How to write marketing emails that actually work…

I saw this book at the library today:

At first I thought it was cute and funny. But then I though of the saying “it’s funny because it’s true”…

I’ve had conversations with people before who viewed online friends as not quite the same as “real friends”. There’s this thought that if you haven’t met in person or live close, it’s not a “real connection” and can’t be as valuable.

I never understood this. The people I’ve connected with online have read anywhere from minutes to HOURS of content that’s come straight from my brain. They’ve absorbed into their own brains all kinds of thoughts and ideas that they accepted (or rejected) from ME. When compared to in person and how much time I get to really “have the floor” with friends in our busy lives and busy events even if we are together, I’d say my online friends, subscribers and customers might be more real than anything else!

You know me. You’re reading MY words right now. That’s very real and that’s VERY MUCH a real connection.

And here’s what hit me about this whole thing, like slap up side the face “OMG… how did I not realize this?!” hit me…

You could rewrite the title of that book to this: “I love my computer because my customers live in it.”


If you’re struggling to connect, I mean really connect with your audience you have to know that your customers DO NOT live in your computer. You have to treat them as real as real can be! You have to assume they’ve got families and jobs and struggles and moms and dads and all that… and I mean REALLY assume it. Connect with it. Don’t think two dimensional with this… connect AS IS they are as real as your best friend you see every few days (or once a month, whatever).

When I write my marketing, and especially my blog posts or emails, I’m thinking of YOU… the reader… the person who is going to take what I’m saying and see if you can find a use for it in YOUR LIFE… the one you live outside your computer.

I know you’re REAL. You don’t live in my computer.

I think it’s sometimes kind of easy to forget that. No blame here. It happens, it’s common!

So the take away here is this:

Speak to a real person every time you write content. Don’t make it dull and boring. Don’t assume people want an “article” from you. Assume people want to feel a connection with you!

And if you want to learn more about how I do this my email marketing training course, Natural Email Marketer, walks you through how I do this in my business almost every single day. In this training, you’ll learn a strategy for email marketing that includes treating your subscribers just like the people you know in person and making that connection of true value. When you do that, you’ll never hesitate to send a message… you’ll think about the info you have to share with your peeps, and you’ll be ready and totally excited to send it to them.

That’s the power of being a natural email marketer. I hope you’ll join us.

Talk soon. I’d love to hear what you think of this message today… am I off base? Totally dead on? Let me know!

Angela Wills

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2 thoughts on “How to write marketing emails that actually work…”

    1. Thanks Bo! So happy to hear my tips are helpful. It’s surprising at first to people how often their list will want to hear from them, but the more value you bring the more people are happy to see you show up in their inbox 😉

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