Yes the rumours are true… I’m selling lipstick!

I’ve been dying to tell you something!

I just had so many other things to email about and I kept putting it off. Now, I STILL have other stuff to tell you but I can’t hold off any longer, it must be told.

Yep! I’ve Joined a Network Marketing Company Selling Lipstick:

I’m sure you’ve heard of network marketing. Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware. All network marketing kind of businesses. I don’t think I’ve EVER shared anything about network marketing or also known as direct sales before.

It just hasn’t been on my radar lately.

But now.. for sure it is!

You see I was INTRIGUED by this lipstick. It’s called LipSense.

My first look at it was from another online marketer and my mindset coach, Kelly McCausey.

Kelly had a party and she did great! Unfortunately, I couldn’t order as I’m in Canada.

Instead, I bought from a Canadian friend and was immediately amazed at this lipstick.

It does not kiss off, wear off, smudge, smear or bleed. You can wear it ALL DAY. You can swim, shower, brush your teeth, workout, go to the dentist and anything else and it just doesn’t come off.

Talk about solving a MAJOR problem with a very common product!

I could not ignore how lit up the idea of becoming a distributor for this company made me. You see you may not know this but I have a heart for Network Marketing. There are SO MANY things I love about it that it would be hard to list them, but I’ll try:

  • You work with a team (not on your own).
  • You have a product ready to go.
  • You have marketing ready to go.
  • You get to attend conferences, training and events to support your business growth.
  • You can win prizes and trips and cars (I’m aiming for the SeneCar as my first goal).
  • It can be done ALL ONLINE >>> That’s right. No person to person meetings. No parties at people’s houses. No coffee shops and getting stood up! Nope. Instead I’m going the entirely online route through Facebook parties, my own facebook group, emails and more. ALL the stuff I teach at the LLBC.

I joined on June 13th and in just a little over three weeks I’ve had three big orders to place to fullfill the orders I’ve gotten from my original two parties and I have a team member signed up already.

Just look at all the fun I’m having so far!

So what does this mean? Am I going to bombard you with lipstick emails?

No, not at all.

BUT you know me. I share what I’m doing. I share what’s working. I share what I LOVE. That’s what this business is ALL about. That’s what the Laptop Lifestyle is ALL about.

I’m still full force into the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and if anything this new “side hustle” is giving me so much drive and energy for the club I’m excited about where we’re headed with that, too!

I have just today released the Small Wins, Big Business challenge at the club and it is the perfect challenge no matter where you are in business because it includes daily actions that anyone can do. You can see the details on that, here.

As for my LipSense and SeneGence business I also have an INVITATION FOR YOU! If you want to check out this incredible lipstick (it really is a WOW product) and the business opportunity I invite you to connect with me here on my LipSense facebook group and/or reply to this email.

I am actively looking for people to join me in this exciting journey and ride with me this wave of amazing growth the company is having. I can only sell to people in Canada but I can sign up distributors in Canada, the US and even Australia.

Here’s where to go to join my group >>
Boss Mom Lips Facebook Group

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


p.s. The club challenge, Small Wins, Big Business, starts on Monday so if you’re not in the club yet why the heck not?! Now is a GREAT time to join us.
Details on the challenge and to sign up are here.

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