Isn't it Time to Push Your Comfort Zone, 
Get Reliable Accountability, Training, Community
 & Valuable Advice to Grow Your Business?

Let’s Explore if the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is THE PLACE Help
Take Things to a Whole New Level in 2018


As you grow your business you’re going to experience the same issues we all face…It starts with the challenges of figuring out how to build an audience who cares about your message.

It moves to gaining the confidence to market your business regularly.Then it gets complicated with the need to create systems, hire contractors, avoid distractions ( just do the work ), maximize your conversions, provide great customer service and more!

After more than ten years running an online business from home full-time I get it. I’m Angela Wills, the founder and owner of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. It’s great to “meet” you!

Introducing The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

Let’s not waste any time here. I’ll just straight out say it: I want you in my club.I want you to experience what it’s like to never feel lonely while working in an isolating kind of industry.I want you to know the kind of support you’ll experience when a community comes together to grow together. I want you to benefit from the dozens of years of knowledge and learning of myself and other awesome members. 

You are NOT just a number of an income to me. You are so valued, honored and appreciated as a member of my club. I experience the freedom of doing what I want and being with who I want on a day to day basis and I want that (desperately) for every single one of my club members!

We are focused on serving through incredible businesses that make a difference in the world. I know you’re going to love it on the inside…

They Come for the Training,
They Stay for the Community

I’m a believer in community and learning from the experiences of others.

I got my start online as a major participant of a small community of moms who were looking to create businesses online for themselves, back in the days when people were telling us we were CRAZY to think we could make money online!

Times sure have changed, but one thing has not… business is better, grows faster and is so much more fun when you have people who UNDERSTAND you by your side.

What I believe is that there are a few things you just can’t do for yourself, or by yourself, that you can get from a community.

Accountability to Get From Doing to Done!

When you have people to TELL your goals to it's been proven you are much more likely to actually get them done.

Just thinking in your head you're going to work on that salespage versus telling the group you'll get it done by MONDAY is a major shift in accountability.

We offer that in the club through a daily accountability post, our weekly meetings AND an invitation to post anything you want about your business anytime you feel the need to.

Provides You Training & Tools to Succeed

I'm getting a member's library ready for you. It's going to be pretty darn epic if I do say so myself. As I do, I'll update this page with more details but for now know that when you join you'll be getting the training you need to complete each challenge FAST. You're also going to get private label rights to each monthly challenge. What does that mean? It means you can take these challenges, turn around and SELL them and earn your price of membership back.

Pushes Out of Your Comfort Zone to Experience Growth

 - There's nothing worse than being stuck in your own comfort zone, knowing it and knowing you're just not going to do anything about it because you don't feel pushed to. I can't overstate the value of our MONTHLY FAST-ACTION CHALLENGES that give you small wins for big business and BIG pushes out of your comfort zone. You're going to LOVE this part of the club! Oh and guess what? I'll PAY YOU $5 for completing each challenge. Who does that?

Honest Feedback to Spot & Fix Issues Quickly

Have you ever gone and asked a Facebook group or a bunch of friends for feedback on an offer?

It's not likely you're getting real, raw advice because people hate to hurt other people's feelings. But sometimes you get great ideas and it is pretty useful.

In the club you get the BEST of both worlds. I'm not going to "blow flowers up your butt" as my favorite mindset coach Kelly McCausey says. I'm going to give you real advice and members are going to give you really valuable group feedback. Awesome, right?

What Members Have to Say...

