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August 2015: Coaching Program Mojo

Coaching programs are profitable! Many people prefer having someone on hand to ask questions of and look to for advice. That’s why coaching programs are so popular AND profitable!

In this program I’ll teach you my time-proven methods for creating group-coaching products that give personal attention to your clients yet allow you to leverage the benefits of selling an information product.
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September 2015: Graphics Mojo

There’s absolutely no denying that the internet is a very visual medium these days. Every website needs good-looking graphics in order to capture the attention of it’s visitors and look professional enough to keep that attention.

Graphics Mojo teaches you how to create your own graphics, DIY style, without breaking the budget on expensive programs or graphics designers.
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October 2015: Website Design Mojo

My flagship coaching program that will get you from complete website design novice to your own website setup and ready to build a solid business around! You’ll learn about WordPress, how to set up your hosting, how to install your website, add themes to make it custom and plugins for great features.

It’s everything you need to know to get your first website launched!