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Congratulations! You’ve Just Found Hands-On Training ANY Small Business Owner Can Use to go from Graphics DUMMY to Graphics DYNAMO, Guaranteed.

Learn Gimp the Quick & Easy Way…

You might have thought that having a great set of graphics on your website, for your marketing or on your social media accounts was out of your range to create on your own and/or out of your budget. That makes sense if you’re operating on the budget of most small business owners and you don’t have unlimited funds for a graphics person on staff. You probably thought doing it yourself was going to be way to complicated with a high-end program like Photoshop and without a college degree to operate it.

Or maybe you’ve created some graphics already, but want to up your skill level so you can create more professional-looking images and start charging your clients to design graphics, too.

The good news is great graphics are within your reach AND your ability!

You want to know how, right?

With Gimp…

Let Me Introduce You To Gimp,
A Friend to Small Business…

Gimp rivals Photoshop in features, but not in price. Gimp is FREE!

Also known as Open Source, it’s a program you can freely download at Go ahead and grab it right now, open it up and have a peek… I’ll wait…

…   …   …

Oh good, you came back! If you’ve opened up Gimp to check it out you’ll have seen something that *might* look a little intimidating to you. It *might* even be starting to feel like you can’t do this. Well let me right here and now tell you to whip those thoughts right out of your mind!

I’ve been using Gimp since 2006 and I’m no artist! Really, I’m not. I put together that header you see up top there and a bunch of images I’ll be pulling out below here with Gimp and with a few other really good resources. I can teach you how.

Let me repeat: You do NOT need to be an artist to be that hold that Web Graphics DYNAMO position I promised you earlier.

All you need is the right training, the right tools (Gimp, I say 😉 ) and the right motivation.

I can’t give you the motivation but I’m going to assume right now you ARE motivated to enhance your websites, your marketing, your social media profiles and your life with good graphics that sell.

You bring the motivation and I’m going to bring EVERYTHING else you need to be a smart graphics master.

Peek Into The World of GIMP…
It Looks Like This

Hey I know I suggested you go download and install it but for the sake of covering all the basis let me show you a screenshot of Gimp so you can see what I’m talking about here:

Introducing the Graphics Mojo Guided Training Program – You’re Invited!

What It Is: Graphics Mojo Group Coaching Program that teaches you how to use GIMP
When It Is: Your first lesson will be sent to you on Monday after you sign up but this program is setup so you can go at your own pace, on your own time. The email coaching will start immediately and last for four weeks, but the rest of the lessons are there for you indefinitely in the customer area.

Another coaching program… you say? Why, yes it is. BUT… I like to think my coaching programs are different from the rest.

Here’s why:

  • You Get a Weekly Guided Video – Each week you’ll get access to a video guiding you through the learning of the week. This video series is completely unique to this course and can’t be found in the self-study version.
  • You Get a Video Library – While the program itself is just four weeks, the video training library is open to you 24/7/365. You always have access to the training materials to refer back to!
  • You Get Guided Emails – I won’t leave you high and dry to sort through the video library yourself. Each week you’ll get emails that guide you through what you should be learning and the steps to take next.
  • You Get Homework and Feedback – You didn’t think you were getting away without homework, did you? This is the good kind though because you’ll be learning great skills to use to make more money. I will give you weekly feedback via email to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • You Get Lifetime Retakes – I don’t enter into the group coaching arena lightly. I take my commitment to your ongoing skills development seriously and when I commit to doing a group program I want you as a long-time customer. That means you pay once, and retake it again and again and again without cost. All updates and additional training for this course is FREE to you!

Self-Study Video Library Topics Included:

  • Gimp Introduction (5:59)
  • Graphic File Types (3:21)
  • Using Stock Images (3:26)
  • Resizing Images (5:21)
  • Layers Tutorial (4:08)
  • Fonts (3:57)
  • Adding an Image (3:46)
  • Shadows (5:02)
  • Curve Effects (2:37)
  • Blending Images (6:21)
  • Adding Borders (5:06)
  • Cutting Out Images (5:33)
  • Working With PSD Files (5:41)
  • Filter Effects (3:15)
  • Transparent Backgrounds (3:21)
  • Rounding a Header (4:31)


Am I Talking To YOU? Who Are YOU?

Well I figure if you’re still reading to this point you’re probably the right person for this program but let’s clarify who this program is for:

  • Small Business Owners who need website graphics in a hurry, advertising materials or social media graphics.
  • Virtual Assistants who want to add graphics services to their business offering.

Let’s Talk About The Agenda.
Here’s What You’ll Learn, Week by Week:

What Can Gimp Do?
Here Are Graphics Examples:

You can learn to use Gimp to make…

~ Website Banner Ads ~ Website Headers ~
~ Blog Post Images ~ eCovers ~
~ Graphics for Mugs, t-Shirts, etc. ~ Covers for Social Media Sites ~ Sharable Quotes in Graphics ~
~ Fancy Text Graphics ~ Graphics for Your Affiliates ~ Graphics for Fun
~ Cut-Outs of Business Photos to Add to Your Materials
~ and much, much

Why Coach With Angela Wills
– What’s She Got to Offer?

