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Challenge PLR: Now you can sell my products as your own!

Hi there! How did your week go? Yesterday we went to “Coal Dust Days” here in Nova Scotia. It was fun! Here we’re at Plumber Avenue Day after Ella won a crown and wand at one of the game.

Yep I’m still on vacation but I’m still working too.

I’m pulling a “Connie Ragen Green” and working just a few, little hours in the morning (in my case while everyone’s sleeping) so that I can then go about living life and having fun!

Could I have planned ahead and had nothing to do this week for work? Sure! And I still COULD just take the time off but my coach and I were talking last week about something I just HAD to get done because I’m freaking excited to offer it to you and it does have an expiry date.

Also… you’ll be hearing from me anyway, vacation or no vacation because it’s just part of my LIFE, my laptop lifestyle, to share what I’m doing!

SO… what am I up to?!

Something REALLY cool and something I think you’ll LOVE…

Private Label / Resell Rights to MY Club Challenges!


Yep… you can now take my targeted monthly challenge bundles and sell them, too, starting with a great email list-building challenge that my people totally LOVED and engaged with.

Last month I did the “Create Your Perfect Opt-In Offer” challenge.

Now that the challenge is done I’m offering you the chance to buy it and us it in your business. That’s right, you can sell MY previously sold and proven product as your own!

The highlights:

– This is a targeted product. Very specific to a single task and so people are going to want to take immediate, purposeful ACTION.

– This is a proven product. Not random. Not uncertain. I’ve proven people want this product because I’ve sold it myself! I’ve had my people taking action and getting results!

Come look!

I think you’re going to love this:
Create Your Perfect Opt-in Challenge PLR / RESELL RIGHTS
SAVE $15 with this coupon code: perfect10off

You can also just buy personal rights, if you prefer.

Talk soon,

xo ♥ Angela Wills


p.s. Did you sign up for my “Because Life Can’t Wait” recordings? You’ll get an immediate download of all the recordings you can take with you anywhere (great listening in your car).

I HATE to pick favorites because I love, love, love all the speakers but I have to say one of my FAVORITE parts was Connie Ragen Green’s talk where she blew my mind with her 3 hour per day schedule so she can go LIVE HER LIFE the rest of the day, every day.

I LOVED that! Grab the recordings here >> Because Life Can’t Wait Recordings