Fears in Business Are Normal… how you deal makes all the difference.

You’re good at what you do, really good.

You know you need to promote it.

You know people NEED what you have to offer.

Yet, you have fears…

Fears people will think you’re a fraud.
Fears your product won’t be good enough.
Fears you can’t help people the way you said you can.
Fears someone will ask for a refund, and then someone else will.
Fears nobody will sign up for your email list.
Fears people will be on your email list and then unsubscribe.
Fears writing that ebook will be a waste of time.
Fears you’re not good enough.
Fears you don’t know enough.
Fears your website isn’t ready and people will never come back.
Fears that you have too many fears…

Maybe you don’t have ALL these fears, or all at once, but I bet you have one or two.

And the shocking news is this:

No matter how experienced you are, how many great things you create, how many products you sell, how much you know and how popular you are you’ll still have fears, doubts and worries about whether or not you’re doing your best.

It’s human nature!

Those of us who do stuff don’t have some kind of super-human power to have ZERO fears, ever.

We just feel our fears… and do it anyway.

After a while, you get OK with those fears, and eventually, they get quieter and some DO go away altogether.

I used to fear people thinking me a fraud because I was living in my parent’s basement apartment while I built my business. Looking back on those years I know I was NOT a fraud, at all. I was a single mom who made the choice to build my business instead of work a crappy job that could afford me a crappy apartment. Instead, I took free rent and build an incredible lifestyle that not enough people get to experience! THAT is not a fraud. That is someone willing to sacrifice “the norm” to achieve what something is an impossible dream.

Look the thing about fears is that they are ALWAYS ten times worse in your head than they are in actual reality. How many times have all the things you’ve imagined might happen have actually happened? I’m willing to bet: never.

So… forget waiting for your fears to disappear. Fight those fears by staring them in the FACE and doing it anyway!



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