How to have a business and a life. :)

I hear from customers and clients ALL THE TIME about things in their life that are distracting them, sidetracking them or completely derailing them from running their business.

Things like:

  • death in the family or friends
  • a breakup or divorce
  • an illness or accident
  • loss of a beloved pet
  • ongoing concern or issue (like ADD, etc)
  • moving
  • a new baby or busy family life
  • and on and on…

Now I don’t know what you’re expecting me to say here.

Maybe “suck it up” and “do the work anyway”?

Well… kinda, but not really.

I think these things are very VALID reasons for being pulled away from your business. They are real. They take up real time.

Hell I broke my ankle (bad, bad, badly) and I had a baby with an almost-teen and a hubby who works night shift. I know about life getting in the way. I know it GOOD.

There were some weeks after my little Ella was born that I literally had just 30 MINUTES to work on my business the entire week. That’s 30 minutes out of a possible 10,080 minutes available per week lol! Yes… I can relate I promise you.

What I can say is this:

  • Build a business that can run, even when you can’t be present for it.
  • Build a business you are SO EXCITED about, you’ll find a way to get to it even if it’s ONLY 30 minutes, 15 minutes or 5 minutes.
  • Build a business that brings you so much JOY, that you want to get to it in hard times as a source of happiness, a distraction, a way to keep from going to a dark place.

Let’s talk that dark place comment for a moment…

When I broke my ankle I was held up on the couch for a good 3-6 months. MONTHS. On the couch. Not active (except for physiotherapy). Not seeing people. Not seeing much sunlight. Watching too much Netflix.

Even the most positive of people could get depressed in that kind of situation!

But what did I do?

I worked. And I worked. And I worked.

I got on webinars and shared.

I inspired.

I motivated.

And instead of feeling depressed (for the most part), I felt JOY, HAPPINESS and PRIDE in my ability to continue to do what I could to help others build a lifestyle that would let them do the exact same thing I could do…even from my couch.

It has NOT been easy getting over that break. The physical part was tough, getting the ankle to actually work well action, but the mental part was tough too. The fear of falling again, especially in winter. The coming to terms with the fact that I have an ankle that will never do what it could have done before… it’s broken, it’s pieced back together with a plate and screws.

Sharing my experience and infusing life and business together have absolutely helped me get good with all that! It’s like therapy, that pays me (nice or what)!

So… here’s a secret:

I’m telling you to build a business that gives you rewards like this, that keeps making you money even when you can do something like work only 30 minutes a week, that brings you so much joy.

You might wonder “HOW?” “how?” “Tell me how?!?”…

Three things were major contributors to my success during those times:

  1. Virtual Assistants – I had two incredible VA’s working for me at the time I broke my ankle and then when I had my daughter. I had made plans and set up systems for them to help me keep my membership group running so that my members could pay me month after month as I got through the hardest few months of my life (yes, baby #2 was way harder than baby #1).
  2. Affiliate Marketing – I am an affiliate for some awesome, awesome programs and those companies kept selling stuff while I was busy and I kept earning commissions on people I had already sent to them. I’m actually sharing which companies I work with, why and how I earn the money in my upcoming course Natural Affiliate Marketing.
  3. PLR or Private Label Rights – This is a hidden gem for those of you who don’t know about it! Private label rights content is content that you can buy, edit and USE as your own! You can give it away as list freebies, you can sell it, you can add it to a membership site, you can use it to create a video, or a webinar or a challenge. You can do anything (within the terms) you like with it!

When I had my daughter I used Coach Glue PLR… I’m actually writing up a short report right now that I can’t wait to share with you that details how Coach Glue Saved My Business during that time! I don’t know how I could have possibly kept my membership going and keeping a steady flow of cash coming in if I didn’t have their Teach Your Tribe content just for this purpose! I am now an ALL ACCESS VIP Member because I love, love, love Coach Glue so much.

So you see… life doesn’t have to take you out of the game.

Matter of fact not making money while you’re dealing with difficult times just makes it harder.

I STRONGLY encourage you to wrap your mind around this idea and EMBRACE it with all you’ve got… think about it now as you grow your new business or as you grow your existing profitable business! YOU CAN DO THIS… it’s not just for me, it’s for you if you want it.

Keep checking my emails… I’ll be sharing plenty more on PLR, affiliate marketing and creating a business that is so INFUSED into your life you don’t even think about not doing it, no matter what’s going on!

And in the meantime you should really go check out Coach Glue. The quality of their content is unmatched… I picked the Teach Your Tribe offering because it was so close to what I believe and would write it really felt like I COULD have written it! It’s not just for coaches. This content will work for anyone serving people in business!

You can find it here: Coach Glue Rocks

Let me know if you have any questions. Hit reply! I WILL answer 🙂



p.s. If you want a totally risk-free way to check out Coach Glue grab this free 5 Ways to 10X Your Business training.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something then I earn a commission. It also means I can often get you good deals and it NEVER means you’ll pay any more than you would at the site. Affiliate marketing is pretty cool… learn more here. 😉

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