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There is no stretch of the imagination by which you could call me a "Car Person"... but my VW Bettle, that was my baby.It's funny though... you never really NOTICE a car until you have the same one, right?

I never really wanted a "bug" until I wanted a bug so I never paid much attention to them until the day I brought mine home.

Then, suddenly I saw bugs everywhere.

And of course I looked up beetle products, became a VW fangirl and just loved all things VW Beetle related.

 I even blinged up the VW Logo on the back bumper with fake rhinestones...

Ok... "Weird" << is what you might be thinking. "..... I thought I was here to learn about digital vision boards.

"Oh Yep! Yep you are!  And this is entirely related to the point I want to bring home to you right now.

The things you want in life and in business are OUT THERE, right now.  They are driving by you at this very moment... just waiting for you to CALL THEM IN.  

You don't even know it because you haven't created that VISION for yourself.  
You haven't put in your mind's eye what you want for yourself.
You haven't decided that thing you want is actually YOUR thing.

Once you do that... opportunities will just seemingly show up... like Beetles on the highway. They were there all along but until you chose to notice them by creating YOUR VISION, they're going to just blend into the background.

THAT is why you need a vision board and THAT is why I'm going to teach you a quick and easy way to create one using free digital online tools!

By the time you've reviewed this workshop training, you'll have a choice of beautiful templates to choose from, the tools you need at the ready, your questions about vision boards answered and you'll have seen one created EASY and QUICKLY.

You'll be ready to put ALL YOUR OWN VISIONS of 2017 down on digital and then see them throughout the year on your cell phone, your computer or in a big beautiful print-out if you like!

Here are the templates you'll get IMMEDIATE access to:

NOW is the time for that kind of planning. NOW is the time to let yourself want whatever you want. NOW is the time to create a vision board.

And we can do it together! The Vision Board Planning Workshop training is totally free for you to join!

During this pre-recorded workshop we’ll cover what exactly a Vision Board is, why they work, the tools & materials I use to create my Digital Vision Boards and I'll demo creating, too!

Also, when you sign up for this free workshop you'll be given the templates and tools you need to have on hand to create your own.

Here's an example of a Vision Board I created a few years ago. Most of these things have come true!

Here is the one I demo for you on the recording:

We all know how important it is to know you're "WHY"... a Vision Board is a portable version of your why that you can put on your phone screensaver, on your computer desktop, print it out and more!

When you sign up now, you'll receive:

  • Recorded Webinar Workshop: To review right away and at your convenience.
  • Inspiring & Supportive Group: We have a private group where people have shared examples of their own visions boards. You'll find it inspiring! 
  • Three Beautiful Vision Board Templates: Get a quick start with easy to use templates, or create your own! 
  • Vision Board Training: Download an easy to follow pdf training to have for reference.

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