Monthly Income Report, June 2018 – $5060.48

About The Monthly Income Report:

I’m going to admit it’s been pretty nerve-wracking this month knowing I was going to have to share my results of the month with you. For one, what if this month tanked? Would I really WANT to share that? Would it affect my reputation as someone who knows what they’re doing? Would you be demotivated by it? Would I?

But it didn’t tank. It wasn’t a top month by any means but it wasn’t a bust, either. And even if it had been then I think I’d have been doing you a great service to show you that business cycles up and down and we entrepreneurs are on for a ride! Now there’s stuff to level out the ride and make it less “bumpy” and some of those I’ll share with you today.

I’ve had one big realization  and one big mistake this month:

Big Realization: I target business people. 

I’m not running an online marketing or internet marketing business.
I’m a business leader who helps you effectively market your skills and business talents online.

There’s a BIG difference. Knowing the difference and speaking to you as if you are seeking one type of info over the other is going to REALLY matter as I move forward in my business. I’ll be talking to my perfect-match people when I do this! I think my understanding of this in a very clear way is going to make me a better teacher AND a better marketer. I’m really thrilled for this personal discovery.

Big Mistake: I promoted the wrong thing.

I made the big mistake of promoting a product that just didn’t sit right with me. I ignored the kind of salespage it was because I was very excited and motivated with the idea of taking the product and giving myself a break this summer. I think I wanted it to be true and not only convinced myself that it could but I also convinced some people to jump on board with me. Now I said I hadn’t tried it when I promoted it, but once I DID try it I immediately had to apologize to my list for not checking it out sooner and realizing it was missing pieces, buggy as hell and just didn’t do what it said it would do.  I learned a hard lesson there because I NEVER want to send my people to anything that doesn’t deliver and that doesn’t match the kind of business they’re interested in building.

My goals with this income report would be:

  • To show you the reality of income generating in my world.
  • To let you see and understand how I make money.
  • To give myself a monthly check-in with what worked and what didn’t, something I don’t do right now!
  • To be accountable for my income goals AND motivated to work harder knowing your watching(?), maybe…
  • Show you what kind of expenses a business like mine can run on.
  • Identify some of my important statistics for business growth and what I need to learn from them.

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club June 2018 Monthly Report

Here is what I made and spent in June:

Income Generated & Sources:

$3659.21 – Laptop Lifestyle Business Club – This includes an unlimited membership sign up, monthly members and doesn’t include many yearly memberships that come due at various times throughout the year.

$ 572.72 – One-on-One Coaching – I decided to take on coaching clients again and had two people sign up. Also this includes a payment from an All-Access coaching client who started with me in January.

$ 202.30 – Fast-Action Challenge Sales – I did a sale on the previous club challenges.

$ 97 – Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer – Yes that is one single solitary sale of my new program. I told you I’m opening up. My last program I sold 42 I believe of Natural Email Marketer. There are any number of reasons that the sales on this product were much less than stellar. One big one is I believe I released this too soon after an affiliate marketing program I sold late last year and people do not realize it’s a different program. Another reason I think that really is worth noting is I gave this as a FREE BONUS to club members! I sold a lot of the Natural Email Marketer program to members but this one, I wanted members to have for free.

Affiliate Income & Sources:

$202Coach Glue
$69Piggy Makes Bank
$7.50Createful Journals
$27White Label Perks
$16DFY Templates
$49.25Learn Camtasia
$166.50 – Inbox Boss

I’m looking at the commissions above and trying to remember if I promoted any of these products this month. Other than Inbox Boss I don’t think I did any other promotions and if that’s true then that’s $388.15 in passive income. This is why I teach what I teach with my new program Lifestyle Affiliate Marketer.

Total Income: $5060.48


$2.05 – as3 File Hosting
$4.99 – Boomerang for Gmail
$79 – ConvertKit
$50 – MomWebs Hosting << THE BEST HOST 
$47 – Lifestyle Builders Membership — YES, I’m a member of a club, too 😉
$15 – Zoom
$25 – BeLive – I don’t actually use anymore but I accidentally signed up for a year of monthly payments, which is a weird option I didn’t even realize I was registering for. So I have to keep paying until November.

