Giveaway Events & Bundle Sales

Giveaway Events

Updated Sept. 2018

December 2017 Giveaways: 

10 Days of Christmas Gifts – Starting Dec. 12th. 10 Day personal development (can relate to business) giveaway. Join free or pay for upgrades to have your gift seen more.

Jan 2018

Self Improvement Giveaway – Great one to get started with. The last time I participated I grew my list by about 180 people for only $27 (that’s the Gold participant option). This is a good starter-style giveaway.

March 2018

Marketing Made Simple Giveaway –  March 5th – 26th. The quality of design is very nice for this giveaway. This is a minimum list size of 5000 and a cost of $150.

May 2018

Done for You Giveaway – This was the most successful giveaway I’ve participated in and the topic of my case study. I added over 800 people to my email list and made well over 10x my investment back.

Mission Profitable Giveaway – This looks like a great giveaway by a really neat lady named Cat Stancik, I love her unique branding! This is a 5,000 list minimum requirement and $150 entry fee type event. No immediate upsells (so none on download pages) but do allow the day after.

MomWebs Business Builders Bundle & Summit – This one includes the opportunity to also be an expert speaker as well as contribute a gift, nice idea!

June 2018

Grow Your List Giveaway – Vrinda Normand host. They suggest you’ll get about 1,000 new subscribers as a participant. You must have a list of at least 5,000 and the cost is $150.

PLRaPalooza – All pre-written content offers which is a really unique kind of event.

August 2018

Get Clients Online Giveaway – I have participated in this one twice and each time got a few hundred new subscribers. Well worth it!

September 2018

One Epic Giveaway – This is only the sign up form for the giveaway as I have no other into. You may want to sign up on the main page and find out what the giveaway is about first!

October 2018

Better Me Gifts Giveaway – This is hosted by the same people who did the Self Improvement Giveaway that I participated in a number of times. You need to send a minimum of 100 people to this one within 12 hours to stay active.

November 2018

Rock Your Revenue Giveaway – Looks like it’s held in November each year. There’s a $150 fee to participate but they say you can gain 1000-2000 new subscribers. That’s a huge ROI if you have any sort of decent funnel in place.

December 2018

Best Year Yet Giveaway – This one is hosted by Jen Dunham, a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and is by private invite only. But it’s a good idea to sign up and check out, make contacts, etc.

BLOGmas Giveaway (link coming soon) – This is a giveaway with a unique twist hosted by (me) Angela Wills. The gifts are on the blogs of contributors along with a valuable blog post.

Entrepreneur City Holiday Extravaganza – Requires a list of 5,000 people. Not one I’ve participated in but it looks like a good one. I like the idea of holiday season giveaways in the spirit of giving!


Paid Bundle Sales

August 2018

BC Stack – Huge bundle stack with over 65 contributors last time it was run. It’s been running for a number of years now and the price in 2018 was $47.

September 2018

Try it Out Bundle – Nice bundle of digital business products mostly. No minimum list size.

October 2018

Great Life & Biz Bundle – Includes business and lifestyle products.

November 2018

Everyone Wins Bundle – This is a unique and awesome bundle with the proceeds going to charty to help children. I love that Melissa has taken this great business concept and applied it to a great cause.