What Coaching Has Done For My Business…


In 2011 I hired a business coach. Nicole Dean

What I didn’t know at the time was how much that coaching would change my life.

I was struggling.
With money.
With mindset.
With knowing my “purpose”.

I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to “land”.

Now I know that there’s no landing, really. There are places you live for a whole, there is evolving, there is growing, there is learning.

As humans we’re always changing and that’s totally OK. I no longer see my life as a destination but it’s the entire thing, the entire existing and growing and learning that makes a life!

Wow… that got kinda deep, eh? (Canadian in me right there).

Look… without a coach I think I’d still be far too far in my head. So deep in there I could see the VAST amounts of opportunities and joy that exist all around, everywhere. I was stressing too much, thinking too hard, not understanding that life really is what we make it!

Without a coach I think I wouldn’t have developed the habit to just think about things a little differently.

Without a coach I don’t think I’d have taken the initiative to just look into what it takes to buy a home.

In February 2012 I went to an event (NAMS), which I met my coach and longtime online friend Nicole for the first time. I remember so clearly (and embarassingly) sitting at a lunch with Nik and telling her about my business, how I felt and how I wished so bad to be able to buy a home for my family. At the time I was living in my parent’s apartment while building my business and I felt so ashamed of it.

By JULY that same year we were MOVING INTO OUR FIRST HOME.

Coaching to me is not an optional part of running my business now, it’s essential!

That’s why I coach… be it group coaching or one on one offers.
That’s why I have TWO coaches… one for mindset and one for strategy.

By the way Kelly McCausey is my mindset coach and I have to say when I ask her anything she really does blow my mind(set) with her answers! She just has me thinking in such a way that I NEVER have before… realizing how much of our lives we have control over and can control depending on our thinking. LOVE that and I love BOTH my coaches!

All that to say that I have an offer on the table right now that I don’t want you to accidentally miss.

I am offering ONE FULL YEAR of my very own services in my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, my group coaching programs (all of them for a year) AND a weekly Monday Accountability email coaching check-in IF and ONLY IF you purchase the Coach Glue All Access yearly pass TODAY.

Just have a look at this small portion of what’s included (there’s more on the site AND you get more of all three categories for a full YEAR):

Example of a the Passive Income Planner:

I’m in an affiliate contest for Coach Glue and if I get enough sales I am quite possibly in it to win it but they have to be big ones because I’m competing against some MAJOR players.

So my drive to win this thing means you get a deal I have NEVER offered before and you get one on one coaching with me that you can not buy from me anywhere right now (I’m just not offering one on one coaching except THIS offer)!

OH – And Nicole is one of the owners of Coach Glue, yes, so you’re getting the products from my awesome coach to use to be an awesome coach yourself!

So here’s how you get it:

1. Buy Coach Glue’s all Access Here

2. Email me here >>> angela@angelawills.com

I’ll set you up!

Whatever you do please consider getting in with coaching with someone. We aren’t meant to run these things alone… it’s a LOT for one person to do on their own… we need help!

Talk soon,

p.s. To get this offer from me you must buy it TODAY ONLY. And the Planners at Coach Glue are also on sale only today. Save $17 with this code: 2017CG

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