$495.56 Affiliate Payments to LLBC Affiliates

Total Expenses: $671.60

NET Income: $4388.88



Let’s dig into some metrics! I’m going to put in brackets the previous month’s stats for comparison

    • Laptop Lifestyle Business Club Members: 152  (May – 147)
  • NEW Club Members in May: 19 (May – 9)
  • Total Customers In Amember (includes free & paid members): 5,161 ( May – 5,073)
  • Email Subscribers: 3,412 (May – 3,419)
  • Monthly Unique Website Visitors: 3098 (According to Jetpack)
  • Facebook Page Followers: 822 (May – 809)
  • Free Facebook Group Members: CLOSED IT DOWN (May – 1,124)
  • Instagram Subscribers: 746 (May – 733)
  • Twitter Followers: 3643 (May – 3,633)
  • YouTube Subscribers: 405 (May – 405)
  • Pinterest: 216 Monthly Views, 1 Monthly Engaged

Here are my email stats for June:

I’m showing May’s stats for comparison month over month.

Obviously once you take a look at the list size for May you’ll see that the list is not going in the right direction. I didn’t do ANY list-building efforts last month and it shows. I need to make it a bare minimum of one effort per month and ideally one per week. I would love to be getting a minimum 10 people per day signing up to my list.

Email Sign Ups

Club Members – So membership is up. I got 19 new members into the club in June. Looking back through the sign ups I can see that 13 of those members came in via using a coupon code that either got them 50% or 100% off the first month. While the coupon does seem to boost the sales, I also get a quick 50% attrition rate on these kinds of sign ups. This would be interesting to test because I wonder if I didn’t give out coupon codes if the attrition rate would be lower. I think people are joining for the deal, especially when it’s free, and not intending to stay where as a member committed up front to the full price is probably more likely to stay more long-term.

Email Subscribers – I didn’t do anything in June to build my list, and it shows! The one thing I did do, however, is to send my list to the Beginner Funnel Checklist and that is what I’ve circled there on the email stats chart. I got over 80 people run through my funnel which got me quite a few tripwire sales and then had people moving on to the trial with coupon code.

Social Media – I decided to close my group down on July 4th so I didn’t do much with that in June other than invite members to join the LLBC. It didn’t seem to be a very effective method for gaining new members and for the most part it seemed like just a tiny blip in closing the group, nobody even said goodbye on my goodbye post!

Other social media I’m still working a little on is Instagram (I’m using Lynn Terry’s 10-10-10 method, if you’re interested post in the comments and I’ll explain how that works). I’ve been adding a YouTube video here and there. I’ve been hearing about the effectiveness of Pinterest lately and really would love to start getting traffic from there, too.

June 2018 Monthly Income Summary:

I DID NOT hit my gross income goal this month. My minimum goal is for this year is $100,000 CAD and so that works out to $8333 per month CAD. Converting my income ($5060.48 USD) by today’s exchange just for a rough number I get $6274. So, just shy a couple grand!

Thanks for being curious, for reading all the way to the bottom here and for being a part of my tribe. I appreciate you and wish you the best with your business!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Income Report, June 2018 – $5060.48”

  1. Great update Angela and I think even if you’re a reader this gives a great outline of what one could review in their own business.

    Thanks for the sharing and insight.

    Also curious about the 10 10 10 method for instagram. 🙂

    1. Thanks Renee! I learned it from Lynn Terry who was being interviewed by Alice Seba. I think I saw she’s also teaching this method at Exposure & Profit, too!
      Basically what you do is Follow 10 people per day, Comment on 10 posts per day and Like 10 posts per day. They should all be relevant to your target market and hashtags. Hashtags are a good way to find people who would be your ideal people.

  2. Angela,
    Thanks for your continued transparency. It helps me see what is possible and realistic.
    I plan to implement the 10-10-10 method you mentioned. Seems like a doable plan.
    I’m loving the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. All the materials are great! I learn something new all the time.

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