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I'll gift one lucky person free registration into my program, Natural Email Marketer ($167 Value)... Will it be you?

Email Marketing Course Giveaway Details:

Course Giveaway: Natural Email Marketer Program – Value $167
Dates: From April 11th to April 23rd. Winner Announced April 23rd at 12pm ET via Facebook Live HERE on my page.

How to Win:
There are just a couple of simple steps to enter to be considered for this gift! They are:

    1. Please READ the salespage here <<< Click that link and read the whole page. The reason I ask you to do this is I want to make absolute sure this gift goes to the person who needs it. Make sure you ARE the right person for this email marketing training course. If you are, proceed to step 2.
    2. Comment below and tell me WHY you want to win. I want to hear from you about this, in detail. Comments that are just one sentence will not be accepted as a submission. Give me details and a thoughtful response so I really know this is for you!
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Additional Giveaway Info:

This giveaway is being hosting by the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, and owner Angela Wills. 
Contact Info: Angela Wills. email: 
Eligibility: If you are a small business owner with an email address you are eligible to win.
Prize Awarded: The course will be delivered via various online methods including webinar, a private group, PDF downloads and videos. Willing email will be added to an account at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and course emails will be sent out via email. 
Odds of Winning: Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. Winner chosen by random draw of all entries. 

Important: Add Your Comment Below to be considered.

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35 thoughts on “Giveaway – Natural Email Marketer”

  1. Angela, you always have a way of explaining things so we easily understand. I think we all have these struggles and fears. It’s great to have someone like you to help us walk through the struggles and face our fears. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thanks so much for entering the draw Jeana! And for sure one of my biggest goals is to empower people to run straight through those fears and into the lifestyle they desire. All the best 🙂

  2. Hi Angela,
    I’ve been frustrated for a many years about what to do with all the business cards and contacts I’ve received. And now my husband is collecting cards as well. I have emailed occasionally to my current clients and prospects, but not with consistency of timing or message. Help please. I need to work on organizing the lists, learn how to get permission to add new people to the list (or have them opt-in), and most importantly learn how to craft my message so that it is authentic and effective. I would really love being a part of this Email Marketing Course.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Kathy! Natural Email Marketer is going to be about communicating with a list you’ve built or are going to built. I would absolutely recommend you start using the online methods of list-building that would suit you well if you’re not doing so already. This course isn’t a list-building course, we’ll be covering mostly communicating with your list, but I may have some free blog posts or training on the list-building part if you want to search my blog here: or I can take a look to see what I’ve got. Just let me know!

      All the best. 🙂

  3. I would really love to win this course because where I struggle you seem to flourish! You have a gift for storytelling and staying true to your authentic self. I’m an introvert and when I email I really struggle with the small talk and feel I am bugging them. I need to know how to speak to my list like I am sitting next to them at a coffee shop.

    I’ve learned in other trainings that you shouldn’t email people more than once or twice a month, but I know that isn’t right, because I seem to purchase from those that email me frequently. I think for one I’m seeing them more and two I can relate to what they are saying to me, but where do I begin going from a once or twice a month to doing it every day?

    I would love to pay for the course, but it just isn’t in the budget this month. My husband had been out of work for a year in January and finally got a job this month so we are deep in debt, and the have some big medical issues to deal with in our family. I did just recently join your club and love your challenges! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have products and services to sell, now if I could just get these emails down so I could start bringing in more cash flow!

