Give your business a BIG BOOST, expose your brand, attract your IDEAL CLIENTS and heck, have some fun doing it, too with this FAST-ACTION CHALLENGE!

Hey there! Angela Wills here from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club...

I take a lot of selfies and candid shots of my life and then I share them in my business.

Recently, I was called out on this practice and invited to be more professional, to hire a professional photographer, get some branding advice and to polish up my look so more people would buy from me.

While the advice was given with nothing but the BEST of intentions, I believe, it was misplaced because the reader didn't really understand that my images and what I choose to share are really, really, REALLY part of my brand.

They're EXACTLY the reason my people follow me, why they love me, why they TRUST me and why they are loyal and even PROTECTIVE of me (like they were when I told them a

When I think of business graphics, branding, fonts, and colors... I want to know what will represent ME best.

​I use stock photos but they're backup to real photos showing REAL things.
I pick great fonts that convey a message.
I choose colors to create a FEELING.

It's all about moving your market, moving your people, moving your TRIBE into taking ACTION. And that's what this next challenge is about.

It's not about learning a new graphics software.
It's not about getting a ten hour course on color matching.
It's not about becoming a graphics designer.

It's about you, a business owner like me, using what you've got (yes even selfies) to create a business graphics BOOST of attention, interest, leads and NEW SALES for your business. You in? Sign up below or keep reading for more juicy details...

INTRODUCING: The Business Graphics BOOST Challenge!

When you login, you'll get immediate access to your Challenge Fast-Action Plan. Then once the challenge starts on Monday you'll receive daily emails with one of the challenge action steps included each day.

Curious what we'll cover in this challenge? Here are the exact activities you'll be doing over the 10-day period:

  • Day 1: Inventory Your Graphics (there's gold in there)
  • Day 2: Gather 20 Images to Represent Your Biz
  • Day 3: Make a Graphic for a Product or Service
  • Day 4: Find ONE Picture That Makes You FEEL Your Brand
  • Day 5: Update a Popular Content Piece With Graphics
  • Day 6: Document Your Entire Day in Images
  • Day 7: Create a CALL-to-Action Graphic
  • Day 8: Take a Few Good Photos of YOU (selfies, pro, whatever)
  • Day 9: Update Your Profile Pics, About, etc.
  • Day 10: Plan Out a Week of Business Graphics


Challenge Prep Sheet

Your "get ready" sheet to tell you what to sign up for, what to have on hand and how to prepare for the challenge so your fresh and ready to go when it starts on Monday!

Fast-Action Plan

Your action plan includes everything to do during the 10-Day Challenge and advice on how to do it quickly:

10 Video Prompts & Transcripts

I've recorded short (1-3 minute), to the point talking-head videos to guide you through the 10 fast-action tasks of each day of the challenge. This is like having someone by your side during the challenge to give you quick tips, motivate and encourage you to get 'er done!

Transcripts available Aug. 28th

Community Support & Encouragement

What can I say? Our community is AMAZING and so supportive of each other. We cheer each other on, encourage, support and help whenever possible. You WANT to do this with others so it's not just another thing you sit and do alone while working online. These challenges are fast-action and easy to implement. They're not meant to take up a lot of your precious time AND they're designed to get you engaging with the community, too. 

If you're still unsure about this challenge and if it's REALLY going to produce results worth spending your precious and limited time on, consider this:

  • Graphics Matter - You have teeny tiny SECONDS to impress upon a new potential customer that you have something valuable to offer them. The images you present now matter more than EVER before. People have just too many options and they are VERY quick to judge. You want them to judge YES. 
  • This is a FAST-ACTION Challenge - Meaning I'm not wasting your time here. I'm not taking up your time with things you may or may not need. I'm telling you something to do and you go do it. You're smart. You'll find a way and it will be a fast and easy way but also a smart and awesome way if I know you ;). 
  • You're Building Business Graphics Habits - The visual portion of online content doesn't come natural to most of us. Even if you LOVE graphics like I do, the internet was first and foremost a written medium and the tools and techniques for creating and using graphics has changed rapidly over the years. In this challenge you're building habits you can use again and again to get your content visually attractive, fast.

Ready to Get a Business Graphics BOOST?

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  • Monthly Challenges for YOU to grow your business, supportive, video prompts, an active community and Angela Wills as the community leader.
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  • August's topic is Business Graphics Boost. Challenge starts Aug. 14th, PLR will be released on Aug.28th

Monthly payment of $37

I'm so excited to offer this to you and can't wait to see you run with it!

Talk soon,
Angela Wills
Laptop Lifestyle Business Club​

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Angela Wills, directly at or instant message me on Facebook.