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From: Angela Wills
Subject: Learn How to Multiply Your Business With Group Coaching Programs

Releasing a first or new product can be intimidating. You want to make sure it’s good so you hold off, then you hold off a little more, then before you know it months or even YEARS have gone by and it’s still not out there.

Do you know you’re depriving the world of your own special skills by NOT releasing your product or training program? I know it’s tough to pull all the pieces together and create a product you are truly proud to release. Just realize that you ARE depriving people of learning from you and improving their own lives because you’re delaying your product release.

It’s time to get on that. It’s time to get your product out to the world, profit from it and most importantly help others!

How to Create Your Signature Program!

I’ve got some special skills myself. I’ve been told time and again that I’m a great teacher and I make it EASY for people to understand complicated marketing methods or processes.

That’s why I release and run coaching programs on a regular basis.

My business model for these programs includes (or included); self-study training and personalized support. The training can take various formats including emails, ebooks, audios, videos and resources. The personalized support takes various formats including email coaching, group webinar coaching, one on one coaching, skype and facebook coaching.

It’s an important combination of training and support that make people willing to pay for this type of program.

Over the years I’ve developed a method that I know works for these programs. I’ve created a system that allows me to:


  • Create new programs fast.
  • Sell my programs before they’ve even been created.
  • Use automation to make it personal and value-packed.
  • Create a program that people WANT and contains the information they’re asking for.
  • Give personalized attention to those who need it without taking up all my own free time
  • There’s so much more to it and I’d like to teach you how to do this too if you’re ready to learn! More importantly I’d like to teach you if you’re ready to start your own coaching programs that allow your customers to get exactly what they need while allowing you to continue to have true business freedom. Instead of eating all your time up with one-on-one clients, you’ll get true leverage by teaching larger groups of people. This allows you to earn more money AND get your message out to more people. The more people who hear your message, the greater impact you can have!


    About Coaching Program Mojo

    I’m so excited to share the information in this program with you. I’m designing a course that allows you to take action immediate and start selling your own coaching and training programs. My unique method of combining information products, group coaching and individual coaching gives customers a complete package they gladly pay good money for. People are starving for personal attention in this very impersonal online world! I’ll teach you, in this course, how to deliver an amazing program your customers will want to rave about.

    Here’s What You’ll Achieve As You Complete Each Program Module:

    Module 1: Create Your Course Outline

    I see so many people get super STUCK around what to teach in their program. I’m going to show you how I spend about 30 minutes MAX on creating my initial course outline and how I take that and zoom around it to build my content!

    We’re going to talk about what kind of materials it makes sense to include in your program and what will be awesome for YOUR target market.

    We’re also going to cover the logistics of setting up your coaching program. Things like how to create your videos, where to store them, how to set up your customer area and more!

    Module 2: Get Setup to Sell

    Ahh the ever hated and always feared SALESPAGE. Yep, we’re going to tackle it and get ‘er done! I’ll show you my own process for creating salespages that sell and I’ll tell you the tools you need to make that happen, too.

    We’ll cover emails and shopping carts. Don’t you hate it when you sign up for a course that’s all ‘theory’ and no practical steps? That’s not happening here, no sir-e. You’ll get the info you need to make real progress.

    Module 3: Promoting Your Product

    The thing I absolutely LOVE about how I create my courses (and how I’ll teach YOU to create yours) is that there is no big risk up front. You may notice we’re going to get to the selling part BEFORE we even get to the course content creation. There’s a method to that madness and it will all be revealed in the program… No really the method is that you don’t have to create a dud course! You’ll already have SALES or you don’t create. Makes sense, right?

    In this module we’ll talk using your email list to sell, marketing with social media and really using what YOU’VE got to get some sales happening.

    Module 4: Create Your Product

    Once you’ve got your stuff setup, your salespage on the go and money in PayPal (or the bank) then you’ll be ready to create that coaching program.

    Here’s where we talk product delivery, adding value, fixing as you go. There’s lots to cover but you’ll be surprised at how less than difficult this really needs to be for you!

    Here’s How I’m Delivering THIS Course to YOU:

    Self-Study Version Includes

    customer-area1. Step by Step Training on How to Create a Coaching Program

    This helpful training is delivered in our private customer area and is permanently available for you to access over the lifetime of the course (which means as long as I sell and maintain it, which is usually for many YEARS). This training will be available in a suitable combination of self-study videos, audios and PDF training. You’ll also get handy (and IMO invaluable!) resources lists, checklists, worksheets and templates to use to create your own program which are based on what has worked for me.

    2.  Quick assignments designed to teach you the principals delivered in the training.

    With each module you’ll be delivered a set of assignments to complete designed to teach you important skills or techniques and to get you making PROGRESS. I do not believe in selling you something to contribute to any virtual hording issues you may posses – I DO believe in selling you something to contribute to your success! That’s why we have assignments 😉

    3. Printables, Resources, Checklists & Worksheets

    Not only do you get training but you get materials designed to help you TAKE ACTION!


    facebook4. Resourceful private client-only facebook group where you can network, ask questions and look for help from the growing community of others who’ve taken the program.

    The facebook chat sessions kick off our group training and allow everyone to get to know each other. It creates a fun atmosphere for learning and co-operating to create a great program for you and your customers!

    You’ll get permanent, ongoing access to this group.

