Business Blogging Tips: 4 Good Reasons to Blog for Business

I’ve been a blogger since 2005. I actually remember my first blog post and it was totally NON-business related. The title was “Poker… I Won!” lol. After a fun and friendly family poker game at home.

At the time I had no idea the power of blogging and thought it was just a fun way to communicate and build relationships. 

I had that part right! Blogging is an EXCELLENT tool for a whole lot of reasons. Here are five good reasons to blog for business:

1. Build Relationships – Yep and if you know anything about my business history and beliefs you’ll know that relationships are a HUGE part of my success. I have many friends in online business and I gained many of them through my blog. They started as readers, they commented and we got to know each other. One of my longest-term online friends started as a blog reader, turned into a customer and is now a dear friend who promotes my business and I promote hers. 

2. Build Trust – Look… if you write enough on a blog your true colours are going to shine through whether you like it or not. Your issues will show up in what you write and the energy you use to create it. Don’t be scared! You’re a good person but you’re flawed. We ALL are flawed. A good blog doesn’t make you look PERFECT, it makes you look HUMAN and relateable and trustworthy. And when you are trying to sell stuff trust is good, trust is very, very good. 

3. Get Traffic – If you’re not using your blog to get into the search engines then you’ll miss out on people searching for you or specific things you talk about, especially if you have anything that’s any way unique. I’ve been using Seo Books Keyword Tool for years and years. All you do is enter in a word like “business blogging” for example for this post and then incorporate some of the terms that people use to learn more about it in your post. In my search result I’ve incorporated the terms “business blogging tips” and “blog for business”

4. Save Time – So you should also have an email list, right? If you do you’ll know that creating content for an email list AND a blog can be time consuming. I use ConvertKit and there is a super-cool option to load my full blog post INTO the software and send it out via email. I’m doing it with this blog post (or email depending on where you read) to make my content do double-duty. Not to mention it also get pushed out via social media automatically AND through push notifications using a tool called PushCrew.

5. Creates Opportunity – Not everyone of influence who might want to partner with you is going to take the time to sign up for your list or buy your products BUT if you have a blog they can easily see what you’re about by reading through your public content. You just might start seeing a heck of a lot more offers for interviews, partnerships and more because of your blog. Definitely a win win!

Blogging is not dead. Never has been, never will be! If you’re interested in blogging I recommend you go for it!

Start now because you know “later” never gets here…

p.s. I’m doing a 10-Day FAST-ACTION Blogging Challenge in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club starting on Monday. Join the club if you’re in 😉

Angela Wills

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