Add Multiple Sources of Passive, Recurring Income to Your Business In a Natural, Fit-Your-Business Way With Lifestyle Affiliate Marketing

It’s smart to build multiple streams of income. The problem with that is it can be very difficult to run multiple BUSINESSES at once. I advise my clients against it until they really know how to turn one business into it’s maximum profitable point. 

If you’re not there, but would still love the safety net of more income sources, you’d be smart to consider affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing isn't Just majorly cuts your workload:

  • NO product creation.
  • NO writing the salespage.
  • NO shopping cart setup.
  • NO customer service.

So many people would love to move from services to selling information products but the process of creating sales offers, setting up shopping carts, understanding the market needs, knowing how to put together a product and more stops them in their tracks. 

So they (YOU) stay stuck in the cycle of working for clients hoping ONE DAY you’ll magically find some “extra time” to figure this stuff out and finally create some more lifestyle freedom for yourself. But it’s not happening! You’re frustrated! 

Affiliate marketing solves two problems for you:

1. You can LEARN how to set up products, create them, promote them and what sells just by being an affiliate marketer. You’ll be watching, learning, paying attention and getting ready to do this for yourself. 

2. You can EARN more income while you’re learning how to create your own products, easing the burden of having to earn that income while you transition to a laptop lifestyle, one where you create whatever you want and work wherever you want! 

And the beautiful part is, chosen wisely, your affiliate promotions can pay off long into the future:

• You can earn recurring commissions on memberships, month after month without extra work.
• You can earn commissions on additional sales that you didn’t promote or didn’t even KNOW ABOUT.
• Promote enough during affiliate contests and you can maximize your earnings, get recognized as a leader and have more opportunities coming your way (this happened to me)!

I'll Teach You Lifestyle Affiliate Marketing, Just Like I Do It...


Hi there. I’m Angela Wills and I’ve been an affiliate marketer for more than 10 years. 

If you’re like me you LOVE the internet and marketing your business on it. You have a solid business and skills to market, you’re not chasing anything fly by night or looking for overnight riches. You know that a true business comes with sweat-equity. You also are smart, savvy and choosy with where you spend your money. You seek out the BEST. You buy from the GOOD GUYS & GALS. 

You know you can’t do it ALL and you don’t want to. What you want is the freedom that comes with more passive income, income you don’t have to work as hard for and income you know you can generate as an affiliate marketer.  

A lot people get affiliate marketing ALL WRONG. You can’t just:

  • Throw an affiliate button on your website (do people still do that)?
  • Send ONE email about the offer and call it a day. 
  • Make the mistake of thinking passive income means absolutely no work. 
Oh if only! It’s not THAT easy but it can be much, much easier than providing services to clients or even creating your own information products if done right.

You don’t have to struggle with affiliate marketing. You CAN create that extra income or you can turn it into your full-time income. You don’t have to start a whole new business, become a sleezy salesperson or invest any money to be a highly successful affiliate marketer. You can do this naturally by incorporation affiliate marketing right into your lifestyle. I can show you how. 

I can teach you how to be a LIFESTYLE AFFILIATE MARKETER


Does any of this sound like you?..

  • You have a business and customers and would love an additional income stream, to suppliment that.
  • You'd like to create products of your own at some point, but first would love to find out what sells.
  • You love telling your peeps about great products, programs and services you find valuable.
  • You're interested in working smarter, not harder and having more time freedom to do life stuff.

    If the answer is YES to any of those questions I do believe you're going to want to learn more about this...

Introducing Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer

Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer is what I’m calling a Living Program. I’m determined to bring as many people into the true Laptop Lifestyle as possible and I believe the benefits of affiliate marketing have been a major factor in helping me get where I am today. 

I will pass that information on to you and I don’t want to do it just one time. I am dedicating this course to that mission. Expect it to be around for a good, long while and for it to be constantly growing, updating, improving. 

That said, right now I’m excited to deliver you a powerful program to get you affiliate marketing results!

Here’s what you get:

Four Modules of Affiliate Marketing Training in Short, Easy to Consume Video format. These videos will be transcribed, if you prefer to read and be accompanied by checklists, workbooks & other downloads as fit the lesson at the time. These modules will be released starting on July 9th, one module per week. 

