Attract Your PERFECTLY MATCHED Clients & Customers
with this easy to follow, fast-action Challenge!

Hey there! Angela Wills here from the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club...

If you're a coach, an information marketer, virtual assistant or other online professional then you already know how important it is to connect with your target people through email marketing. 

You get it. You probably already have an opt-in offer. 

You also know that one opt-in offer is NEVER enough! We need to be looking for new and exciting ways to attract our perfect clients and customers. 


What if you could speak directly to your perfect customers and clients, and CALL THEM IN to work with you? Yep, you can and it starts with your perfect opt-in offer. Do this wrong and you'll attract the WRONG people, the people you dread working with!

Do it right and you'll find the PERFECT people who you ADORE and love working with!

INTRODUCING: The Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer Challenge!

​Last month I released a challenge to my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members, the "Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer Challenge". For a limited time I'm making this challenge available to purchase at a great price! You can also grab resell rights to this challenge and RUN IT AS YOUR OWN. 

Remember: This is a targeted, proven challenge (my people loved it)!

That means you won't be wasting your time with a product that no one wants. My members took fast-action on this one and got RESULTS.

About this challenge:​

You already know you need to create great offers and you know if you create your PERFECT offer you're going to attract your DREAM CUSTOMERS. I know it, too. πŸ˜‰ ... that's why I sat down and created a challenge you can do NOW, EASILY to get this going! 

The challenge is broken into daily action tasks, ZERO FLUFF. You just follow the steps on the daily and you get closer to attracting the most awesome people you've ever met into your business! Here are the daily tasks you'll be given:

  • Day 1: Understand Your Peeps & What They Need NEXT
  • Day 2: Solve Your Peeps Pressing Needs & Get Them Excited - Decide What's FIRST
  • Day 3: Pick a Perfect Format for Your Fabulous Offer!
  • Day 4: Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer
  • Day 5: Edit Your Perfect Opt-In Offer
  • Day 6: Work Out Delivery of Your Awesome Offer
  • Day 7: Create Profitable Thank You & Confirmation Pages (think Funnel) - examples included
  • Day 8: Easily Create Your Opt-in Page
  • Day 9: Review Your Process from Top to Bottom
  • Day 10: Get Your Process Reviewed (by someone else) From Top to Bottom



Challenge Prep Sheet

Brief, pre-challenge sheet to allow anyone taking the challenge to BE READY for when it starts by having the materials and tools needed. 


Fast-Action Plan

Your action plan includes everything to do during the 10-Day Challenge and advice on how to do it quickly:

"Rah Rah" Webinar Recording

Recording of a live training session for my members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. We talk about why and how to create your perfect opt-in offer and get pumped up to take this challenge and make it awesome. 

10 Video Prompts & Transcripts

I've recorded short (1-3 minute), to the point talking-head videos to guide you through the 10 fast-action tasks of each day of the challenge. This is like having someone by your side during the challenge to give you quick tips, motivate and encourage you to get 'er done! 

10 Challenge Graphics (Included in Private Label/Resell Rights Option)

If you purchase the private label / resell rights license for this training, you'll also receive ten pre-created challenge graphics that you can use in email reminders and/or in a Facebook Challenge group. These are a great way to attract your challenges and help keep them on track! 

Private Label / Resell Rights

  • Challenge Prep Sheet (word & pdf)
  • Fast-Action Plan (word & pdf)
  • "Rah Rah" Webinar Recording (mp4)
  • 10 Video Prompts & Transcripts 
    (mp4 & txt)
  • Rights to SELL the challenge as is or edit it, rebrand it and sell it as your own. 

Buy Now for Only $47

If you're still unsure what having an active, growing and TARGETED email list can do for your business, let me spell it out for you. When you have a list you have:

  • A very valuable asset - Unlike social media followers and likes, an email list CAN NOT be taken away from you. At any moment Facebook could change a rule or Instagram might drop in popularity and suddenly your followers could be gone (this is NOT a scare tactic... it REALLY happens and people lose a ton of money). Your list is not subject to this, ever. The people on your list can opt-out, of course, but the list as a whole is an asset that isn't at the whim of anyone, it's yours. 
  • An instantaneous way to sell your stuff - There's no waiting for someone to do you a favor and promote you, no struggling to find customers one by one, no wasting time. You simply have people who are interested in what you have to offer ready to hear from you and a way to instantly connect with them. Do not underestimate the power of that ALONE!
  • Immediate responses - You won't have to wait for search engine traffic to discover you or wait months and wonder if anyone has actually seen your website. You'll know immediately if people are checking out your stuff because you'll be able to look at your email stats. You'll immediately know who's opening, who's clicking and what is getting a response! 
  • Consistent income opportunity - No one loves the roller coaster ride of up and down "entrepreneur income"! With an email list you can create consistency in your income by growing your list, emailing regularly and making great offers. Level out your income, reduce your stress and LOVE your business! 

As I mentioned this is a previously-released challenge that is PROVEN by my awesome members in the club. They took results and made things happen. It also got people ENGAGED. Here is just a (blurred for privacy) snippet of the many conversations that happened in the group around this challenge:

Ready to Boost Business by Growing Email Lists?

Private Label / Resell Rights

  • Challenge Prep Sheet (word & pdf)
  • Fast-Action Plan (word & pdf)
  • "Rah Rah" Webinar Recording (mp4)
  • 10 Video Prompts & Transcripts 
    (mp4 & txt)
    (transcripts coming soon)
  • Rights to SELL the challenge as is or edit it, rebrand it and sell it as your own. 

Buy Now for Only $47

Skip the tough step of figuring out what to sell and save yourself tons of time with this pre-created, done for you challenge!

I'm so excited to offer this to you and can't wait to see how you use it. ​

Talk soon,
Angela Wills

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly at or instant message me on Facebook.