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Yesterday I announced to you that I’m offering PLR / Resell Rights on my proven, targeted monthly challenges and the feedback has been fantastic!

You see you can now buy my previously created challenge content and sell it as your own. 

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members get my PLR / Resell Rights on challenges completely FREE! My members are thrilled! Here is what they are saying so far:

if you prefer to save money and get MORE than just PLR you can now participate in the challenges live in the membership, get the awesome community in the club AND get a monthly PLR packet to download each and every month of your membership!

Cool beans or what?

Look I’m just a girl running an online business trying to help others do the same. But this… I know it could be pretty damn awesome and I can’t wait to see what members do with this content! 

So I want to HELP YOU use this content and the PLR rights you get to it if you decide to grab it.

How to Run a Group Challenge: 

Step 1: Pick a Topic

Of course you’ll need a topic and this can be a tricky part. It’s important to remember that not everyone is going to want your challenge at the very instance you offer it so you’re going to have to try to be broad enough to catch enough people who will want to participate but specific enough to get people EXCITED about what they need.

I pick topics in a variety of ways:
– Past Success: If there’s a topic I’ve had success with in my own business or life and I can share great insights to, I’ll consider it as a topic.
– Request: Sometimes there’s a topic I’ll requests for over and over again. That’s a sure tell that it could make for a good challenge topic.
– Community Interest: If you’re listening to the people in any community there’s usually something that comes up often. Lately I hear people looking for content around graphics and Canva, so that’s something I’d consider doing a challenge around (and WILL be doing just that in August).

Step 2: Pick a Format

So you’re going to need to decide HOW to deliver your challenge.

Simplicity is always important. Don’t overwhelm people with TOO many ways to consume your products.

In my monthly challenges, here’s my format:

  • Monthly challenge prep-sheet (as appropriate)
  • Monthly challenge action-plan (includes ALL challenge tasks)
  • Daily emails & facebook posts with challenge action tasks
  • Daily video “prompts” – talking head videos to cheer challengers on.
  • Monthly motivational webinar to get people geared up for the challenge!

As I said simplicity is best. You need to make it EASY for people to consume your content. I know not everyone likes being on facebook so I do give the email option BUT my challenges are mailing centered around my facebook group and my monthly membership, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. 

Step 3: Sell or Give Away Your Challenge

Of course you need to get people IN your challenge doors! 

The best way to sell anything is to be a “product of the product” as they say. Is this something YOU believe in? Is it something you can get excited about? Is it something you know will help them? 

Then tell people that! Get excited. Be enthusiastic. Your excitement is the ENERGY around your challenge launch and you need to make it good and high! 

Some challenges are free, some are paid. How you decide to work that out depends on your end goal with the challenge. 

Step 4: Run Your Challenge

If you get steps 1-3 completed successfully you’ll then need to run that challenge. 

Participate yourself if you can, it helps keep people motivated. 

I’ve also found that giving people an incentive really helps. I used to do a random prize draw for my challenges but I find that people are even MORE motivated when they are sure they are going to get a prize. It’s silly almost because the prize is just a $5 Starbucks Gift Card but people will do the tasks just to get that, even when the reward of doing the actual tasks is probably much more valuable to them. It’s how we, as humans, are wired! We want to WIN things and a guaranteed win is pretty awesome.

Am I worried I’ll have to give out too many $5 gift cards? Not at all. I have about 90 people in my membership and if I had to pay a $5 gift card for each one of them I’d be happy to do it because I’d know they are consuming my products and so likely to get results it almost guarantees I’ll have very long-term members! 

The Good NEWS:

If you’re looking at these steps and wishing you could skip a few… good news is you can! 

With my monthly challenge PLR from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership you CAN skip steps one and two! 

Every month I am delivering to my members, for no extra membership cost, the PLR / Resell Rights to the previous month’s challenge. So not only do you get to be a “product of the product”, you also get to avoid doing the writing, you get a proven product and a targeted topic your people will be interested in actually doing. 

You can grab the first month’s package immediately after joining the membership AND you’ll get package number two on August 14th, before your membership will even be set to renew. 

Get It >> Create Your Perfect Opt-in PLR / RESELL RIGHTS

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


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