If You’re Tired of Wasting TIME & MONEY on Printed Planners that Don’t Get the Needs of Digital Marketers… KEEP READING!

Introducing the Digital Marketer’s Planner!

The inspiration for this planner came from a very pricey planner made for teachers, I think they call that an Agenda. I looked at the planner and was *THIS CLOSE* to buying it… but some of the sections really didn’t match me as a digital marketer (like the student check-in section).

I didn’t want to spend close to $100 on a planner that I couldn’t fully use. Instead, I took the best parts of that planner and made my own, editable, printable planner.

The Digital Marketer’s Planner is for you if you’re tired of buying planners that you though you’d love, only to find out you can’t use half of it. You can completely customize this planner as it comes in an excel spreadsheet format. You also get a PDF printable if you love them all and have no need for editing.

It includes:

  • Daily Notes & To-Do List Sheet
  • Weekly Agenda
  • Profit & Loss Statement 
  • Profit Planning Spreadsheet
  • Daily Promos & Offers Sheets for 2018 (Month by Month)

It’s quite possible I’ll close down the free offer soon and only make this planner free on certain times of the year so now is the time to snap it up. 

the pages included:

  • Daily Notes & To-Do List Sheet – I really like the divided page for this one and how I can do notes on one side and my to-do list on the other. The notes I use for more details on the things I need to do that day, or things I want to remember about what I’m working on. 

  • Weekly Agenda – The weekly agenda folds out over two pages for a large view of your week. I really love this and was inspired by a teacher’s agenda that I saw to do it like this. This agenda is vertical and by the end of this year I’ll also be adding a horizontal agenda, as well. 

  • Profit & Loss Statement – Tracking your income and expenses is essential to business success. This statement gives you a daily snapshot of what’s going on in your business and allows you to see quickly if you’re on track. 

  • Profit Planning Spreadsheet – I have a process by which I like to “predict” my income based on what I have to sell and how many of those I think I can sell. I’ll tell you more on that soon but for now know that this spreadsheet can be filled in to be your guide to knowing what to promote to get to your income goals. 

  • Daily Promos & Offers Sheets for 2018 (Month by Month) – Every single day I’m marketing my business and/or emailing my list. I use these sheets to plan out all my messages for the entire month. I want to have this in front of me at the beginning of each month so I can plan ahead, work ahead and be smart about my marketing.

I promised you I’d tell you what was in store for the Digital Marketer’s Planner this year. I mentioned up above another form of weekly agenda. I also intend to do a single sheet full-year calendar. The spots to mark in are going to be pretty teeny tiny BUT I really enjoy a full year overview at my fingertips so I’m going to create that and hand it over to you, too.

I’m JUST getting started with this planner and I’d LOVE your input. What would you love to see included? 

Talk soon,

Angela Wills,

p.s. My club, the LLBC, meets every week for a live meeting. We talk about business. We learn. We grow. We share. We get stuff done! You’ll love it.

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