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How to put our more products & free offers, fast.

Even though I choose my own agenda every single day I still have PLENTY to fill my time, I’m sure you do too.

And maybe you’re at a time in your life where you don’t really get to choose. That was the case with me when I had little girl Ella over three years ago. When she was born I KNEW that I was going to be working on a very tight time schedule and so I planned ahead.

One of the best things I did was to use the Teach Your Tribe content to have awesome content delivered to my membership month after month. I knew even if I had the shortest amount of time to customize this content that is was GOOD, very good, and my people would love it.

And they did! Now that I’m back at it, though, I use pre-written content in other ways.

Not too long ago I did a challenge with the Email Follow-Up Planner. I told anyone who bought it that I was doing a Facebook Challenge that they could join in as we ALL worked through the planner together in 7 Days. You can do this too by buying the planner yourself and selling it and offering a free challenge as a bonus! Easy product to deliver to your market. 🙂

I’ve also created bigger products around this content, too. I took the Vision Board Planner here and used it to customize for DIGITAL Vision Boards and I created a webinar and facebook group to go with it. It was a HIT! I had over 500 people register for either the webinar or the recording afterwards and I also have 190 members in my Vision Board Challenge Group on facebook. All of these people continue to hear from me about my business.

They no longer sell the planner I used for that vision board challenge BUT you could use any planner to do this and there are some awesome ones here >>> Awesome Possum Planners

So you see, pre-created content (also known as PLR) can help your business in MANY ways! I love it. I love to use it, recommend it and tell people about how it can be used.

If you’re busy (ha we know you are) then consider using this kind of content to create more, faster. You can shop for a bunch of different, awesome and high-quality content at my friend’s Nicole and Melissa’s site Coach Glue << there.

Oh and one more thing… if your desire for incredible quality pre-written content becomes more like an obsession to get stuff done FAST and have a huge selection of options to sell to your people then you’ll want to consider the All Access VIP membership. I am a member and I do not regret one bit the $997 I spent to have access to everything they offer.

If you have any questions let me know!


xo ♥ Angela Wills