Gift Ideas for Lady Boss Types Like Us…

What should they get for the work at home, boss ladies like us?

I know, I know… the people in our outside world don’t really get the whole online marketing thing! So, they might not know the kind of things you really would love to help you grow your business.

I’ve curated a bunch of things I’d LOVE to own myself and I thought you’d love them, too!

Full disclosure here in that I haven’t tried all of them but all of them I WANT to try and would love to get as Christmas Gifts. I’m especially hoping someone will take the hint and grab me that GORGEOUS boss lady coffee mug.

So… here’s the list, below. But if you’d like to print it out I also made a PDF version. I envision this getting left on the coffee table, the kitchen table with your notes and checkmarks of what you want as a not so subtle HINT HINT to your loved ones about what you’d love for the holidays!

Download the Printable PDF Version Here >>>  Gifts For Lady Boss


USB Neckace:

I’ll feel like a bond girl with a usb hidden in my necklace!

Leather Tote:

This tote is the perfect “office” for the Laptop Lifer! Buy it for me! 😊

A quality leather bag is a great investment because of the durability and strength of leather I bought a cheap bag that fell about within a month or two of buying it. Find yourself a stylish, quality bag for work or play made with full grain leather for the utmost protection of your valuables. I am loving the look of this Florence Tote from MAHI Leather – loved ones can have it personalized with embroidery of your initials in cotton thread (or your own if you’re wanting to treat yourself!)

Boss Lady Travel Mug

I REALLY want this travel mug! It is gorgeous and clearly shows the world who’s the boss…


This is a 16oz insulated travel mug. Shiny Gold Foil Screw on lid with slide closure. Hand written design. PBA, phthalate and lead free. Hand wash.


Um… I need to try these! Do you think of all of your best ideas in the shower? Solution found. 😉

Gorilla Pod Tripod:

I use, love and recommend a flexible tripod like this for photos and videos on the go for the Laptop Lifestyler! I’ve used mine at the beach, at home and on the go.

Amazon Gift Card:

Lots of stuff I could buy for business on here!

Use an Amazon card to buy anything you like on Amazon. Good deal.

Coffee Shop Gift Card:

You could get me a gift card from my favorite coffee shop ’cause you know I love coffee!

_____  StarBucks

_____ Tim Horton’s

_____ Second Cup

_____ Other

Philips Wake Up Light

The darker days and large amount of time inside can be hard on a work at home entrepreneur. I think this light will help me wake up happy 😊

Amazon description says this light is meant to improve sleep, energy and well-being. Clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed. You can also use it as a bedside reading lamp!

White Board Paint:

It would be so cool to paint a wall of my office in white board paint… ideas will be everywhere!

Also at Lowes & Home Depot

Daisy Cakes:

These look like the most delicious cakes on earth and I WANT ONE! (As seen on Shark Tank, a marketer’s TV show ;).

Sticky Notes Set:

I love this sticky notes set for easy business planning. I use the arrows on a printed calendar and color-code different types of projects. Easy to move around as needed.

Magazines Gift Certificate:

Business magazines help me keep relevant and make me a better business owner.

LipSense Long-Lasting Lip Colour

Nothing makes you feel like a Boss Lady more than a gorgeous lip color that does not budge! I’m a LipSense Distributor (full disclosure) and I highly recommend this, of course. I’ve never felt more confident, empowered and put-together as I have since I started wearing this product daily. I can sell to Canadians only but you can find US-based reps all over social media AND if you’re interested in this amazing business opportunity you can actually join my team.

Get LipSense by Private Messaging Me – Join My VIP Group here


Whatever you decide to do with this list I hope you have an amazing and joy-filled holiday season and you keep being the awesome Lady Boss you are!









Notice: You should assume I have a relationship with some or all of the companies referenced above through the gifts. I am recommending some products I’ve used and some I haven’t but all I would love to have. I may be reimbursed through cash or gifts for this post or if and when a sale is made. Regardless of that I want all these gifts and I’m printing out my own gift guide to give my family! You should too 😉

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