You've Got a Business, You're Ready to Ramp UP.
You Need A Coach In Your Corner...

 Hi! You likely know I'm Angela Wills, owner and founder of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. 

I'm so glad you're here. Before we get too far into the details with my Coach in Your Corner let's make sure you're in the right place, right now:

You're a business owner. You LOVE the internet and you know how to use it to make money. You have a target market of peeps you love to serve and they love you.

But... you've hit a plateau. You know you can accomplish more. You know you can take more action. You know you've got SKILLZ and you know it's time to use them.

Then you and I will get along just fine. Just fine. Keep reading on...

Invitation to Coach In Your Corner...

So, what is it?

Coach in your Corner is personalized, one-on-one business coaching. 

After almost an entire year of not coaching and really refining my own business and messaging I'm ready to take on a select group of smart, savvy, energetic and awesome business owners to work with.

I'm ready to be the coach in YOUR corner. I will:

  • Answer your questions about running a business online, creating products, writing copy & so much more.
  • Help you strategize your next products, figure out what to email your list, how to lay out your programs and more.
  • ​Give you real feedback and experience-based advice on your business and offerings, on a regular basis.
  • Be your go-to supporter and positive influence (we ALL get down on our business sometimes, I get that and I'll tell you the "plus side" just when you need to hear it. 

In terms of logistics, here's what your coaching with me will LOOK LIKE:

  1. A Monthly Skype Call - It's your time! Use it however you like and whenever you like. Give me a shout and we'll meet up to talk about your business, goals, strategies and/or next action steps. 
  2. Private Group For Daily Coaching - I've discovered that using a private group is one of the EASIEST ways to sort, organize and communicate in my coaching and my clients love it. I'll set you up with a private group that allows us to message, reply, add videos and files for a completely easy to use and refer back to client-coaching home base.
  3. BONUS: Free LLBC Membership. If you join as my coaching client on a regular monthly basis (not a one-time month option), then you will get free access to the regular membership of the LLBC club valued at $37/month. OR, if you prefer to be a VIP you'll get a 50% discount on the $97/month membership. Either way you save big time on membership by coaching with me.