    1. Shannah, this course is absolutely about that. The struggle not to bug people is very real and I have to tell you I’m the same way! If I thought I was bugging my entire list everytime I emailed I would NOT be motivated to email. But I know that the majority of people on my list LOVE my info and that’s what motivates me to keep doing what I do. If you haven’t watched this video (free), it explains that well and may help you even before the course starts:

      Sorry to hear about the issues and I hope all gets sorted for you all soon! Taking a job while you build a business is never a step back and I’m so glad you’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. BEST! <3 Angela

  4. Hi Angela!
    I have been struggling for a long, long time on how to put things together to be able to start an online business.
    I’ve picked my niche, I have a domain name and I already have a product. But, I am at a loss on how to market my
    product with email marketing and using auto-responders, etc. Truth is, I cancelled an auto-responder subscription
    service because I don’t have a clue on what to write on my emails. I know for a fact that even if you have a great
    product but if you don’t know how to market it, chances are you won’t make a sale. Marketing and sales are very
    important in any business. Though I know its importance, I delay and hesitate to learn email marketing. Aside from
    being an introvert, I am afraid and worry too much about what others would say. I also lack the confidence to reach
    out to people, much more send them emails on a regular basis- they might think I am spamming them. I want to
    know the right things to say in an email so I can share my knowledge and be able to connect to people naturally. I’d
    like to learn how to write emails that give value so my clients/audience can trust me over time and look forward
    to receiving regular emails from me.
    Please consider me for a complimentary access to the Natural Email Marketing course. I believe that the Natural
    Email Marketing course will be able to help me build my first email list and eventually my first online sale.
    Thank you very much for this opportunity!

    1. Chris these are such common concerns! I linked Shannah in the comment above to a video and I’m going to post it for you, too. It tells you why you should email your people without worrying about the ones who don’t like it:

      If you have a product now but no list your first step is to get building. And yes it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s a list of 23 methods I’ve used that could get you started!

      Hope that helps!

  5. I’m a blogger and really want to get my email list going. I switched providers, upgraded my freebie but growth is stagnant. I’m definitely stuck in the one email per week thing. I don’t really know what to write about and I do worry about annoying people. I think this course would be a great help in boosting my emailing efforts!

    1. Hi Marya! Thanks for entering the draw and I’m sorry you didn’t win. I do hope you can join us for the training, if it fits! 🙂

  6. This is exactly what I need. I’m rebuilding my life after an abusive situation and so while my confidence is shot (and I can’t make cold calls comfortably), sending emails seems like a wonderful way to make my pitch. I have a lot of contacts but need to get the right mindset with regards to how to email (I’m one of those – emails once a week are too much) so I’d like to learn how that can work

  7. How kind of you to make this offer!
    My husband and I adopted seven teenagers from poverty backgrounds. They are grown now and I have grandchildren. Though it was a challenging path, it’s worth it to see them have a better life now.
    In my senior years, though it was not my choice, my husband of 31 years left me in a financial destitute situation.
    I had some money from a retirement fund. I decided to pursue internet marketing so with the money I created three websites and created an online writing course, “How to Write for Fun and Profit” and wrote two books. I started to do some email marketing but I got discouraged when so few people actually opened the emails so I gave up email marketing. I did sell some of the writing courses and the ones who completed it, loved it. I wanted to continue with internet marketing, however, I ran out of money. I couldn’t make it so I had to take a job as a substitute teacher.
    Though I enjoy teaching, it’s getting harder and harder with my energy level to work as much as I need to pay my bills. I don’t have the extra money to purchase this course though I would love to. I would love to communicate in a natural way with my list. I believe they would respond to this.
    I’ve invested heavily in fulfilling the dreams of my children and others from poverty backgrounds. I’ve worked a lot with those from poverty to encourage them and help them fulfill their dreams. I also encourage the students to do well and pursue their dreams.
    I wish now someone would invest in my dreams. I would love to help others learn to write well and to fulfill their dreams of writing stories and books. I want to give back even more in helping others. I would love to create more helpful products.
    I love to write and have developed a four-year writing habit of writing daily. As an older person, I have a lot of wisdom to share with others and those in the younger generation. I would love to take that writing habit and help others with my sights, wisdom and life lessons in natural emails.
    I would greatly appreciate your consideration for me to win the free email marketing course. I believe it’s a perfect fit for me. Thank you for this generous offer!

    1. Hi Sharon. So sorry to hear of your troubles and it’s great to hear you’re working on building your new life through supporting others in writing.