Private Group for Quick, Never-Get-Stuck help on an ongoing basis. As I said this program is “living” and our group is very much the root of that life. You’ll want to join up, become part of a community of affiliate marketers and get the support, advice and feedback you need. I will personally be very present and active to help you when you need it. 


Module 1: Incorporating Natural Affiliate Offers

Module Objective: Let’s be very clear: This program is for those who want to incorporate affiliate marketing INTO their existing business. If you’re looking to build a business as an affiliate marketer only, this course isn’t for you. In this module you will learn to add offerings into your business in a natural and very authentic way that helps your people. We always focus on helping and providing great value. By the end of this module you will have offers incorporated into what you do so that as you go about your regular business activities you will start generating affiliate income on top of your regular business income. 

Steps for this Module:

Step 1: Inventory Your Offers (free, paid & unexpected)

You may not realize how many things you can incorporate into your business right now and what you are already recommending in one way or another. In this step we’ll take inventory and figure out the best offers for your people and for you to promote for profits. 

Step 2: Find Natural Fit Programs

In this step we’ll work through the methods for finding great programs for your people. You’ll have a goal to find 5-10 programs and create your easy to reference affiliate link for those programs in this step. 

Step 3: Incorporate Affiliate Links into Offers

Many people find affiliate marketing to be just one more thing to do on their already full to-do list and so it never gets done. With this step we are going to discuss and take action on many of the easy ways to incorporate your affiliate marketing right into the routines, habits and activities you already do… making it so much easier to get done and earning you extra income. 

Step 4: Promote Your Offers

An often forgotten step is to get eyeballs on the offer. In this module we will work through a minimum of three ways to promote your offers fast, many are so helpful to your peeps they will THANK YOU for getting their eyeballs on that offer. 

End Goal:

By the end of this module you will have affiliate offers injected into your business, your offers and your marketing in such a way that your people will be thanking you for helping them further, for going a step beyond just the offer you sold to them. By the end of this module by goal for you is to be a natural affiliate marketer. 

Module 2: Affiliate Content Marketing

Module Objective: In this module we are going to pick ONE program to promote and dive deep into being a content marketer for this specific product. By the end of this module you will have a repeatable process that you can do for ANY worth offer so that it’s not a one hit wonder for you, but a long-term profit stream. 

Steps for this Module:

Step 1: Choose a Worthy Program

Not every program is going to be worth spending time doing content marketing for. In this step we are going to work through a checklist that makes it easy to determine the kind of program you want to promote long-term for ongoing affiliate commissions. 

Step 2: Write a Product Review

You’ll be given a product review template to use as a guide to complete a product review. You’ll publish this review on your website, link to it in relevant content and use it as an ongoing tool to help your people make the buying decision. 

Step 3: Create a Case Study

On the checklist mentioned in step 1 one of the requirements is that you be a customer of the product you are devoting your time to creating content marketing for. This being the case you can create a case study of your own experiences and results with this product. If you don’t have results yet, then your case study STARTS in this step. You’ll see examples of how to do this. 

Step 4: Promote Your Content

I’ve created a process that I call my Blog Push Process and in this step I’ll give you the full process. This is how you make your content go further and in this step you’ll set up your own custom push process for your business.

Step 5: Advanced Affiliate Content Ideas

There are some things I’ve done with content that have pushed me over the top when it comes to making sales in affiliate marketing and even winning affiliate contests. You’ll learn these strategies and pick one or two to integrate into your own content strategy. 

End Goal:

By the end of this module you will have a content campaign dedicated to a great affiliate program that you can partner with for long-term profits. You’ll also have a repeatable process you can do in the future to have multiple streams of affiliate content income working for you. 

Module 3: Win Affiliate Contests

Module Objective: In this module we have a simple objective and that is to WIN any affiliate contest you intend to participate in. Keep in mind you can’t control the outcome but you CAN control the input and that is what we’ll do here. Whether you win or not is going to pale in comparison to having a winning strategy you can use time and again. 

Steps for this Module:

Step 1: Gather Everything You’ve Got

By the time you enter an affiliate contest you’re more than likely to have already promoted the product or company. If you haven’t, you can still go into gathering mode. 