Hey I get it, you might not know me all that well yet or know if what I’m selling is worth your investment of time and money. I know just as much as anyone how important it is to invest in the right programs that help you get results.

That’s why I’d like to share the feedback and results of a few of my past clients, if you don’t mind:

“Helped Me Create This Header”

“Without Angela’s Gimp Graphics Mojo videos it would have taken me much longer to create the header. I probably wouldn’t have attempted to use the program at all!”

Eleisia Whitney

Elesia’s Graphical Creation (Website Header):

“This Course Is Awesome…

“I learned not only how to create my own graphics, but it’s allowed me to add graphic editing and creation to my portfolio.”

Deborah Mitchell

Deborah’s Graphical Creation (Website Header):

“Without Angela’s Course, I Wouldn’t be able to do this!

“I have LOVED Angela’s course on using GIMP! I have used what Anglea taught and am now able to make my cover photos for my business Facebook page. I change my cover page once a month to reflect either our services or the season. These are examples of cover photos I have created. Without Angela’s course, I would not be able to do this! A great, great course!”

Sheri Bruneau |

Sheri’s Graphical Creation (Website Header):

So if you need to know a little more about me (in the photo to the left) an why I teach these things I can tell you this:

I started my first business in 2001 so that I could stay home with my (then) infant son. I built my first business website at that time and I started drawing and crafting my own graphics with MS Paint. I tried a few graphics programs over the years until I settled on Gimp around about 2005 or so.

In 2007 I quit my full-time, afternoon-shift factory job to work from home full time on the internet. I absolutely LOVE teaching others how to use affordable, useful tools to grow a business literally out of thin air and pixels. I never proclaim this is an ‘overnight, get-rich quick, always-glamorous lifestyle’ but I can proudly proclaim it’s worth every bit of effort if you put in the work.

You can create your own graphics to market your business and I’d be honored if you’d choose me to help you learn how…

So You’re Ready to Learn to Make Web Graphics That Impress?

I thought you’d say yes! Let’s break down what you’re getting when you join the Graphics Mojo Group Coaching Program today:

  • BONUS: Four Weeks of Personal Email Coaching. ($125 Value)
  • Weekly Guided Training Video
  • Business Graphics Video Library
  • Email Training Throughout the Course
  • Weekly Homework & Email Feedback From Angela
  • FREE Lifetime Retakes & Updates.
  • BONUS: Ad Starter Templates – Easy starter templates for all ad sizes. ($27 Value)
  • BONUS: 27 Sales Page Scribbles. ($27 Value)
The Price? I won’t make you click the button below to find out the price is just $297 , scratch that, let’s make it only $127! For less than the cost of ONE moderately priced business logo you can be making ALL the graphics you want, without a graphics designer.
If you think this is for you then do yourself a favor and don’t wait. You know what it’s like; you’ll mean to come back but you’ll get busy, move on and then the moment will be gone. I’ve priced this program so that it’s affordable enough that you can manage the cost but value the information enough you’ll take immediate action to get real results. Can’t wait to see you on the other side!Week Long Labor Day Sale! Get this course for just $38 Today ONLY (August 31st). Click the Add to Cart Button to see the discount. No coupon code required.

Click the Add to Cart button to sign up now. 

Note: Customers Login to Order at cart checkout.
(How to pay via credit card.)

NOTE – Please read through the details on this page to be sure this program is for you as there are no refunds available. This is due to the coaching nature of the program. I can’t get back the time I dedicate to this program if you change your mind. I’ve provided plenty of details on this page to help you make the right decision for you and if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me at!

Got Questions?

I’ve been getting a few questions coming in about this course. Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How is this coaching different from the self-study videos at

There is a BIG difference between the self-study videos and the group-coaching program. With the self-study you get ONLY the video library. With the coaching program you get one weekly guided video (released that week), the self-study videos, weekly guided automated emails, weekly homework and personalized email feedback (from me, Angela Wills) AND free lifetime retakes of the live version. At just $127 it’s a steal so you should probably join us now before I raise the price 😉

2. How long will I get access to the course and recordings?

Indefinitely! There is no time limit on your access to the course. It doesn’t end after the four weeks are up and you can get to the materials anytime, 24/7/365.

3. Do you teach us how to incorporate stock images and graphics into our work?

Absolutely! I’m a big fan of using what’s available to make great graphics. This course is not about illustration or graphics artistry. What you’ll learn is how to pull in great stock images and photos to your marketing graphics to create a look without having to be a creative genius (we’ll leave that to the creative geniuses)!

4. I’m interested in doing graphic design as a career. Will your course help me with that goal?

Yes. If you’re new to the world of graphics creation my course will absolutely give you the foundations you’ll need to create good graphics. It’s likely you’ll want to take further learning to dive into the fine details of using Photoshop. I’ve had many of my customers tell me that my simple techniques in Gimp have helped them understand how to do some of the same techniques in Photoshop that they didn’t previously know how to do. Overall you’ll be getting a great jump-start on your graphics career and can absolutely use what you learn to start getting your own clients!