Big Email Marketing Mistake… Please avoid doing this.

One of the biggest problems I see people who are struggling to email their list and get more results is that they are emailing the WRONG people.

Let me explain what I mean:

You will have a variety of people on your list and when you sit down to write, you need to keep in mind the person you’re writing to. This is entirely a MINDSET thing… be clear that you will get a variety of people on your list, with a variety of interests and life situations, even when you do great of target marketing. 

I divide ANY list into three types of people that you COULD be thinking of as you write your message:

1. Your Superfans – These are the people you could literally email ALL DAY LONG and they would LOVE IT because they want to soak up every word you say. They open your emails the moment they see them and read every word. These are the people you can email every single day and they’re very happy. These are also the people who will snap up products and programs from you!

2. Your Fans – These are the people that really like you, want to hear from you but won’t read everything you send the moment you send it. They’ll maybe batch up reading your emails or delete a few, but really enjoy your content and want it. These are the people who would prefer emails 2-3 times per week, but will forgive you if you email daily. These are the people very likely to buy from you.

3. Your Non-Fans – I’m gonna say these people are on your list by chance and they’re not overly a fan, but they stay on your list in hopes they’ll figure out the benefit. They’re not likely to buy from you, EVER, and they’re way more likely to email you that they don’t like something.


The big mistake I see people making is when they sit down to write, they worry about what the non-fans are going to think about the email. They write and email for their Non-Fans instead of for the Super-Fans. 

My advice: Write for and to your Super-Fans!

Now re-read that list up there if you need to and tell me how little sense it makes to write for your non-fans.

What IF you wrote for your superfans.. let’s play it out:

You write for your superfans. They get your emails every day. They buy your stuff. They’re super-happy super-fans! The non-fans, they leave your list.

Problem? Nope. Nope. Nope. All is good in email world.

If you are currently doing this, fix it today and you are sure to improve your marketing immediately!

There’s more where this came from. I’ll love to teach you all I know about successful email marketing and connecting so well with your people it never, ever feels hard or even like work (I feel like I’m writing a friend with some important and helpful info!).

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Talk soon,

Angela Wills, LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club

3 thoughts on “Big Email Marketing Mistake… Please avoid doing this.”

  1. If your non-fans leave your list, then you aren’t emailing them, right? Are you suggesting culling your list of people who haven’t opened an email in a few months? Segmenting your list?
    One problem I’ve seen with using email service stats of opens is that some email programs don’t register an open. Outlook, both the desktop and online versions, are examples. I know this because I’ve received several emails asking me why I’m not opening the marketer’s emails — and I HAVE been reading them — in the preview pane.

    1. But they won’t leave your list if you don’t email every day, because they’re still happy with you if you don’t market “too much” from their perspective. Many marketers are NOT emailing often enough because they’re worried that they have to cater to the real non-fans instead of catering to the super-fans.

      Know what I mean?

      So the non-fans stay, are kinda “BLAH” about what you have to offer, never buy and the super-fans don’t buy either because they’re not hearing your message often enough to get the level of info and excitement about saying YES… I want that!

      Not suggesting anything about culling or opens or any of that… just the total MINDSET piece of the marketing and the marketer. It’s KEY to your success.

      I bet you already have that mindset, Ellen, so it doesn’t come up for you but I’ve talked to sooo many people more worried about the non-fans and their comfort than they are about the super-fans and their needs 😉

      1. And emailing every day is just an example. I don’t insist people have to email daily, I just insist they don’t let the non-fan group dictate how you run your business.

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