Step 2: Add Bonuses

Bonuses do not have to be boring or look like everyone else’s. In this step we’re going to use a list of standard bonuses that are great and you should use because they work and then we’re going to talk unique and original bonuses that might just get your people to JUMP on an offer like never before because there’s so much value added. 

Step 3: Create Your Own Content

Most people think the offer is the offer. In this step, you’re going to find ways to add to the offer like you never have before, making it even more valuable for your people and more likely they’re going to want to buy. 

Step 4: Promote The Offer

So many people underpromote offers. In this step we are going to get into just what’s required for a campaign to be a success. We’re also going to talk about how to recognize the signs that your audience may not be responding and you should stop and when you just haven’t given enough or the right info and you should keep going.

Step 5: Leverage Your Status as an Affiliate Leader

When you start getting on leaderboards for affiliate contests there are certain things you could do to leverage that status. In this step we’ll run through those things and make sure you do them so that your efforts get maximized. 

End Goal:

By the end of this module you will be confident you can win affiliate contests and you will have the opportunity to participate in my own mini monthly affiliate contest for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. By the end of this module you will know that getting on leaderboards, winning extra income and getting top recognition are great and nice, but helping your people in bigger ways is what really matters and gets your the other stuff by default. 😉 

I have been creating training programs and courses since 2008 and never has it been so important for people to get hands-on help and support. That’s why you’ll find me in the group support me, you’ll know I’m listening as I add to the program with the kind of information you NEED because I’m paying attention. 

My goal is to see you posting in the group about the results you’re getting, the income you’re generating and the FREEDOM you are creating by earning affiliate commissions. 

We’re going to create fun goals too! I’m going to challenge you to earn a certain amount each month as an affiliate and when you do you’ll be so proud of yourself you’ll be motivated to do more and more. This is going to just rock and I can’t wait to welcome you in! 

My Personal Experience With Affiliate Marketing...

It’s important to me that you know that I only ever teach from personal experience. If I haven’t had significant and useful results for something then I’m not going to teach it to you. I believe it’s irresponsible of me to try to guide you to some place I’ve never been! 

I’ve actually been teaching affiliate marketing since 2009, when I created my first course. I’ve been affiliate marketing since about 2004 and I started my own affiliate program sometime around 2008. I’m not new to this method and I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars as an affiliate marketer. On any given month I make between $500-$1500 in affiliate commissions. It’s not my main focus as an income source but it’s a great suppliment income. 

When I had my daughter in 2014 I leaned heavy into affiliate marketing as well, because I had no time to create or maintain my own products. 


Become a Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer

You have two purchase options. If you become a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club from now until July 9th you’ll get this program as a free bonus! 

Or you can choose to purchase the program for a one-time payment of $97, no membership or other fees involved. That’s early-bird pricing, meaning you’ll get your training and downloads when we launch on July 9th.

Get Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer

$ 147
One Time Payment
  • On-Demand Modules with Videos & PDF Workbooks
  • Supportive Course Group to Get Answers Fast
  • Living Course Updates. More added & you never pay more.

Money-Back Happiness Guarantee

Affiliate marketing works! I'd like the chance to prove it to you if you're a little skeptical. So here's my guarantee: If you decide joining the club is not for you and you decide to buy this program with the one time payment here's what I'll offer you: Do the work (so, follow the steps) and if you're not happy with the training and the results then simply contact me for a full refund (guarantee on the one-time payment option).

Affiliate marketing is a skill you want in your back pocket. It’s the thing that helped me when I had my daughter and I needed to sometimes generate an income in a week that I had thirty MINUTES to work. I’d do affiliate marketing because I couldn’t create products, do services or do much of ANYTHING else. Those affiliate payments added up! 

I’ve used affiliate marketing for years and years now and it never fails to be a valuable part of my arsenal, to pull out as needed. Plus… passive income! How can you beat that? How can you beat waking up with more money in your PayPal account than you had when you went to sleep? It doesn’t get old, let me tell you that. 

I can’t wait to teach you ALL I KNOW about creating an affiliate income for your business. This is going to be Epic. 😉 

To your affiliate marketing success!

Angela Wills

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