Email List Mojo

Don’t Let Your Email List Wither and Die… Build, Nurture and Profit from Email Marketing and You’ll Never Have to Chase Sales Again.


Why Email Marketing:

Many people delay starting an email list because they’ve got fears…

– Fear that the monthly fee of Aweber won’t be worth it if they’ve got a tiny list.
– Fear that once they build a list they’ll have nothing to say.
– Fear they’ll be labeled a sleezy ‘spammer’ and be sent to the internet black hole forever…

What if I told you that I can teach you how to:

  • Get prospects to volunteer their emails & ask you to send them stuff?
  • Be like a magnet to your target market so when you make offers, they actually want to buy what you’re trying to sell!
  • Put email messages on automated sequences & make sales automatically?
  • Use shortcuts to sending email messages that build relationships & make you money?
  • Add hundreds to your email list at a time giving you more opportunities for great profits?

All of this is very possible. I’ve done it. I do it on a regular basis in my own business and I’m spilling all my best techniques and secrets in this training program, Email List Mojo.  I can teach you how to do all these things, too.  Don’t the possibilities greatly outweigh the fears holding you back. Isn’t it time to start thinking about your marketing differently and build one of the biggest and best assets you can have for your business – your email list?

Introducing Email List Mojo – Here’s What You Get:

1. Weekly Training

ecover-elm-trainingI’ve created this program in a format that’s worked very well for my clients.

What you’ll get is weekly training, for four weeks, that will guide you through the entire processes of getting set up with a list, getting new leads to send your messages to, creating your messages and building automated systems into your email marketing.

This training will be delivered through a series of pre-recorded videos, worksheets, checklists and emails straight to your inbox. This training starts the Monday after you sign up.

Let’s look at this week by week:

Module 1 – Setting Up Your Email List:

Your assignment this week is to setup your email list! You’ll get instructions that walk you through what to do to set this up and you’ll be invited to send me a link to your list so I can sign up and give you feedback.

  • Signing up for email software.
  • Choosing your email list type.
  • Understanding how the software works.
  • Setting your list up, checklist.

Module 2 – Creating Your Compelling Offer:

Your assignment this week is to setup an opt-in form on your site and create a compelling offer to get signups.

  • Creating an opt-in form.
  • Designing a compelling offer to get sign-ups.
  • Using a sign-up form to get leads.
  • Creative ways to add lots of new leads.

Module 3 – Writing Emails That Get Results:

Your assignment this week will be to write to your list. Since I’ll be signed up to your list I’ll get your email and give you my feedback.

  • What to write to your list.
  • How to create emails that sell.
  • Email subject line tips.
  • Reusing other content for quick emails.

Module 4 – Marketing Your List:Your assignment this week is to pick a simple or advanced strategy to build your list and go for it! I want you to have signups by the time your done this course.

  • Participating in Giveaways.
  • Teleseminars & Webinars for Email List Building.
  • Using popular blog posts to build your list.
  • Combining email with other marketing methods.

New Videos Being Added October 17th:

  • Build your list by giving away a product to membership site owners.
  • Build your list by hosting a joint venture webinar.
  • Build your list by doing blog giveaways.

Weekly Assignments & Email Feedback

ecover-emailsOne thing you’ll quickly learn about me is that I do not like my customers resting on their laurels and doing NOTHING with the information they buy from me.

I WANT you to take action and succeed and do I everything within my power to help you make that happen. That includes assigning you weekly tasks to complete and then report directly to me (Angela Wills) for feedback.

Yes that’s right! You’ll have no excuses for not moving forward when you complete the tasks and then get advice from someone who’s already making a good living with email marketing.

I’ll guide you in the right direction and help you take fast action. You game? I am!

Hear From My Past Clients & Customers:

Erica-Headshot-BlackBackground-copy-150x150“Angela is truly a Rockstar! coach and teacher!

She makes things so easy and doable and breaks things done so that anyone can follow the steps she gives on whatever she is teaching on.”

Erica Rueschhoff

“I’m blown away by your willingness to over-deliver in your products – and the high quality of information you provide.” Dave Pumfrey

carol-bremner“After taking Angela Will’s email course, I realized there were a lot of Aweber features that I was either not using, or using only a small portion of the potential.
The course gave me the motivation to create more autoresponder messages and to start putting calls to action on my email messages. I think the tip about being able to opt-in to a list from an email was my favourite and is a great promotional tool when marketing offline with flyers, etc.
Thanks, Angela, I learned a lot about email marketing from you and it’s really been helpful to my business!”
Carol Bremner

About Angela Wills, Freedom Lifestyler:

“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.” ― Carrie Jones, Needaweber-251x300

Hey, if you don’t know me yet I’m Angela Wills and I run a successful online business full-time from my home office (or couch, or coffee shop, depending on my mood).

I quit my job in 2007 to work from home full time and have been completely un-employable ever since! I enjoy my freedom far too much to ever let anyone tell me what to do with my days ever again. Over the past six years I have helped thousands of clients and customers use the best tools on the ‘net to grow their businesses.

I love helping others and I’ve been told I have a talent for making things easy to understand. I’ve also achieved some pretty impressive things with email marketing.  Here are some:

  • Built my own list to over 3500 signups.
  • Tweaked a client’s form to increase signups by 500%!
  • Converted up to 40% of visitors into new leads.
  • Added over 600 new leads to my list with a single advertisement.



The two programs I use and love most in the world are Aweber and WordPress. Why? Simple: Without them I would not have the full-time, online business I have today. No I’m not a millionaire (yet), but I run a successful business using ONLY the internet (no networking, no in-person meetings, no hassles!). I get to do what I want to do, pick my ideal clients and run a business that gives me true lifestyle freedom. Without an email program (Aweber) and a website (WordPress) I wouldn’t be where I am today!

These two programs are the perfect combination for a business owner who wants to take full advantage of ease-of-use and online automation. I’d like to be your guide and mentor as you learn how to build your email list and grow your profits at the same time.

Will you accept my offer to teach you? Sign up for the course if you’re ready to get my help!



😀 Yes, Angela! I’m Ready to Skyrocket My Business With Email Marketing…
ecover-elm-fullI’m ready and excited to start profiting from email marketing.I know it’s going to take work, but I’m up for it! I’m completely ready to build a truly successful business and live the freedom lifestyle that comes from building a tribe of loyal email subscribers who respond to my marketing!I understand by ordering below, I’ll receive the following:

  • Weekly Guided Training Videos, Worksheets, Checklists & Guides as Appropriate
  • Email Marketing Video Library
  • Email Training Throughout the Course
  • Weekly Assignments & Personal Email Feedback From Angela (worth more than the cost alone!)
  • 12 months free for all live bonus training and Q&A webinars.


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p.s. How much do you think it’s costing you to not have an email list that is building your business right now – $100, $1000, maybe $5000 or more? I can attribute thousands upon thousands of dollars yearly directly to my email marketing efforts and if you’re not using email to build your business then you are leaking money. Time to sign up now and fix that for good – click here.

p.p.s. I have a reputation for over-delivering in my products, services and coaching. That means I work hard to not only meet but to exceed your expectations of this course. Please read this page carefully and use it to determine if this course is for you. Since I include my own time in this course fee (for a low, low rate I might ad!) and my time can’t be taken back this program has a no-refund policy. If you have any questions  at all after you’ve read this entire page please click on the Contact link at the bottom of this page. I’ll make sure you know everything you need to know to decide this course is for you!