Angela, I just wanted to take a minute and say what an awesome job you are doing with the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I belong to several memberships and what you have created here is pretty rare. The challenges are really helpful and so many members are improving their business and their life. You could easily charge more for membership and be totally justified!
Glenette Goodbread
The 10 day challenge set up exactly what I want to do for my market. My social media images will be easier with the work I quickly put in during the challenge and I created a couple of different templates so things look a little different even if I don’t use a photo as a background. NO JOKE, this quick 10 day challenge has been a game changer and I’m super excited. Thank you for sharing Angela!
Val Selby
I joined the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club in 2017. The Challenges that Angela teaches every month have been stellar! I have stretched my comfort zone into many new dimensions over the months and not in a painful way! The challenges have small bite-size tasks that help move your business forward. They are just the right length so you're not getting bored or feeling guilty about getting behind--there's catch up time built in. And there is PLR license to re-use these challenges in your own community that you're building! Angela gives great value every month. The community is supportive and helpful--even for a newbie like me. 5 star rating from me. You'll be happy you joined this club! 
Melissa Brown, MD

Who Am I To Lead You to Your Laptop Lifestyle?

It’s always hard to decide what to put in these “about me” sections but if you read no further than this first paragraph here’s what I’d want you to know: I’m a mom of two who built a successful, full-time, online business because I just wanted to be able to do things like attend my son’s first Christmas concert and not have to ask a single person for permission.

In 2007 I quit my a dead-end, afternoon-shift factory job to work from home as a Virtual Assistant. After creating my new lifestyle I quickly become overwhelmed, overworked, burnt-out and ready to go BACK to work! I decided to start over, charge what I was worth and pursue COMPLETE and TOTAL LIFESTYLE FREEDOM.

I’ve got almost twenty years experience in online marketing and creation. I’ve built websites from scratch, managed large affiliate programs, created dozens upon dozens of courses, products & programs, written thousands of marketing messages from emails to blog posts to social media and more. I’ve made a full-time income on part-time hours as I’ve raised my now four year old daughter and teen son.

I’m so happy to say I haven’t had a regular Virtual Assistant client since 2012. I live a complete Laptop Lifestyle. My time is my own and I require no one’s permission to do what I will. 

I WISH and WANT this for every one of my clients and have dedicated my business to this purpose!

Isn’t It Time to Join The Club?

The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is a vehicle to create your dreams. We are focused on action and results. Not just ANY action or ANY results, though! We are focused on the results that create complete and total lifestyle freedom. 

Here’s What You Get:

  • NEW Laptop Lifestyle Challenge Each Month – Each month you’ll receive access to a new fast-results challenge based on hot topics that will help you create your amazing Laptop Lifestyle. Each challenge has a PURPOSE and an end-goal so that you’re not wasting any time on learning that you’re never going to put to use or remember! The challenge is purposefully designed to be approximately 10-14 days so you can have time to complete it and get results for your business, prep beforehand and have breathing room in between challenges. 
  • Private Label Rights to Each Monthly Challenge – Released about a week after each challenge ends, you’ll get private label rights to the same challenge you’ve just participated in. This makes the PLR very unique! It’s proven and you’ll have experienced it yourself, making it much EASIER for you to sell it. 
  • Support, Encouragement & Training Every Week – Topic-based training, occasional guest speakers, hot seats and more. You’ll never feel like you’re building this thing alone when you join our friendly and motivating sessions. 
  • Laptop Lifestyle Business Club Community – We are dreamers who are doers. We are an active community who share our successes, challenges and action-plans! We have weekly accountability and a great group of action-takers waiting to connect with you. 

You can cancel anytime, however I’m positive that once you try our programs and our community you’ll see the value far outweighs the price!

I can’t wait to welcome you on board!

Join The Club. Here is What You Can Expect...

Hurray, I can’t wait to welcome you!
Here’s What You Get:

  • Monthly Live Challenge Kick-Off
  • 10-Day Challenge Accountability
  • Daily Business Accountability
  • Weekly Club Meetings
  • “Coaching in the Comments” Support
  • Amazing & Active Community
  • Challenge Guide (pdf)
  • Challenge Pre-Recorded Training (mp4)
  • Challenge Content Rights (PLR – various formats)
  • Challenge Instant Download. 
  • NEW! Live Workshop with Challenge & Content Use Training.
  • BONUS! Challenge emails pre-created in ConvertKit, code to copy directly into YOUR CK account. 

$333/ Year


$37/ Month