Giveaway Event Success

Learn How to Add Hundreds or Even Thousands of
NEW LEADS to Your Business, Fast!

eventsLeads are the lifeblood of ANY business. You need people to be introduced to your product or service in order to grow and make money. You know that. 

The challenge most times is figuring out where these leads are coming from and how to have a good enough stream of leads to keep your income flowing…

The key to having a good source of leads is building an email list:

  • An engaged list is a captive audience who are ready to hear and respond to your offers.
  • An active list can help eliminate the ‘feast or famine’ or ‘roller coaster ride’ that many product-based and service-based businesses experience.
  • Your list is a real business asset that can not be taken away from you, unlike your followers and likes on social media which are at the mercy of the site in question.

Getting yourself in front of your target market and offering them a valuable free product is one of the fastest ways to build your list! There are a few things you should know before you go running off to participate, though, and I’ve compiled them for you in this Giveaway Package.

What you’ll find in this package: 

  • Building Your List With Giveaway Events (PDF)
  • Case Study of Starting from Scratch (PDF)
  • Participating in Giveaway Events – Checklist (PDF)
  • 10 Ways to Find Giveaways (PDF)
  • Growing Resources List of Giveaway Events (PDF that I keep updated)
  • Q&A Recording on Giveaway Events with Examples
  • NEW: Video Review Case Study showing the step by step for entering a giveaway.


It’s time to get the results you really desire from your business and attract the people who want and need what you have to offer. You’ll be able to help more people and you’ll be building an asset that will increase the value of your business many times over.

Customer Feedback:

jenThanks to Angela’s thorough and easy-to-follow report, Giveaway Event Success, I have more than tripled my mailing list!  I had recently purchased and studied the report so when I was invited to participate in a giveaway event I had the confidence to say ‘yes’ right away and know I was doing all the right things to make it a success.

Not only has it helped me grow my own business, I am using this strategy with a client as well.

Jennifer Hazlett
Business Support Specialist
Alternate Admin

Here’s a big tip: Your giveaway offer must be VERY relevant to the products and services you offer in your business. You can’t attract leads with some random, non-relevant gift just to get them in the door and then do a switch-up to sell them something different. Be very purposeful in the offers you make and you’ll attract all the right people who you can serve for years to come.

angelacIf you’re new here and you’ve not met me yet, let me introduce myself. I’m Angela Wills. Since 2006 I’ve worked with online business owners to develop profitable websites and marketing methods.

I LOVE seeing my customers and clients get the results they desire to build the lifestyle they deserve! I’m passionate about helping making it easier for you to use .

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Tammy took my advice on getting her email list setup for the first time and getting her very first subscribers:

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Not to mention Cheryl, Kathy, Mark, Kirsten, Samantha, Vera, Sarah and more all submitted their own giveaway gifts as well.

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p.s. The time to build your email list is NOW. If I could go back in time to bonk 2002 Angela over the head with this kind of info until she gets it I would! Luckily I can’t bonk you through the internet (and I wouldn’t because that’s not OK, lol) but I CAN highly encourage you to take list building seriously. Your business will thank you.

Your business will thank you!