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NOTICE: Your Laptop Lifestyle Won't Happen Overnight... but with a dedication and smart, fast-action you can absolutely, positively do this!

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What if you could have the plans to create your laptop lifestyle? What if you knew exactly what to do to create more profit and passive income? Would you want it?

Of course you would!

What I do at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is create regular motivation for my members through easy-to-do action-tasks! We’re not going to get bogged down in the learning, we’re going to take action with the doing. Each month I write up something that my members can be challenged to complete, based on small but mighty tasks they can do to grow their business. I like the idea of small wins, big business and that’s what each of these challenges give you. Three of the most popular challenges are those that members have used to create a solid foundation for more time-freedom so they can do what they want, when they want and how they want.

My offer for you is to take three of my PROVEN challenges and use them for your business at a crazy-low discount you won’t find anywhere else! People have paid $27 EACH for these but you can get them all for just $17…


That’s a savings of $74!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Your Best Year  – This is an easy to follow plan to get your business ready to GROW. You will not see any successful person tell you to “just wing it”. Sure there are times and instances when this can work but you don’t see any Fortune 500 company running without a plan. All the successful businesses have plans because they work, plain and simple. Just because you’re running a small, home-based business does not mean these rules don’t and won’t apply to you. Planning and organization are success traits.
  2. Daily Moneymaker – This topic is going to get you focused on what matters most to any and every business >> profits. We won’t be messing around with this plan, you’ll be given a list of action steps to grow your business in very DIRECT ways. It’s just frustrating to be working so hard and getting nowhere. It’s not more hard work that’s going to get you anywhere, either, it’s SMART work. So stop spinning your wheels on the things that don’t get you results and start with the profit, be a daily moneymaker.
  3. Create Your Perfect Opt-In – You already know you need to create great offers and you know if you create your PERFECT offer you’re going to attract your DREAM CUSTOMERS. I know it, too. 😉 … that’s why I’m offering you an email challenge you can do NOW, EASILY to get this going! The instant download is broken into daily action tasks, ZERO FLUFF. You just follow the steps on the daily and you get closer to attracting the most awesome people you’ve ever met into your business!

Take these self-challenges and take quick action:

If you move on these fast they can help you make more money in your business. Planning your time strategically, focusing on your profits and building your source of sales are ALL essential steps in creating total lifestyle business freedom.

What that means is more time to do what YOU want to do… be it spending time with family, taking up more hobbies, getting more active and taking care of you, going on dates, traveling and more.

This is the ONLY place you’ll get this offer and it’s limited. You won’t find this on my website or in general emails to my list. If you want it, grab it now. Heck it’s only $17, less than a pizza that’s gone in 10 minutes, so you really have little to nothing to lose (and a whole new lifestyle to gain)!

Each plan sells for $27 but I’m not even going to charge you half that for all three of them! Buy these three essential action plans for only $17!

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