I wish I could tell you you’ll never want to quit.

I wish I could tell you that living the Laptop Lifestyle was always easy.
I wish I could tell you you’ll never be frustrated.
I wish I could tell you that you’ll never want to quit and go get a JOB, cause that’s easier.
I wish I could tell you that ANYBODY can do it.

But I can’t.

Because I’m not here to lie to you and I detest lying.

Being in business for yourself is not for the weak, or the unwilling to work as hard as it takes, or let’s just say it… the lazy.

BUT… there’s something that happens when you stop WISHING FOR EASY.

Once you truly commit to doing whatever has to be done it gets easier. Because when you stop fighting the pretty natural human instinct to get out of the work then you realize the work CAN BE FUN, it can be SO REWARDING, it can be SO WORTH IT!

But you’ve got to put “easy” out of your head.
You’ve got to commit to this long term instead of just “trying it out”.
You’ve got to be willing to “find a way” instead of saying “I’m not good at this”.

You’ve got to be willing to put the rules you made up in your head about what you can and can’t do and just GO DO THINGS!

YES… you can do this.
You can grow you’ll little income bigger.
You can breakthrough to new levels.
You can keep that growth going.

It’s going to take work. You’re going to need support. You’re going to WANT a community. You’re going to need pushes and prods and accountability.

Not to brag but it’s all in my club. I had it on my HEART to support people in the tough time of working through past easy and then breaking barriers into the total package of living your dream.

I’ve seen members quitting recently, growing their businesses, trying new things and breaking through old mindsets and it’s so inspiring! These members haven’t joined me for a month or two… they have committed to the club like they’ve committed to their business and they’re seeing great results.

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Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills

p.s. Where will you be in one year from now? Still spinning your wheels or announcing to the members of the club that you’ve broken through a major barrier… you choose

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