown by dozens to hundreds at a time this way. For a few more days you can buy my training plus content rights here on Giveaway Events.
  3. Free Signup – Offer something super valuable to your people on your website, ideally front and center like my Digital Marketer’s Planner, to build your list as you build your traffic.
  4. Blog – While I’ve not seen much results with a form in the sidebar of my blog, it doesn’t hurt to add it and it’s super easy. You may want to get a great plugin or use the features of your email provider (like ConvertKit which has a plugin to add forms to your blog) to get the forms throughout your blog and not just in the sidebar.
  5. In Content – Add links to your forms EVERYWHERE you write content! I’m talking in blog posts, in personal emails, on social media and in your freebie reports, checklists, templates, etc, etc, etc.
  6. Facebook – Are you utilizing your Facebook Pages & Groups to link to your free offer? The description of your group is a great place to link to your free offer to build your list. Also, add a link in the description of your COVER images as people could very well click on those and read… especially if you put “click here for something awesome” or some better call to action.
  7. Free Challenges – I detailed how to do this in this post. It’s something you can do through your own email autoresponder or through a Facebook group. I’ve added dozens to hundreds of new people at a time to my list with this method.
  8. Joint Bundle Offers – Occasionally you will find an offer to give one of your products away as a participant of a group bundle (sometimes called a “fire sale”). When you do this, you won’t make much or any money because the person hosting the bundle collects the profits. What you can get are email sign-ups. I recommend you set it up so that you have people opt-in to get their product, if possible. If that’s not possible, put an opt-in offer for something important immediately inside the product.
  9. Give a Product to a Related Business – Another fun and interesting way I built my list was to offer a valuable product for free to a friend. I did this for my friend Kelly McCausey when she owned a membership site. She added my free product to her member’s area and sent people regularly to me. This can be as simple as offering a blurb, a graphic and a coupon code for a free product to someone you trust.
  10. Giveaway a Product on Your Own Blog – Something that also worked really well for me was to give a product away on my blog. I would create a post telling people they would need to READ my salespage for the product and then post why they wanted that product. I’d get about 100 entries every time I did this and I promoted it throughout my social media as well as asked affiliates to promote it. The key to building my list was that when people commented, they were added to my list. There was a little check box next to the comment button that they could uncheck to not subscribe, but most people wanted on my list to find out if they won!
  11. Participate on Podcasts – If you go to podcasts with a core message and a free offer to match, you can easily ask your podcast host to link to that freebie. To add value for them, you can even give them an affiliate link to your freebie. Quick and easy list-builder!
  12. Host a Webinar – Hosting webinars, by it’s very nature, is a list-builder. Set up an opt-in, use a program like Zoom to get your webinar link, set a date and off you go!
  13. Host a Giveaway – Instead of joining one, you can be the host! You’ll get way more people on your list if everyone is joining you to do a group giveaway over you being one person joining a giveaway hosted by someone else. I’ve never done this but it’s on my list to do this year.
  14. Host a Bundle Offer – Similar to a giveaway but it’s one where people submit their products, not just freebie offers. You host it, you get the leads and the sales. Of course you’ll pay the people who promote a handsome affiliate commission for sending their people to the bundle!
  15. Maximize Your Profile – Are you linking to your free offer in the link allowed in most profiles on social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, all allow you to link… don’t just link to your website. Link to your free offer to get more leads.
  16. Do An Exchange With a Friend – Do you know someone in a similar industry? Do an exchange to build lists mutually. Either you email for them and they email for you or you can blog for them (with a direct form embedded in YOUR blog post) and they blog for you (same deal). This can work great because you are using the trust that person has earned with their market.
  17. Add a Link in Your Email Signature – You regularly are emailing people who are probably not on your email list. This could be friends, colleagues, potential customers. These are people you’ve been establishing a relationship with… make sure they see your opt-in offer!
  18. Blog Comments – No matter what you’ve heard, blogging is not dead. There are some VERY active blogs out there and you can go, contribute great value in the comments and link to your related, free offer. Be strategic about this by looking up relevant blogs to comment on that also reach your target market.
  19. Have LOTS of free offers – A big mistake people can make is to think you need just ONE freebie that you do a one-time effort to promote. This is so far from a good way to build your list. You want to have lots and lots of offers, and be constantly reinventing, adding and then removing outdated stuff. You need to shop yourself around to many places and see what kind of results you can get and where. This gives you variety and creates more interest!

    List Engagement Ideas:

  20.  Free Offers to Your List – Some of the absolute most opens and clicks I get are when I give my list subscribers MORE free value. So it’s like I’m inviting them to join my list, again, almost. By re-engaging them in this way I can share more offers, get them on board and knowing what I have of value and keep building the relationship with them.
  21. Share Something Personal – I know when people here this and they’re resistant they say something like “but I’m a private person”. It’s totally OK if you’re a private person… you can actually get personal without getting “personal”. You can say how you feel about Spring and new beginnings, or you can talk about your dog and why you love him to be around and how having a pet is great for work at home people. I have LOTS more examples and I believe you absolutely can master this skill, even as an introvert. I share all the details in my program, Natural Email Marketer << check there for more on this.
  22. Remind Them WHY You’re Emailing – People become disengaged when they don’t really get the point, or what you’re saying isn’t resonating with them. When you share your why and why it should be, or could be, important to them you can remind them why you’re doing what you do and why they signed up with you in the first place.
  23. Encourage Them to Email YOU – You can send many emails that invite your subscriber to respond to you. Ask them what their business is about, ask them what they need help with, ask them what they think of the email you just sent. Tell them you LEGIT want to hear from them. Start getting responses and you start building much more solid relationships with your subscribers!

So there you have it. As I said this is going to be my reference for those who want to know what to do for their email marketing efforts.

If you don’t have a software program to add your emails to, I recommend you use ConvertKit. It’s the email system I use and that will allow you to collect emails through a form when you set up your freebie list-builder. Plus, there are so many other features that help you do effective marketing, that you may want to use as your business grows.

You should NOT do all of these at once and you should NOT just pick the easy ones. Pick what you can do now, plan what you can do later and work away at the ones that produce you results. Not all methods work for all people in all situations so you’ll need to experiment and find the best ones for you. This list, however, should give you plenty to start with a great number of ideas on what direction to go in!

Talk soon,

Angela Wills, LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club

p.s. Building your list is one thing and it’s an important thing but connecting with your list on a REGULAR basis and doing it really well is another. I want to teach you everything I know about being a Natural Email Marketer and I’ve got a course that will do just that. It’s my superpower! See the training here and grab it while it’s in early-bird pricing!

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    1. Thank you Ellen! I get this question so often I thought it was high time to actually put together a thorough list to send my people to, which I’ll be doing from now on. I’ll be adding to it as I go if I think of any other ideas.

      Best and thanks for the comment 🙂

  1. This is a real treasure trove of ideas, Angela! There were several here that I hadn’t thought about. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list!

    1. You’re welcome Suzanne! Glad you found some “gems” in there. See what I did there? “treasure trove”… “gems”… haha I’m a hoot. 😉

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