My imperfect, uncomfortable, challenging life

A little under sixteen years ago I started with a dream.

My son was for months old and all I wanted was to just be there for him. Anytime. Every time.

It motivated me to go after a lifestyle I’d never been introduced to, or known anyone who did.

At the time there was no Facebook as we know it now, the business of social media manager, virtual assistant, online marketing coach, etc, were completely unknown to me.

From there to where I stand today had been a long journey. There is no overnight success right here. But I’m coming up on my biggest year in business and from here I’ll continue to grow.

And you know what? I’ve had plenty of things to work through like I’m sure you do. If I can do this, so can you!

I think one of the most important things actually IS THE STRUGGLE.

I was a single mom living in my parent’s basement apartment and even then I was too comfortable and I didn’t have enough urgency to achieve more. When my parents told me they were moving and I had to move out, that’s when things changed.

Suddenly I had to make things happen… And I did.

In 2012 we bought our first house, me at age 36.
In 2012 I told my last client I was finished working with them, leaving me with total lifestyle freedom.
In 2013 I broke my ankle and didn’t miss a beat in my business.
In 2014 I had a baby (new challenge for sure), worked barely any hours and still made a good living because I had planned ahead, used smart tools and hired smart people (always amazes me).
In 2015 I created the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club to share my lifestyle freedom with others.

Challenges push us, they make us stronger and they make us realize we can do so much more than we thought we could.

If you’re looking to break new barriers in your business but you’re not feeling pushed enough then look for ways to get uncomfortable. You often need to take a risk to get a reward.

And what’s the worst that could happen? You fail? You feel embarassed?

A long time ago someone told me when I was nervous about doing my first speaking gig some years ago that there was no need to be nervous because the audience was ROOTING for me. We often look at our audience as hecklers, meanings, grumpy gusses who are just waiting for us to trip up, to make a mistake. But in reality about 99.9% of the people watching you and paying ANY attention (attention is RARE) are actually hoping you’ll succeed. They’re looking to you for the inspiration and motivation to do it themselves and if you don’t get there on the first try, they’ll understand and they’ll be cheering you on as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.

That’s why I don’t really even call anything I didn’t do right “failure”. As long as I’m trying, I’m succeeding and as long as I keep getting challenged and pushed I keep moving forward. Buying a new home definitely gives you a challenge. Growing your income and needing to pay more income taxes is a challenge. Having a teen about to go to college, another challenge. Working to upgrade to a bigger home, new and awesome challenge.

New challenges push me out of comfort zone and into “how can I do this?” zone. New challenges I keep putting upcoming myself AND ones that come up naturally, they just keep popping up and I keep working away at them. And I love them all!

Getting uncomfortable is a good thing! It generates success, creativity and motivation!
Are you uncomfortable enough?

❤💻 Angela Wills

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  1. Very inspiring, thank you. I am determined to create an online business so I can have the freedom to go see my father, who recently had a stroke, any time I want/need to.

    I need to get used to being uncomfortable. It’s tough, but necessary.

    Thanks for this!


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