They Say "Practice Makes Perfect".
I Say "Practice Makes Money".

Stop waiting to perfect your emails, start sending them and
start watching more money flow into your business!

Hey there I’m Angela Wills. I love helping business owners make more money using the internet. I love working with business owners with a skill, a passion and a desire for more time freedom!

Email marketing is my superpower & I love sending emails. 

I can write them,. I can send them. I can get people to CLICK. 

If my business success is the is the fire, email marketing is the fuel to that fire. 

That said… Email marketing won’t light ANY fires if you don’t actually get it to work, if you don’t actually get your subscribers to CLICK.

When you get your email marketing and calls to action right a few things will happen:

  • Email marketing will be profitable. I’ve seen far too many peoiple not put the effort into email marketing simple because they don’t really believe it will work for them. When you get this tweak of marketing working for you, your email marketing will be profitable and that won’t be a question anymore so you can move onto building and growing and profiting more. 
  • You’ll understand your people better. As you start to focus on offers, you’ll start to learn more and more about your people and what they want. Sometimes you’ll hear nothing back from an offer, and you’ll learn something. Other times an offer you didn’t even expect will blow up, and you’ll learn something else. Offering people to CLICK is just as much an experiment in results as it is an effort of marketing. 
  • People will open your emails more often. One of the biggest LIES I see those who create content tell you is that you can’t sell to much because you have to give value FIRST. Well do you walk into the grocery store and all the food is HIDDEN because they’re afraid to sell you something to nourish your body? Instead they tell you about nutrition and recipes? NO, no, no. If you LEAD with value in your offers, rather than apologize for having to make money people will open your emails full well knowing you’ll be selling and completely OK that you do so! 

I’m so ready this challenge. I know you are working too hard. Isn’t it time to create emails that CLICK?

Introducing the Emails That Click Challenge

You can be the most natural email marketer in the world, you can write GREAT content, you can gain interest and get opens to your emails but if you can’t make them CLICK, your email marketing is for nothing. 

The emails that click challenge is exactly what you want to do to start turning your email list into a highly valuable business asset (ie. You make money with it!).a

This challenge was original done as a group with the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club but since we’re finished all that I have something pretty damn special: When you complete this challenge, and even as you DO this challenge for 10 days, you can EMAIL ME! Yep, my email address is and I would be literally thrilled if I heard from you as you worked through this challenge on your own and checked in with me as you write 10 emails to your list that could change your business.

I know – bold thing to do, bold thing to say! Here’s the thing. I know the what having a habit of creating emails for your list can do for you because I know what it did for me. If I can support you in creating that habit and chance of business for yourself, I’m more than happy to. 

Here’s what one member of the club said about this challenge:

Curious what’s inside this package? Well, here, have a peek at the full file you’ll get instant access to after making payment:

Here’s a peek at the actual challenge:

Don’t let the brief natural of the actual content fool you! The GOLD in this training is in how short it is to consume and quick it is for you to take action that leads to results. No 100 pages to “make it though” before you feel ready to go. We go now, we learn and earn, we “practice makes money” it ;). 

I’ve been earning my living with email marketing since 2007. Surely that kind of experience is worth it to you! Surely you can see how you can earn tens, hundreds of thousands back on your investment in this method, if you apply it. I can’t wait to hear what you do with it and that you’re emails are getting clicks! 

Buy Emails That CLICK

$ 17 One Time Payment
  • Pre-Recorded Emails That CLICK Prompts (10 mp4 prompts to motivate you with each task)
  • Instant PDF Download
  • Content Rights (PLR) to Challenge. Includes download, 10 video prompts + transcripts, salespage copy, graphics and ecover
  • Little List Big Commissions Case Study! How one client earned $300 from a list of 200 people.