Case Study: Building an Internet Marketing Sales Funnel

Back in May I had my 10 Year “Quitaversary” celebration. To celebrate ten years of working entirely for myself in online marketing I held a

To celebrate ten years of working entirely for myself in online marketing I held a telesummit. I invited some of my best friends to share their best tips on internet marketing and building an online business. We celebrated the Laptop Lifestyle that is the cornerstone of all I do in my business.

At the same time I was celebrating, I also set up my first real website sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

To put it simply it is an entry point into your email list, via an opt-in form for a free offer or a webinar, that leads to an entry point paid offer. The better the flow from the free offer to the paid, the more likely you are to make sales. 

I knew I wanted to celebrate this ten years of lifestyle business freedom and I wanted to invite others to join me in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

  • I started with the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. It’s $37/month to sign up to my club and I know people need to know me and the value I offer in the club before they’re willing to make that investment, so I needed an “intro” before I made that offer.
  • I decided a small 7 Step Action Plan to Creating a Laptop Lifestyle. It’s only $7 and I thought it would be a great thing to offer those who attended the telesummit and wanted to continue on with me.
  • Then of course there was the Because Life Can’t Wait Telesummit. It was a perfect intro with not just me, with many awesome people making REAL MONEY online and who are well established (many of these ladies over 10 years in online business)!

So those were my three offers. Then of course I had follow-up emails after people joined in the telesummit, telling them about the telesummit itself and then offering them the 7 Step Action Plan.

Have a peek at the whole process…

Here’s the telesummit sign up page. It’s basically a webinar setup with a sign up to join, just there were more webinars to attend:























This is the thank you page after people registered for the telesummit.

You can see they are offered the action plan right on the thank you page:














After people confirm their email they see an invite to join my group, which is actually where I hosted the sessions on Facebook Live:













Then, they’d get a series of email messages about the event and following up about the action plan:




























Now you might be wondering where I offered the membership. How did I get new members? Well I only offered the membership to those who bought the action plan and then actually went it to download it! Those were the most pre-qualified people. I offered a discount to the first month of membership right on the download page in the members area:
























The result?

My first funnel was a great success! It worked!

I was soooo pumped and excited to do more. But you know what happened? Life. Business.

I haven’t created another one since May and that just won’t do!

Now you might be thinking… “Well that’s great Angela, but I don’t know where to start! I don’t know what tools to use, how to set one up, how it would go together…”


Well if you want to know how to set up your own webinar funnel I am excited to tell you that my friend Cindy Bidar, who is a VERY SMART lady and an Online Business Manager, has created a program to walk you through the entire process, step by step. Here’s a look at HER program… just look at how she’s laid it all out for you. She’s taking you easily through the key sales funnel stages:


















As you can see it’s beautifully laid out and that is going to make it EASY for you to log in, see what you need, get that training and get your funnel DONE.

I interviewed Cindy about her program, you can see the interview here.

If you are super pumped about creating funnels to attract more leads and customers, GO HERE and BUY CINDY’S PROGRAM.

If you’re tired of chasing people down and want to ATTRACT people to you, it’s time to start building funnels.
If you want to LEVERAGE your time and get more results from the same effort, it’s time to start building funnels.
If you’re ready for your IDEAL clients to find you because they consume your stuff, it’s time to start building funnels.

Here’s where to go. Sign up here!






Angela Wills
Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

p.s. I still have ONE spot left for the only way you can get one-on-one coaching with me, Coach in Your Corner! If you think you need some extra hand-holding as you set up your funnel this would be the perfect pairing with Cindy’s Easy-Does-It Funnel Tech program. 😉

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