What is Business Lifestyle Freedom Worth to You?

I’ve often thought about what it would take to get me back to a job…

I imagine someone coming up to me and offering a million dollars a YEAR to go back to work, the 9 to 5, and me having ZERO hesitation in saying no.

Then I keep imagining until I hit a point where I’d say yes. I think it’s probably around five million dollars a year. Then I’d work for four or five years, quit and never work again or at least never HAVE TO work again. I can’t imagine not going continuing to help others create FREEDOM in their lives, like I do now.

But then I think… NAW… No money is worth being free to do anything you want, whenever you want to.

In reality I’ll never know what I’d REALLY do. I think it would depend on the job, the offer, the life situation of my family but the one thing I know is that having a freedom of lifestyle is worth so much more than money.

A friend of mine just recently told me something she heard a man in a very poor country say when she asked him if anyone was wealthy there. She said he immediately and ademently said:

“YES! Many people are wealthy! Wealthy in the heart…”

I LOVED that. Because money can absolutely make things easier and you absolutely CAN make that happen in your own business. You can hit your goals, live a great life AND be free. Wealthy in the mind, wealthy in the heart and weathly in the pocket all from running your own business.

Millions of dollars can buy me things.
Freedom gives me so much more than that.

Reality Check: It’s hard. It’s not the easy way out. Being an entrepreneur forces you to develop the kind of strength of mind and body (cause you need to have the energy) that you would never realize in the beginning!

Also let’s talk about freedom because I think it gets misunderstood…

I’m free to choose my work, but I’m not free to ignore the essentials of any business like:

  • Mastering good money management.
  • Marketing my business proudly.
  • Creating tons of content for marketing and for business.
  • Providing GREAT customer service.
  • Putting my ALL into my business and serving my customers in the best way possible.

Those are essential business skills that just go across the board. I think sometimes people think freedom means you get to pick and choose what business methods you can do. But you can’t avoid marketing which is probably the one MOST people try hard to avoid lol.

And I truly believe that if you saw marketing in a different way, a different light, you’d love it.

I truly believe that if you just communicated to your people in a way of service you’d see that they WANT to hear form you and they even WANT you to sell to them!

I truly believe that you could create all the content you could keep up with if you stopped worrying about it being perfect or having perfect grammar and thinking about what the people who are NOT GOING TO BUY FROM YOU are going to think about what you have to say.

Sell to your fans! 
Give them the value you have!
Be in service to your most attentive people! 

My favorite way to do that is by doing THIS. By writing to you. I first write it to my blog, usually, like I’m doing today and then I let that popular up in my email software program, Convertkit and then it gets pushed out to social media and with an automated push notice. It gives me a lot of traction out of one piece of content and it allows me to market my business in a way that’s serving AND selling at the same time.

So here’s the sales part:

I want to teach you how to convert people from email subscribers to buyers. I’ve laid out the things I do to be a total natural at email marketing. I’ve put it into a course and I’ve given ongoing support through a private group.

Here’s what you get with Natural Email Marketer:

1. Guided Training to Get You Motivated, Excited & READY to Email:

Most of what I do has more to do with mindset than it has to do with marketing. In this guided training, which I’ve broken into two parts, you’ll learn both the practical and the emotional steps you’ll need to take to email your list without fail, guilt or apology and get them THANKING YOU for your valuable messages. You will never have to worry about being an “interruption” again.
Just some of the topics we’ll cover on this two session training, include:

  • How often to email your list for Maximum Results and extremely happy readers!
  • My process for choosing an email subject line that gets attention because, if they don’t even open it, they’re not going to buy or get to know you.
  • What you should write about and how to always have a pool of content so you’re never staring at a blank screen thinking you have nothing to say (because there’s ALWAYS something).
  • Why you currently have a hard time writing and how to flip that switch so you write like a natural all the time, every time!
  • How to write your emails so that you actually GET UNSUBSCRIBES and why it’s super important to do so! << Crazy, right?
  • Making it EASY to plan out and write an entire month or more of emails, day by day.
  • How to make sure you’re a blessing to your email subscribers (not a bother) and to ensure you never, ever feel the need to say something silly like: “I’m sorry to email you, but…” ever again!
  • Why I write like I talk and why you should, too (write like YOU talk).
  • What ELSE you can do with your emails… it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) end after just one mailing.

This training is in the customer area and ready to go! I’m also having transcripts created now so that you can easily reference the trainings without needing to rewatch the entire video.

2. Supportive Private Customer Group

It’s almost guaranteed you’ll have questions as we work through the content of this training.
For three months following the training I’ll be personally monitoring a private group where I can offer support and quick advice.
This will help keep you from getting stuck and stalled in your tracks!

You’ll get immediate access to this group and have access until August 1st.

3. Email Marketing Templates, Tools & Resources

Over the years I’ve created a ton of content, email marketing included. I am going to pull out examples from my own marketing and show you what’s work.
I’ll give you templates of all the most common TYPES of emails (and there are a few different types to be aware of), I’ll share with you the tools I use to make the most of my email marketing.
I”ll also give you the inside scoop on all the best resources I use and recommend to get the job done properly.

4. Emails That Click Fast-Action Challenge

 In May I will be releasing the 10-Day, Fast-Action Challenge, Emails That Click.
This challenge will be the perfect compliment to this course as it is the practical application of this training in quick and easy to complete daily tasks that get you on the path to creating a long-term habit of regularly emailing your list AND creating emails that get your readers to take action.

When you sign up for the Natural Email Marketer training, you will automatically get this training as a bonus added to your account when it is ready at the end of May. You’ll also get rights to rebrand this content as your own and use it in your own business to educate and motivate your audience.

I can not wait to share this training with you. Emailing more often can multiply your profits. Emailing BETTER can multiply your profits. Combine these two powerful actions and you’ve got a kicker that can make you a lot more money even if you don’t add a single new person to your email list (though I highly recommend you do that, too, and we’ll talk about that in another training).

I’m so grateful to one of my clients, Val Selby, for sending me this feedback on how my email marketing philosophy has impacted her and her business:


Here’s what this training can do for you:

The more you email, the more money you’re going to make. But feeling forced and pressured to write emails isn’t going to get you better results, you have to be able to do it naturally. When you write emails that feel natural to you, you’re going to experience these benefits:

Your List Will be More Responsive – Creating a connection with your list is tops. They need to know, like and trust you. That won’t happen unless they actually hear from you, regularly.

You Become a Better Writer – The more you write, the better you get at it. When you can write an email every day you’ll get well practiced in creating content that your people want to read.

You Have More Promotion Material – When you write emails often, you can reuse that content in any number of other places. I often start on my blog posts, send it to email, send that out to social media, send it out via push notices and more. One email goes a long way, when you set it up that way (I’ll show you how).

You Earn More Money – If you’re making money now and you double your emails sent it stands to reason that you’ll double your income. Or maybe you’d like to triple? quadruple? You get the picture.

Becoming a great email marketer takes practice and the right mindset. I’ve gathered together the information you need to get on that, ASAP.

Isn’t it time you DID decide your dream of having complete lifestyle freedom IS worth a small ransom and to start doing that one thing you are avoiding right now… MARKETING! Specifically Natural Email Marketing…

Sign up For Natural Email Marketer now and let’s fix that! << Coupon: NATURAL saves $100!
This coupon will expire so do act now.

Angela Wills

Angela Wills, LaptopLifestyleBlogger.com


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  1. Dang! I wish I could join the email marketer training! Next time, for sure. I love your posts. They are very helpful. Thank you!

    Susie Jumper

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