Create Videos for FREE! (or, for less than $20)

I’m about to become one of your favorite peeps. I’m about to show you how to create videos for your business, for free or super cheap.

You can use these videos to upload to Facebook groups and add value (with permission of course), add to YouTube, email to your list or even create your very own information product to SELL! Yep.

I’m about to give you the FAST TRACK to creating an online business and building a true income from home. For real. You could take this information and run with it… You could make hundreds of dollars as a result, or thousands. It is THAT powerful.

I could have easily turned this into a paid coaching program, and one day I just might. But for now you’ve found a golden nugget that will remove all excuses and stopping blocks holding you back from creating your first product, or next.

Ok let’s start with what you can create and why:

Step 1: Teach Something You Know

“The thing you take for granted someone else is praying for.” Author Unknown

You have skills. You know stuff. You do something better than other people.

What is it?

What can you teach and tell or share and provide value with?

The first video program I ever did was on how to create graphics with Gimp. I had been using the program for a few years and I knew how to use it well. It was a great fit for me to teach and the course was a hit immediately.

Teach what you know. Something that people ask you about or have said you do well. You have MANY of these kinds of things you can teach, you just need to start looking. If you need help brainstorming come on by my free Facebook group and let’s chat about it.

If you need ideas on the KINDS of videos you could and should create, check out these five video creation templates. They are on sale for only $7, which is one heck of a deal:

You could use the Video Listicle, Question & Answer and Killer Content video templates to create an information product.

Step 2: Plan Out Your Content

Look, most people think that you have to make this major program for it to be worthwhile. They think it needs to be four or six modules, take weeks of time and be BIG.

That’s not true.

Sit down and think about what you want to teach and what people need to know to learn it well.

One of my teacher friends told me that everything they teach has an “objective”. When you create modules, or sections or however you break up your content, think of your Objective for every single one. You need an overall course objective. For example for me, my first course objective was to “teach basic graphics skills with Gimp” and then one of my videos would have had the object to “teach how to make a curved line”, for example.

Plan out your course by video, by module, and by overall topic and be sure you have an objective for each.

Step 3: Write Your Content, Add it to Powerpoint

Now you can write out your outline in whatever way makes sense to you… actual paper, a Word document, mindmap, etc.

Then, create slides in Powerpoint. Here’s the MAGIC in this entire tutorial:

You can create VIDEO in Powerpoint. Did you know that? I didn’t. I’m not an avid Powerpoint user and so I hadn’t really explored that until a couple of years ago when a friend told me. And in all honesty, I still haven’t used it to create them but my friend Michelle Schoen and her partner Lon Naylor have an entire training program on it here: Killer Powerpoint Videos. I highly recommend you go to them if you want to learn how to convert powerpoint to video!

While you most certainly create your own video for free if you already have powerpoint, I highly recommend you go to them if you want to up your game and learn how to convert powerpoint to video like a master.

If the training isn’t in your budget yet, just go to Google or to YouTube and you’ll find lots of free info on how to do it. Of course Michelle and Lon will save you tons of time with provide tips and an easy to follow flow but don’t let it stop you if you can’t grab it right of the bat. Matter of fact use it as a motivator to go ahead and create your first income from the free method and then decide if you’d like to invest that income into further training to up your Powerpoint to video game. 😉

I’m going to start using more powerpoint for my own training as I’m craving that polished look and a more structured learning than I’ve done in the past. So when I came across these Powerpoint Templates in my inbox the other day I had to snap them up: Powerpoint Slide Templates << click on “Browse” to see them.

OH and I almost forgot! If you don’t have Powerpoint and are not ready to invest in the full program, you can grab it on a monthly basis (so even just a month or two could do) for only $10/month. Just whip up as many videos as you can in that time and then cancel until you buy the full program (better deal).

Step 4: Get Your Videos to The People! 😉

Now, of course, you should not stop at the creation part, that’s JUST the beginning.

Next you need to go ahead and push that content out.

Whether it’s free content or paid you’re going to need to do the marketing part.

Some suggestions for you…

  • Post to YouTube (yes, still a great place to get exposure).
  • Upload to Facebook.
  • Send to your email list.
  • Offer as a bonus to a colleague for their membership, list, facebook page, etc.
  • Use a free video as an opt-in for your email list.

By the way, if you’re struggling with ideas on HOW to market your free or paid videos, I can help you with that! Join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and we’ll talk strategy.

You’ll be challenged.
You’ll be held accountable.
You’ll learn.
You’ll build relationships.
You’ll be THRILLED with the value!

See you in there 😉









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