      It sounds like you need to start with list-building and that takes some time. Here is my article on 23 List Building & List Engagement Ideas that may help:

      All the best to you and please to invest in your own dreams, too! Believe in you. You can do this. It’s not a short-term process but the long-term rewards are great.

  8. Hey Angela,
    Your sales page has lots of little nuggets in it. I love the sentence about ‘sharing’. I often invest in myself and my business, but right now funds are a bit stretched, due to another financial priority. It’s a timing thing. However, I AM aware that this is something I need in my business. I feel if I could get THIS important area handled, the rest of my business would just fall into place and/or at least improve dramatically. E-mail is my business goal focus in May. I’d like to establish some good habits going in… Best wishes for this new program. I know you’ll knock it out of the park!
    Thanks for all you do,

    1. Thanks so much Summer! And just a heads up we are doing a Email List challenge in May in my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. The investment is monthly in the club but not as much as the course. It might be a great fit for you if you can’t do the actual full course right now (and then, the course is an option for later at a 50% discount through a club membership). Just a thought for you! I so appreciate your entry and wish you all the best 🙂

  9. Hi Angela! The timing could be exactly right for me to take this Natural Email Marketer course from you. I have always gained value with other opportunities that I have been involved in with you over these many years. I started online marketing in 2002, and you and I “met” in about 2006 in an online Business Mastermind Forum. My favourite way to stay in touch with my customers is through email, but I am finding that I am creating only one or two emails per month. I used to be much, much better at this, though never daily!! Once a week is the most I have ever done. I feel that I would get tremendous value through your course. What is holding me back? I really don’t know, so I hope that I will gain education and motivation to move me forward. Thanks so much for offering this! Diana

    1. Hi Diana!

      My favorite way to stay in touch is absolutely email marketing, too, then blogging a close second. One or two per month is something we can definitely do better! I’m so glad you see the value in the course and look forward to having you join us 🙂

  10. Hi Angela,
    Your Natural Email Marketer course sounds like it was designed for me and where I’m currently at. I am eager to start ramping up my mailings, and want to have a strategy and process for doing so, one that feels authentic and true to my business vision and mission. I don’t want to feel stuck with what to say each time, and would love to focus on my email marketing so I can figure it out, and get cracking. I know your products are amazing and give huge value, so I would love to learn from you.

    1. Yay! This is just what the course is about!

      Sharon I love your site and especially the About page I was checking out. Looks like you have a good business going and, yes, email marketing is going to help you make that connection more often.

      I’d love to have you in the program.
      Hint: I have added a three-month payment plan.

      No matter what if you haven’t seen it yet (I’ve linked in a bunch of comments), check out this video on why I email every day:

  11. I have my normal job, which has available hundreds of emails, but they have not been well-utilized. And I am starting a side-hustle that will also need to maximize emails that I get. This could be a real breakthrough for me on both fronts!


    1. Thank you so much for entering the draw Marcia! Sorry you didn’t win but we’d love to have you in the program. Just FYI there is a three month payment plan, if that suits you better. If you have any questions or need anything do let me know!

  12. Hi Angela,

    This looks like the sort of course that would really appeal to those of us who like communicating with other people and who are unsure if doing that is compatible with making a living from our email marketing. I think that it is very compelling how you have already walked this walk yourself before teaching it to others. There is a lot of integrity and persuasive power to be had from teaching based on what you yourself actually do.

    I want to learn how to do this better in my own line of work. I want to learn how you think and feel about this in order to post daily to your subscribers. One of the things that I halt on or at least hesitate with is that moment when I think ‘Will anybody really want to read this?’ while I write or as I am about to send.

    I know that the answer is in just doing it and creating that habit one step at a time, and I have not achieved that consistency yet. I’m looking for your wisdom and experience to guide me through the early days when there are not many on my list, and I am writing my heart out at the risk of being pretty much overlooked and ignored.

    I have experienced enough about how you do things to know that you have the perspective that I’m looking to learn from, and I am looking forward to this course and putting it into action.