    5. LIVE, Helpful Q&A Group Coaching Sessions

    I know you’ll have questions. I know you’ll want support. That’s why in addition to the ongoing facebook group I’m providing weekly LIVE webinars so there’s no possible way for you to feel stuck if you participate! These sessions WILL be recorded so even if you can’t make it you can email me your questions and then get your answers via recorded playback.

    Q&A Schedule: August 12th, 17th & 26th and 31st at 9pm ET


    Coaching Version Also Includes

    6. Private, Personal Email Coaching Daily

    The only way you can get this kind of access to my personal coaching is through my Protege Program which is now valued at $297 per month all on it’s own. Sign up for the Coaching Version of this program and you’ll get unlimited email coaching daily, Monday to Friday. I’m not a ‘hands-off’ kinda coach. If there’s something in your WordPress you need help with, send me the logins and I’ll check it out. If you want a critique on a salespage (and honest one), shoot over the link and I’ll let you know what I think. I’ll help you brainstorm. We’ll work things out. You’ll keep moving forward. That’s progress!

    VIP Day Version ALSO Includes

    7. Six-hour VIP workday.
    You’ll work side by side with me to complete the initial setup of your coaching program in one day! We’ll spend an intensive day that includes working through the major pieces of this program and getting it DONE. This is for action takers ONLY and the Done For You Spots are limited to just two people. Included in the task list for your VIP day.

    1. Creation of course outline & format.
    2. Salespage setup & writing.
    3. Email List setup.
    4. Shopping Cart setup.
    5. Marketing plan created.
    6. Course outline and creation.

    During your VIP day we will work through this list together and complete as much as humanly possible in the time provided. You’re sure to make huge strides with a solid focus and motivation to get it done!

    I’ll teach you all the steps I take to take a coaching program (just like this one) from idea to launch. I’ll teach you how to launch a product in a matter of hours (or even less) and then build it up into a flagship program you can sell for years and years. I think I’ve discovered something pretty damn special and I’m finally willing to share it with my valued customers.

    Be prepared for stuff you’ve not learned from others, this isn’t the same thing you’ll find everywhere, my process is unique and it’s taken me almost four years to create.

    Wondering If This Program Is For You?

    Just to make sure we’re on the same page here this program is NOT for someone who only wants to provide services to clients or work only with one-on-one coaching clients.

    This program IS for:

  • Coaches, Speakers and Authors who want to create a signature program to promote as part of their business and brand.
  • Virtual Assistants and Service Providers who would love to get time-leverage so they need to work less hours for dollars type of work.
  • Information Product Sellers who would like to increase their prices so they can get an immediate raise without working harder.
  • Affiliate Marketers who would love to boost sales big-time by promoting extremely relevant products to paying customers.
  • We’re only a couple of days into the first week as I write this and already getting GREAT feedback:


    Teaching coaching programs to a group of people you’d like to help is awesome. It’s better than sending people on their way to figure it out with an ebook and much less time consuming than working with people one-on-one. It has the leverage of earning more by selling information yet the satisfaction of working with people on an individual level for greater impact. It’s the best of both worlds!

    About Angela Wills, Laptop Lifestyler:

    angelapink“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.” ― Carrie Jones, Need

    Hey, if you don’t know me yet I’m Angela Wills and I run a successful online business full-time from my home office (or couch, or coffee shop, depending on my mood).

    I quit my job in 2007 to work from home full time and have been completely un-employable ever since! I enjoy my freedom far too much to ever let anyone tell me what to do with my days ever again. Over the past six years I have helped thousands of clients and customers use the best tools on the ‘net to grow their businesses.

    I love helping others and I’ve been told I have a talent for making things easy to understand. I’ve also achieved some pretty impressive things with my business.  Here are some:

  • Quit my job in 2007 and have been completely unemployable ever since.
  • Made over $62,000 in sales for just one of my coaching programs.
  • Have generated 853 sales of my various coaching programs.
  • A few of the programs I’ve created:


    I launched my first program, Graphics Mojo, at $67. It was a hit! Then I created my now flagship Website Design Mojo program and priced it at $397. I have sold and still sell that program to this day. That program alone has made me $62,681.95 since 2010.


    After launching my first coaching program my business changed completely. I finally found that true lifestyle freedom I was searching for because I no longer had to be ‘on call’ working dollars for hours for clients. Without the method I share in this program I would not have the full-time, online business I have today. No I’m not a millionaire (yet), but I run a successful business using ONLY the internet (no networking, no in-person meetings, no hassles!). I get to do what I want to do, pick my ideal clients (or customers) and run a business that gives me true lifestyle freedom.

    Will you accept my offer to teach you to do the same? Sign up for the course if you’re ready to get my help!


    Training, Coaching & Services Options with Coaching Program Mojo:


    Looking to pay in installments? Here are more payment options.

    So are you ready?

    Are you ready to stop procrastination on getting your products ‘out there’?
    Are you ready to stop waiting to having everything finished (perfect)?
    Are you ready to get things launched so that you can actually turn a profit, then grow it into a truely awesome and sustaineable business?

    I hope so, cause I’m ready to teach you all I know about how to do just that!

    Join me, I promise it will be worth your while. Click the sign up button below.

    IMPORTANT: There are no refunds on this program as it involves my personal time and I can’t get that back, either. Please be certain this program is for you by reading the sales page carefully.