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The Kind of Coach You’ll Find in Me…

I’ve been building websites since 1999.

I love saying that. There’s something about knowing that I started just before everyone that the world was gonna crash in Y2K (year 2000) makes it seem pretty cool, at least to me lol.

The truth is I have been around, doing the online business thing, for a very long time.

That first site in 1999 was a “for fun” thing. I made bracelets and necklaces that I sold as a hobby-business and I created my first site for that purpose.

Fast-forward almost twenty years later and the entire online space has changed. So much has changed. But the one thing that has remained the same is if you want to learn how to do something, it’s good to get advice and help from someone who knows how to already.

That first page I built online in 1999 was built because of my first “coach”. My college friend who passed me a sheet of paper she hand wrote some HTML on and said to me “Go to geocities, create a free account and put in this code. Then you’ll have a page on the internet.” What an awesome thing that was!

What I Do For My Coaching Clients:

And now, all these years later, that’s about the basis of what I do as a coach for MY clients.

I share what I know, and what I know works.
I give resources that can make things easier.
I offer tips and tools to get the job done.

And also I listen. With this many years after the goal of creating online I’ve done a lot of different things and it’s a good chance I have experience in some of the things you’re experiencing right now. Some of the most common issues most people building a business lifestyle online experience.

Yesterday I told you about how I transitioned from a services business to an information business. That’s definitely my area of expertise. Here are some of my strongest skills and how I can best serve a coaching client with them:

  • Content that Converts – I know how to write content that reaches hearts. I know how to be open and honest and real. I know that doing so allows people to FEEL what you feel and understand your intention. This creates the kind of trust that allows for money to exchange hands in a completely “feel good” kind of way.
  • Course Creation – I’m a creator. I can create fast and I never let something like “technology” get in my way of the delivery of what I consider to be important material. I ALWAYS find a way. It’s a great skill to have because too often I see people getting tripped up in following the imaginary (YES, they ARE imaginary) “steps” they think have to happen before they can share their message with the world.
  • Community & Connection – The ability to connect come through in my written content, my images, my videos and my products. I think deep down I really am a “people person” who’s just pretty dang comfy at home, where it’s comfy ;). I have the ability to create community in various ways… from my membership to my free social followings to my email list. They know I care and in turn that creates an atmosphere of sharing and openness.

My main sources of income are:

  1. Membership – My Laptop Lifestyle Business Club was created by design to be the stabilizing BASE to my business. I was experiencing far too much “roller coaster” business ups and downs and I didn’t like it. So I resolved to create a membership that gave me recurring income month over month without having to resell that baseline. It has been growing consistently and this year it will continue to do so.
  2. Online Courses – In various formats I’ve been teaching online courses since 2010. When I transitioned out of services was when I experienced the most ups and downs because while courses are GREAT, they do show big spikes and dips because of the launch nature of them (unless you put them in a funnel). So combining this method with a membership method gives me the best of both worlds.
  3. Coaching – This is a small income stream but I add it because this post itself is about my coaching. I don’t coach as a main income source. I coach to keep my finger on the pulse of online business with new and real experiences and I ONLY coach the people who I think are the absolute perfect-match clients for me! I have very picky. 🙂
  4. Affiliate Marketing – I love to share products and programs and software of the things I love. This is a nice additional income to my business. It’s a small amount in comparison to the others but I like that it can grow, it can be pasive and it can even be passive-recurring (best income type ever).

If you’ve been considering me as a coach for YOU, I hope this gives you more insight into how I can help you and where I have the most experience.

I also think you should know I’m a “client lead coach”. I got that term from my own coach, Kelly McCausey, who is the same type of coach. It means that when you show up on a coaching call with me, you tell me what you need. You don’t show up expecting me to have an agenda or some assignments for you. In my opinion that wouldn’t serve you nearly as well as helping YOU be the leader, the thinker, the problem solver for your own business.

What I will do is show up, listen, give you useful and helpful advice, be a sounding board, a brainstorming partner, an accountability person and more.

What’s in My All Access Coaching:

One Year of Personal Coaching With Angela Wills of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.
Here’s What You Get:

  • One FULL YEAR of Personal Daily Coaching from me, Angela Wills (value $397/month)
  • One FULL YEAR of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club membership(value $444/year)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Course Coach group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Blogger group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Email Marketer group coaching program (value $497)
  • Access to the upcoming Natural Affiliate Marketer group coaching program (value $497)

That’s a total value of $7196 if purchased separately (and yes, all of these things ARE available for purchase separately). Your price is only $2997!

Pay that up in full and we’ll be ready to rock and roll for an entire year of personal coaching. There are also two payment plans available; one where you still pay only $2997 with a deposit and another where you will pay more, but we can spread that out over an entire year.

I’m closing up my All Access Coaching Offer on Monday, January 15th.

If you’re interested in coaching with me, get in touch! This is something we need to check out and be sure we’re a good match. I think this post will help but when you do contact me go ahead and tell me about your business and why you think we’d be great to work together. 🙂

Angela Wills, Laptop Lifestyle Business Club










p.s. If the All-Access coaching is out of reach or just not what you need right now, consider joining the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club for about the cost of one month of personal coaching. I’m also closing this deal down on January 15th when I put my full attention and focus on the upcoming Natural Course Creator program (which my All-Access members get free and my club members get at 50% discount!). To join the club for one full year and save $100 until Jan. 15 GO HERE  <<< Use coupon code: JANUARYDEAL

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