    Best regards,


    1. Loved to read this Paul! I haven’t checked to see if you’re signed up already, I think you might be, but if you haven’t we would certainly love to have you join us. It sounds like it is definitely a great fit for you. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

      The issue about being boring or having no one read is a concern for many. I’d say you don’t have to be dazzling and many people want someone they can relate to, in the everyday of the thing they’re trying to accomplish! And repetition is actually a really good thing.

      All the best in your email marketing. I’m sure you can bring the value you hope to!

  13. Hi. I’m already one of your email subscribers, and I do find your frequent emails valuable and not annoying. 🙂 I would love to know how you do that!

    I’m just now starting to get serious about building my email list, so this is perfect timing for me. Also, I’m an introvert who hates the thought of bugging people, so this would be the perfect course for me. The thought of sending out one email a week sounds completely frightening to me. I can’t imagine sending out an email per day!

    1. ahhh I love that you told me my emails aren’t annoying!

      I totally get the not wanting to bug people. I am totally the same way and I would not be doing this (emailing so often) if I thought it was the concensus that my emails are a bother.

      If you’d love to join us and you haven’t yet, consider it! I did add a three month payment plan today, too, to make it easier to get started now 🙂

  14. I am re-launching an on-line program and need as much help as I can with marketing. I love how bold you are with emailing and would like to gain the confidence and chutzpah necessary to be as bold as you are with email marketing! I would LOVE to win this course!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for entering the Giveaway and I’m so excited to let you know you WON! I’ll be setting you up with an account via the email you used and adding the course to that account. Congrats!

  15. Why I would love to win. I am 65 and an eternal student. I just retired so looking for something to spend my time and maybe earn a little money or a lot of money. Girls just wanna have fun and that describes me perfectly. I wanna have fun along the way of learning.

    1. Oh gosh I have so much fun I am constantly amazed I call this work! The thing is, too, that I CREATE my own fun… I get to decide what I email, what I write, what I create, who I work with and all of it. All because of, in very large part, email marketing. 65 is a youngin! I hope you’ll join us in the course Alice 🙂

      1. And I do mean that about your age. My husband’s grandmother is 105! You have plenty of time to make a great impact on those who need your message. all the best 🙂

  16. THIS is why I would love to study what you do…
    “I email my list almost every single day of the year *gasp*.
    I promote my business many times per day *gasp, again*.

    My people love me.
    My emails get opened.
    My income grows.”

    I read your emails. I interact with them.

    I’ve bought email courses before, only to be hugely disappointed, because they are formulaic, and the templates were just ugh – very bland, very boring, very “not me”. Let’s say I haven’t implemented them, because I just don’t like them and they don’t speak to me at all. The creative side of me also gets bored with formulas, and feels constrained. Your emails are punchy – they are likeable and yes, they sell. But naturally. So this would be amazing for me. Especially as I am ready to get going with building a list in a serious manner.

    And like a lot of other folks who have commented, I don’t have the funds to buy your course (if I did, I would, willingly). So I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for doing this!

    1. Bland and boring is not my style. I love to bring the creativity, the interest, the out of the ordinary to get people thinking.

      It’s why I have a hard time answering when people try to find out exactly how I do something. I love the creativity of freedom and yet I know it’s time to uplevel to a business model so there’s that struggling.

      In the meantime, I’m creating awesome courses like Natural Email Marketer with the ability to serve you in the way I think is the absolute best.

      If it helps at all Suzanne I did add a payment plan. If not and you want to grab this program down the road it will be around and growing better over time! Cheers 🙂

  17. Hello Angela,

    I’m not much of a small talker. I like to get right to the point. I do have an email list, but they are not very responsive. I have trouble when writing emails for myself a lot of times. I usually just use canned emails from vendors when sending out promotions. So I need to learn how to relax and write better emails that my people respond too, whether it’s a promotional or teaching email. I look forward to learning from you on how to come out of this shell.

    Thanks 🙂

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