If You Need More Focus… Do This

psssst. If you love me, trust I won’t guide you wrong and you don’t need to read all about WHY you need to avoid distraction and pick focus as your FOCUS then just jump right to signing up for the 30 Day Distraction Challenge here, free!

I don’t know how many times people have said to me that they couldn’t work from home like I do because they’d be too distracted.

Seriously if I had a dime for every time I heard it…

Entrepreneur’s like me don’t have a special skill of focus, at least I don’t. I think there ARE some personalities that do great with it. They are on the ball with these things:

  • Their house is spotless and never a distraction.
  • They spend just the right amount of time chatting on social media.
  • They plan ahead so they know EXACTLY what they’re working on and when.
  • They never binge watch Netflix.
  • They do their self-care, workout and eat right.
  • They only check their email when THEY want to, not when they get a notice of new mail.
  • They pick family over technology and work every single time.

OK… I might be creating the dream entrepreneur here. I’m not sure how many people NEVER struggle with any of these things and I’m not sure how many people just work their ASS off to make them happen. What I do know is I struggle with ALL OF THESE THINGS!

Even as I’m writing this I clicked the email tab because I thought I saw there was a new one. Now it’s closed so you have my full attention 🙂

I am in full-out confessional mode these last few posts and I’ll tell you why:

I have BIG GOALS. My six-figure income is beckoning me! And it’s not going to happen if I just sit back and let these things control my life. And make no mistake, every Facebook notice I check, email I jump for, extra show I watch or workout I skip because other things decide for me is absolutely a loss of control.

On of my values in life is to be IN CONTROL and if you’re still reading I bet it is for you. And it’s necessary, essential if you want to be reaching new levels in your business.

So what needs to happen?

  • Commit to the goal of focus. Commit hard. Be determined. Distractions are EVERYWHERE!
  • Start eliminating anything that doesn’t serve you.
  • Remember WHY this is necessary: If you don’t control your life… it will control you.
  • Hug your family! Hug them hard and believe that you have time to love on them and support them with your business. Never make them feel your business, phone, computer, etc is more important than them!
  • Join the 30 Day Distraction Challenge

My challenge is awesome. It was born out of my own need to get out of distraction and FAST.

I made it 30 days and yes that’s kind of a lot to commit to but it’s NOT because you are really only doing one thing with this challenge >>>> Focusing. Or put other ways: being determined, avoiding unnecessary stuff, putting your blinders on and getting shit done!

I NEED this right now.
I’ve let distractions weave their way far too deep into my life.
I’m committing.

It’s just 30 Days. See you there?

Join here >>> 30 Day Distraction Challenge








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